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MEDIUM LEVITATES WITH TWO SITTERS – and other phenomena of a remarkable sitting 12th of April – reported by Dr. J.S.

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This is a short report of a table séance from April 12th, 2013.
I am a core member of the FEG since 2007 and responsible for organizing the home circle (mostly table séances).
Though I have attended more than 300 of such table séances the one of April 12th was the most remarkable sitting I have ever attended in this setting (table seance with cabinet in the room).

Due to my wish only Kai, Julia and me attended this sitting at a Friday evening.
During that session dozens of paraphysical phenomena could be witnessed over a period of app. 2hrs.

Julia and I had prepared the room by placing several items around us before we started.
Kai was sitting at the table site opposite to the cabinet.
I was sitting on Kai´s right and Julia on his left site at the table.

A rattle and other musical instruments were placed in the corner of the room behind Kai app. 2.5 meters (7, 5 feet) behind him.
It would have been hard to grasp these instruments without our notice as we three were talking or singing most of the time.
Especially Kai sings or talks nearly permanently to assure everybody where he is.

We placed moreover a blank white paper with pencil inside the cabinet (on my right site) for getting ‘Direct Writings’. Further on my right site I positioned two ‘trumpets’ (with luminous stripes).
Other larger objects like chairs were positioned around Kai.

Though Julia was controlling a red light lamp we decided to sit and experience most of the time in darkness.
The range of paranormal interactions then was extraordinary.
Immediately after we opened the session the table on which we all had positioned our hands upon completely rose off the floor with all four legs and levitated for 36 sec. with a height of 60 centimeters.
Strong and loud raps accompanied this levitation.

Only seconds later we could hear the rattle shaking and moving. This process took app. half a minute. Suddenly I noticed the rattle in the air (audibly) and then it fell into Julia´s lap, who sat in the largest distance from its original position.
The rattle must have moved in the air from behind Kai with a curve in order to reach Julia.
Afterwards the rattle was affected some more times meanwhile the séance progressed, but it didn´t levitate again.

A remarkable levitation of our table then followed. It was again completely off the floor in the height of my eyes and hanging there in the air for several seconds. It further rose for some centimeters so that I had to stand up to keep my hands on the tables’ surface.
Then it lowered itself half-way, but instead of landing on the floor, it re-levitated on a different height for app. 10 seconds before it finally lowered to the floor.
Two further levitations of such quality could be witnessed during the session.
One time when the table started to levitate it was accompanied by a paranormal light, which rose vertically above the table into the air and came down behind Kai (in a curve style).

During the last levitation the table rose with force under the ceiling when I was able to touch it with my palms. That rising up to the ceiling happened two times with much force before the table completely lost any hold and crashed back to the floor.

Touched I was four times during this session, which never happened before to me in table sittings. I have clearly recognized short touches at my right shoe (on the opposite site of Kai), my lower right leg, right knee and one at my left thumb. The sensation at my thump was comparable to the touches during cabinet sittings.
I got the impression of a moist feeling.

Several responsive and unexpected loud raps could be witnessed. The raps were located all over the room at different objects. Remarkable were those in the corner on my right side and in the area of the cabinet at the ceiling.

Then it was my wish to have the trumpets affected on my right site as it would have been absolutely impossible for the medium to reach or touch it. So we focused on the two trumpets. Suddenly one trumpet started to vibrate for some time before it moved and fell from the small the table right to me. This happened two more times. Remarkable for me was that I was able to see a foggy mass against the luminous stripes of the trumpets before they became affected.

We had further strong ‘psychokinetic’ phenomena. Some minutes after the rattle levitated there was a loud noise in the room and suddenly we felt a chair on the top of the table. This happened three more times. Kai informed us once that he was able to see one chair swinging in the air – visible against the luminous stripes of the trumpet next to me and opposite to him.

I then asked, if the chair could be transported back down. When Julia then switched on the red light in that instance the chair fell down from the ceiling.
Items, like a towel or a paper roll, which were lying on the chair, were also transported on top of it. When we checked the different positions of the transported chairs we found two times that these items were still lying on them. The supernormal power or control seemed to have transferred everything in the range of the chair with it.

In regards to the responsiveness of the phenomena it was generally the case, when we requested from our alleged spirit communicators (e.g. Hans Bender, Rudi Schneider, ‘Al’ or Albert von Schrenck -Notzing) to demonstrate their presence in form of paraphysical phenomena those paranormal effects occurred rapidly and with strong effectiveness.

In the meantime I had checked the white paper within the cabinet on my right side, which had stayed blank. So I decided to place it on my left site in the area between Kai and the objects in his back and requested then from the spirit operator ‘Rudi Schneider’ to show me his presence, which was answered directly by some loud raps in the cabinet area and by movements of the trumpet.

Then it seemed as if the séance came to an end as nothing happened and the power seemed to be exhausted.
Suddenly I noticed that the room temperature was changing. The atmosphere was cooling down. Though I haven´t particularly measured such changes before, other sitters (like a scientific colleague of mine) had noticed these changes in atmosphere as well.
Julia and Kai claimed to witness a wind, which is a typical of such phenomenon during our cabinet sittings.

Then suddenly a luminous light appeared in the area of the placed paper on my left site. Three times I saw it clearly in its typical flickering manner. Julia also saw another light somewhere in the corner of the dark room on my left.
It is important to know that these lights could often be noticed only by one or two sitters though everyone should have witnessed them.
The morphology of these lights during the séance was heterogenic. They had a brief appearance with a lambent character and do never look like electrical light (like LEDs). I could see three times a round shaped white light!

Then the last strong levitation occurred.

We were exhausted and decided having a break.
When we switched on the regular light in the room we found the characters “RS” written on the paper. This was an abbreviation and a message from the summoned ‘Rudi Schneider’. Another ‘R’ was positioned below as if a second try to write his initials failed, but in the end it looked as if each occurrence of light had produced one letter!

The initials of the spirit control ‘Rudi Schneider’ appeared after the sitters had requested Rudi toshow his presence…

 Even though we had witnessed the full range of paraphysical phenomena and responsive communication in a very personal atmosphere at that time , Julia and me persuaded the medium Kai to go on into an even more intimate setting.
We wanted to find out what happened when all of us would sit inside the medium´s cabinet!
Kai was placed on his wooden chair and Julia was sitting on his legs. First I decided to sit on their right site on a second chair.
Every part of Kai´s body was totally under control. I could feel every movement from him.
We switched out the lights and listened to our séance music. After app. two minutes I could witness again a bright luminous spirit light directly above my head. It had again a brief appearance with a lambent character. Though it was bright and had a diameter of 1 cm the other two didn´t witness it!

Suddenly the cabinet´s curtains started to move and to blow out. Julia recognized someone standing outside in front of the cabinet, moving and shaking it. She felt the belly of someone through the cabinet curtains, standing closely in front of it.

Suddenly Julia shouted that she could feel Kai starting to levitate for some centimeters with his whole body – and her on top. I immediately put my hands on his lap and could confirm it the moment it happened again for two times.
I then I decided to sit myself on Kai´s right leg in order to get the chance to feel this levitation, resp. to become part of it like Julia, who was lifted up with Kai, when he was. Kai described an ‘uplifiting’ inner sensation when that happened.

For two more times I experienced being transported with Kai and Julia upwards into the air for several centimeters (estimated 15-20 cm / 5,9 – 7,9 inches).

More curtain phenomena happened. They were blown out and in and the cabinet was affected from all sites. Beside this the alleged materialized entity standing outside the cabinet knocked on my head (my right parietal site) for three times through the cabinet curtains, which was very convincing.

Then we stopped the séance after 120 min.

Summing up it isn´t possible to write down here the full range of paranormal phenomena we had witnessed. So many things occurred in every corner of the room during this remarkable session.
With my report I just want to give an impression what has happened. I am aware that no skeptic can be convinced as it is really hard to describe.

Besides our strictly controlled mediumistic sessions we have this free setting to have the mediumistic power frequently operate under free conditions.
But even in this setting some of the phenomena are very hard to explain away by any normal means like the characteristically lights, which are always seen only from special positions, the full table levitations – oftentimes happening in red light- the foggy masses or the changing of the atmosphere announcing something to be happen soon.

Dr. J.S.
FEG Circle Leader