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QUETZALCOATL SPEAKS / Part 1 – Channeled through FEG Automatic Writing Techniques

By 8. Mai 2013Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

For several months one years long main spirit guide of a female FEG-Member and Medium has suddenly started to come through intensively during the practice of direct-writing techniques.

Tantalized we accompanied and evaluated what was transfered to validate the origin or at least to validate a high quality content. This we expected from an alleged communicator of a class this one claimed to be.

 To our surprise the offered content was so amazing and unique, that it is a pity, we only can present it to those of you, who speak German.
The poetry of the automaticly written content is so special, archaic and existentialistic, that at that moment we do not want to damage it by translating it into other languages.

 So for all you German scholars of the Universe out there: Produced through tested and intensive automatic-writing techniques, we are proud to present to you today the first message of Quetzalcoatl, as it came through in March 2012, the first Part of a New Series called  

“Quetzalcoatl speaks”
(The channeling medium prefers to stay anonymous at the moment.) 

 (The god Quetzalcoatl is in the cosmology of mesoamerican cultures the ‘Feathered Serpent’ or ‘Precious Twin’. He is the ‘god of intelligence and self-reflection’, and so a patron of priests. 

Quetzalcoatl is a primordial god of creation, a giver of life and inspirer of cultur and arts. 
With his opposite ‘Tezcatlipoca’ he created the world.
Quetzalcoatl is also called ‘White Tezcatlipoca’, to contrast him to the black Tezcatlipoca. 

Following the legend, Quetzalcoatl once went to Mictlan, the land of the death, and created our current world. 
As the Lord of the East he is associated with ‘the morning star’, the ‘human kinds creation’, ‘the wind’, ‘the jaguar’ and the spreading of cultur and arts within many different ethnological groups in Mesoamerican history.)

Channeled the 10th of March 2013, 01:00-01:15 am

Die Sonne scheint in dein Gesicht von Antlitz und wohlgesonnen
Geborgenheit, einfühlsam, entgegenkommend
ein strahlendes Lächeln dir jeden Tag erringt.

Lasset euch auf
in das Vertrauen
der Schönheit der Erde
des Lichts der Sonne
Du sollst entgegenbringen, staunen
Siehe dein Leben von dir selbst erschaffen in Einheit und Liebe

Lasset Euch auf
in ein neues Zeitalter
der Liebe und Zusammenkunft
des göttlichen Auftrags
welcher deine Bestimmung ist
dich führt und nährt.

Kannst du leben was in dir zur Bestimmung wird?
Was dich rief sorgsam und in Geduld?
Sei gewillt und voller Zuversicht auf das Neue
Leben, welches dir geschenkt und gegeben
Lass dich nicht beirren von
Aussagen die zu deuten Du längst weißt
lebe dein Selbst
Deinen Frieden und
Deine Zuversicht