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NEW FASCINATING REPORT ABOUT WONDERS MANY AT A RECENT FEG-SITTING (Independent Witness Report by Dr. MNahm, Biologist) – with many drawings and photos

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(All brackets, underlinings and accentuations by the Editor K.M., complete text by Dr.MNahm)

Phenomena seen/heard/felt at the FEG-Séance Thursday, 20.05.2010 (my 6th sitting with the circle):

13 participants: Kai, Jochen, Elke, Steffi, Sylvie, Kerstin, Iris, Alex, Hermann, Yvonne (guest), Robin and Sandra Foy (former Scole Experimental Group), . . . and I.

Robin and Sandra have searched the medium and his clothes on the body prior to the sitting, I stayed upstairs – at the pre-seance gathering. Having entered the séance room with Kai and Jochen to become familiar with taking pictures with a second camera, I could not see long objects that could be used to manipulate phenomena at a distance in the séance room. But, as mentioned, I did neither search the room or the medium this time.

1) Windchimes: After the “energetic field” was built up, the windchimes jingled several times. The jingling occurred rather soon, what was explicitly noted by the trance personality of the medium (“Hans Bender”, HB in the following). When Jochen was asked to take the windchimes down from the ceiling in red light after their last jingling, he alerted us to the fact that the chimes were still swinging.

Raps: Clicking sounds at the ceiling in response to finger clicks by Robin and Sandra, repeating the number of their finger clicks. Other rap phenomena: Raps moving across the ceiling, scurrying across the ceiling as performed with fingers, wiping sounds. In sum, a comparably short rap session.

3) Spirit light: Shortly after, a dim luminous blotch was seen by all on the ceiling in the middle of the room. Then, a distinct luminous spot of about 1 cm diameter moved around the room for several minutes. It was of yellow-green colour, phosphorescent in appearance, similar to the light produced by fireflies.

Several times, we heard ticking sounds on the floor beneath the drum, like miniature electrical discharges, usually shortly before somebody exclaimed to see the light which at times had vanished. It was also only visible from one side at a time. When it looked to the sitters on the opposite side of the room, it was not visible from our side, and vice versa. It flew all across the room, sometimes almost touching the floor, sometimes the ceiling. It came very close to some of the sitter’s faces, several sitters have stated it had touched them (Jochen, Sandra and Iris). The touch was reported as cold and dry.

4) Plaque phenomena: I had no shoes on this time to better detect any floor vibrations, but perceived none. But I was sitting further away from the drum this time. Still, I was able to clearly see three distinct hand shapes moving above the plaque: First, a small hand-like shape with three fingers at the front, each finger about four centimeters long. Second, four larger fingers, about the size of a small grown-up’s hand. Third, another shape of four fingers of even larger size. Subsequently, also a fifth digit in the position of the “thumb” of a right hand pushed over the plaque.

Picture: Again HB mentioned the famous German Medium “Rudi Schneider” and his control “Olga” (Lola Montez) as being present behind the scenes. The drawing shows Rudis phenomena of pseudo limbs, 4 or 5 feet away from him. These drawings look as if they were showing FEG-Phenomena, so very much they are alike!

All these hand shapes moved onto the plaque from its sides, not from the direction of the cabinet.
I am not sure at present if the ticking sounds were also heard before the plaque phenomena. The plaque itself was also moved on the drum surface.

After that, experiments with the handkerchief were performed. Jochen laid a folded handkerchief across the plaque, and it was moved resp. pushed from the plaque two times.

Picture: The drawing of Rudi Schneiders Pseudo-Limbs manipulating a handkerchief on an illu-plaque does resemble the ongoings in Hanau nearly 100%

Picture: This drawing is made by Dr. MNahm showing the observed pesudo-hands manipulate the handkerchief: Comparing both drawings – one done 80 years before the other – they show their high alikeness

Next, Jochen was instructed by HB to put a small wooden tray on the drum, and to place three phosphorescent balls on its surface. Two times all three balls were pushed out of the tray and fell on the floor, but it was difficult to see by what. Sometimes, dark shapes appeared to handle the balls. During the performance of the experiments on the drum, the red light was switched on frequently to arrange things. The cabinet was always closed and I saw no oblong object that could have been used to manipulate the phenomena. The drum is placed in about 2,10 m to 2,30 m distance from the cabinet.
Jochen (Dr. Soederling) was then instructed to hold the handkerchief at one end in his fingers, letting it hang down. The handkerchief was marked with four little phosphorescent stickers. The hanging handkerchief was one time manipulated and moved at the lower end. After a second manipulation, it was – according to Jochen – picked out of his fingers and fell down to the floor. (the “floating handkerchief” experiment was thus cancelled by the controls – it wasn’t possible for the controls to handle it, following HB)

Picture: As done in Hanau also Rudis controls fetched the handkerchief from the grip of sitters and transported it through the room

5) Touches: Many sitters reported being touched by something. Some of the touches were reported almost simultaneously at different places in the room. Apparently, the touches were more distinct and substantial than the rather fleeting and soft touches reported from the previous sittings. One sitter described the touching something as cold and moist. I was not touched this time.

6) Two apports:
(1) HB had announced earlier in the sitting that two guests from the other side were also present with the chemists. At one time later, he announced that one guest was here for Sandra and Robin, and gave his name as “Vincent” (at least, that is what I understood). The Foys could not really figure out who that might be. The name was then corrected/spoken out more clearly as “Winston”. HB said that this person was wanting to“give through” something, that was once brought by his secretary from India.

The Foys assumed that HB was speaking of the “Winston Churchill” personality, which seems to have a strong link to the Foys since many long years and has appeared at sittings with many different groups that they had visited as guests. Soon after, something was heard dropping on the floor. We were not supposed to pick it up until the end of the séance. But during the séance, the red light was switched on repeatedly, and we saw that it was a coin, laying in close proximity to Robin Foy. After the end, we discovered that it had a rather Indian look.

Picture: Apported old indian coin allegedly brought from India by the secretary of Winston Churchill

(2) Some time later during the sitting, after several events described above had taken place, HB announced that the other guest was a deceased mother of one of the regular sitters. This mother felt sorry for something that had happened when she was still alive and excused herself (without saying what it was that she felt sorry for), and claimed that she had brought a piece of jewellery for her daughter because she was aware that she had wished for a piece of jewellery.

HB announced the name of the sitter as S***. Shortly after, something fell on the sholder of S*** and then on the floor. During the periods in which the red light was switched on, those close by the object recognized that it was something like an amulett.

Picture: Simple piece of Jewelry allegedly sent by a deceased mother to her daughter, following HB

After the séance, S*** stated that she regarded the excuse of her alleged mother for something not specified as rather commonplace and not evidential, and that she had not wished for a piece of jewellery in the recent time (within the following days S. was reminded, that she had in fact wished for a piece of Jewelry just the evening before in front of many witnesses, when she was exploring some Scole-Apports, Sandra and Robin had taken with them to show them to the sitters. Furthermore S. finally totally reversed her negative reaction – which reasons mainly in her troubled family history – and finally accepted and appreciated the personal apport as something from her mother and does carry the piece now with her wherever she goes! The Editor)
HB also claimed that a third visitor from the beyond was with us: Lola Montez, allegedly a former spirit communicator of Rudi Schneider (the control “Olga”).

7) Trumpet: The trumpet performed two flights of the familiar kind, each with a duration of perhaps two minutes(?), covering almost the entire space in between the sitters and between the floor and the ceiling. It came close to the faces of several sitters and also “nodded” to them right in front of the faces by quickly moving up and down with only the front end (a movement of approximately 30 cm). At one time, it touched my hand and moved up my entire forearm, another time it touched my navel region with the front, another time my left hand.
It seemed I perceived a slight cool breeze issuing from the trumpet, but I do not regard this as a distinct and objective perception. The trumpet also touched many other sitters. Interestingly, it also entered the cabinet through the curtains at the bottom – the first time it ever did that.
HB liked that very much, rejoiced, and we all had a good laugh.

8) Ectoplasm: Like in the last sitting, the medium made a lot of groaning and gargling sounds. Red light was switched on from counts 5-1 in sequences counting backwards from 15 and 20 to 0. We counted 3 sequences. The first 2 times the entranced medium opened the cabinet curtain with his hands / arms and a whitish mass on the body of the medium was clearly visible: (1) the first time a white substance seemed to hang out of the medium’s mouth. The medium put both his hands on the mass, but he did not squeeze it. It seemed like a slight touch only (picture 1). During the few seconds the curtain was open, the medium continued to utter gargling sounds and the white substance elongated about 2-3 cm, the hands moving downwards with it.
But it did not look like the medium was pulling it out of his moth, but rather as if the hands were only resting on the substance which was moving on its own behalf. I am not sure how the curtain was held open after the medium first opened it. Perhaps, it was held open by the elbows of the medium (picture 1), perhaps with the legs, perhaps by the other sitters. Picture 1 is not supposed to be an accurate reproduction of the exact scenery except for the chest area of the medium on which I had focused my attention. Unlike the last time, the substance did not end in a hand-like shape.

Picture: First Exposure to red light and an obviously elongating substance (approx. 3-4 cm during the exposition!)

(2) The second time the medium opened the curtains the substance seemed considerably elongated. It reached down to the floor, but ended behind the legs and shoes of the medium (picture 2). Therefor, its end was not visible properly. From what I could see, it seemed again as if there was no hand-like shape at the end. Like in the last sitting, the white substance apperead like drapes of a fine woven cloth, comparable to pictures of Einer Nielson or Stanislawa P.

Picture: 15 seconds later the substance had elongated to the flow level.

(3) The last time the medium opened the curtain no white substance at all was visible. The body of the medium was entirely free from it. After that opening, the medium awoke from the trance and we ended the séance.

Unfortunately, the ectoplasm session began rather abruptly during the course of the last phase of the sitting, so we were not able to ask for the permission to take photographs beforehand, and could also not grab the two cameras which were ready for shooting. Hopefully, the next time the attempt to photograph will be more successful.
To conclude, I am indebted to the medium and the sitters for another memorable evening.