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‘Advanced Séance, September, 2019 in Basel, Full Materialization of „Po“!’ (From notes made the following morning…!)’

‘How can you describe the incredible? When I was walking to the train-station after the séance I in the first place thought about the kind of feelings the experienced was triggering within me. The word ‘haze of bliss’ (‘Glücksrausch’ means being ecstatic!) went to my mind, fulfilled with a very deep gratefulness…. I felt winged and inspired. What my eyes saw and my heart felt created a huge astounding in my head.’

H.B., Biologist, 45, about her presence and experiences at our
Materialization-Séance (with drawings from Petra, eternal thank yous

‘Spirit Control Hans Bender had announced the tibetian monks Gonpo (‘Po’) wishes to show himself. This time with no red light, because of the apparitions own illumination claimed to be bright enough. And so it came. Hadn’t I known I was in a séance and someone had asked me ‘What do you see?’, then I had answered ‘There is a monk sitting in front of the cabinet!’ And that was indeed true! Only that he was a spirit materialized for us!’

‘He sat in the Lotus-Position in front of the cabinet, his body was enclothed and beautifully enwrapped in a cloth-like piece of white…’

 ‘Head, hands and lower arms free.’

‘His head was shaved bald and I even could see the pores of the skin!’

‘Also his face was clearly visible, in these short but bright sequences I hadn’t enough time to look at it more detailed. Moreover his gracious hands made an impression on me. From the body height I would have estimated him approx. 1,70 cm (5,66 foot) and 65 kg. (During his Materialization at our séance in March 2019 his head had more hair-stubbles, looking in the photos shot that night, published in Psi-Info 2/2019, darker and denser as in the actual séance when they were taken!) I truely actually had recognized him!’

shape was bright and he shot onto himself blue flashes from his hands.’

 He first lifted the right hand high up into the air, then his left one. It looked as if he was holding an illuminated stick capable to create incredibly bright (but not blinding) flashs of light, letting him be well visible. Meanwhile he turned his head and bowed down in multiple directions. I was so touched, that I had tears in my eyes. 
What a moment!’

For the 3rd phase spirit control Hans Bender announced Po to become visible, having retreated into the cabinet…! We should reset our senses and refocus newly. With the first flashing of the light i was in the shadow of one curtain half. Our seats row was then allowed to come forward a bit (thank you!). 

Then I saw his fully materialized body! He sat besides Kai in the cabinet! Wow!’

‘II am so endlessly thankful i was allowed to take part in this wonderful experience. What a gift! I don’t refer here to solely to the ‘visible phenomena’, more to the thoughts and impulses, overhanded by ‘Po’, Hans and the other guides to guide along our way!

And the intervention of the Alchemists in the background, enabling us in the first place to have all these experiences. And of course the limitlessness in committment and love of both Kai and Julia for the people and the spirits! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!’