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Independent Witness Reports – Robin & Sandra Foy (former Scole-Group): NOT TANGO’ed – BUT FELIXED! (Cabinet Sitting 20.05.2010)

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This week has been a remarkable one for Sandra and I. After receiving an invitation to sit with the Felix Circle at Hanau in Germany, we flew into Frankfurt Hahn Airport on Wednesday 19th May, courtesy of Ryanair. In our regulation Hertz hire car, we drove the 93miles to Hanau and booked into a local hotel.

On Wednesday evening, we met with the Mxxxxx family; father Wolfgang (I was delighted to discover that he had been a member of the Trad Jazz band – the S…. F…. Stompers – as this is my favourite type of music); mum Elke; son Kai (of course); Marita; son Andy and Steffi. Later we were joined by Jochen, the circle leader. (click READ MORE)

There was lots to talk about and consider prior to the sitting the next night. The evening was really pleasant and enjoyable despite the rainy weather. We had the opportunity later to see the cosy cellar where the sittings of the Felix Circle take place.

The following evening – Thursday May 20th – we arrived for the sitting proper. I did not know at the time, but Kai – to me an excellent friend and spiritual brother for over 18 months – has since chosen to reveal that he is himself the physical medium for the Felix Group. This comes as no surprise, since Kai’s dedication to genuine psychic research – and physical mediumship in particular – is very obvious to everyone who knows him. His commitment to the Felix Circle is almost legendary!!

It may come as a surprise, however, to members to know exactly how much effort Kai puts into each sitting. For instance, he had spent no less than three hours in intense meditation that afternoon to prepare himself for the sitting. Consequently, when he joined us and the rest of the sitters, he was not quite 100% with us – in readiness for entering a deep trance state. Just before we entered the seance room, I was invited by Jochen to inspect the cellar; to search both it and Kai to satisfy myself that there was no possibility of intentional fraud during the sitting. I am happy to report that everything was exactly as it should be. The ceiling was wood-lined, and some distance away from the simple cabinet, a small wind-chime hung from the ceiling. There was a large section of hardboard on the floor in front of the cabinet, that made a considerable noise when walked upon. Everyone present would have known immediately therefore if the medium had at any point left the cabinet.

Some distance away from the cabinet, a bongo-style drum sat upright on the floor. On top of this sat a luminous plaque on a small tray, plus three luminous ping-pong balls and a white handkerchief with luminous tabs at its four corners.

The chairs were all simple wooden chairs placed in a horseshoe shape around the cabinet. This evening, there were to be 12 sitters plus the medium. It occurred to me that this would not be the first time that thirteen people had experienced psychic phenomena when they had sat together!!

The sitters were escorted to their designated chairs. To the right of the cabinet sat Hermann, with Steffi to the left of the medium. These two sitters were to act as the medium’s guardians during the seance. The circle leader, Jochen, sat next to Steffi, with Sandra on his left. His job was to act on the instructions of the spirit of Prof. Hans Bender, who is the chief communicator and ‘master of ceremonies’ of the spirit team during sittings, when he speaks through the entranced Kai. Under Jochen’s chair was the music player, so that Jochen could control the music as necessary.

When we were finally settled into our chairs, the lights were extinguished, and an opening statement of intent (opening prayer) was said. Kai has developed a method of holotropic breathing that helps him to enter a full-trance state relatively quickly and, as the background music played, the medium could be heard breathing rapidly and loudly as he began to enter the full-trance state. For someone new to this subject, this process sounds rather painful to say the least, but it is all part of the pattern and dedicated preparation.

Some ten minutes into the sitting, after the medium had become quiet apart from an occasional gasp, Hans Bender introduced himself and welcomed all the sitters and guests. Shortly afterwards, the wind chimes hanging on the ceiling some 8 feet in front of the cabinet began to ring, very lightly and softly to begin with, but quickly gathering volume and momentum as everybody heard this early phenomena. The circle leader was then asked to take the wind chimes down – which he did. Jochen asked if it would be possible for the ‘overseas guests’ to receive an apport. Hans Bender explained that he did not think it would be possible to achieve both that and to complete the ectoplasmic experiments that they wanted to show us – as there was not much likelihood that sufficient energy would be available.

I was then asked to click my fingers once and did so. Immediately, an answering click sounded on the floor or ceiling. I clicked my fingers twice and immediately received another two clicks at once; same again with three clicks – answered by three more. Sandra repeated this experiment when requested with the same result; this happened again when other sitters followed suit.

Early on, there was a spirit light which appeared to light up a section of the ceiling. Shortly after this, another small and bright light (reminiscent of Scole) could be seen moving rapidly all over the cellar. This briefly touched some of the sitters. A third type of spirit light followed. This was slightly larger and very bright; but could only be seen from the front as it was hooded. It reminded us very much of a similar type of spirit light we had experienced in the ‘Scolehole’ which – at the time – had been dubbed ‘Sandra’s Tube’ by our own spirit team. The light here in the Felix Group travelled slowly around the room so that everybody had the chance to see it. Hovering in the air, it came close to our faces so that we could see it clearly and study it. Some of us were touched softly on the hands or face by this light.

After Hermann and Steffi’s checking that the cabinet curtains were fully closed to protect Kai, Jochen was asked to turn on his hand held torch to activate the luminous plaque (which had previously been face down) and to turn it over so that the face side was showing (on top of the drum). On this he placed the rolled-up handkerchief before once again turning off the torch. Shortly afterwards, we were able to see two or three longish but narrow fingers move over the handkerchief and move it slightly in a diagonal direction. Then against the plaque we saw what appeared to be a small (childish) hand moving over the plaque from the direction of Sandra. This was followed by a larger, mature and complete hand moving over the plaque from the same direction.

Not long afterwards, I was touched across both my knees by what I believed to be a stick-like object, and twice on my right shoulder by what felt like a hand that was not quite dense enough at this point to be totally solid.

Hans Bender told us (through Kai) that there were two spirit people present as guests. One of these was for Sandra and I; the other for one of the circle members. He told us that he would be able to name the spirit visitors soon. Almost as soon as H.B. stopped talking, there was a metallic ‘clang’ as an apported object (sounding like a coin) fell on the floor between Sandra and I. Hans Bender said that it was for us from a ‘Winston’ who was present. Apparently, this object had been brought back from India by one of Winston’s secretaries.

What was not known by anyone (apart from Sandra and I) who was present was that Sandra and I had (prior to the sitting) – whilst in the hotel – mentally asked for some communication from one of our own spirit guides and helpers. Winston’s was one of the spirit presences that we had mentally requested as he has been around us for so many years now. For us, this was wonderful evidence of the genuine nature of the amazing Felix Circle.
Picture: An old Indian Coin for Wealth and Luck was apported through the agency of “Winston Churchill”, as the control “Hans Bender” was stating.

A second apport fell on the floor close to Steffi, and she had a personal communication from Hans Bender in connection with this. We were asked not to pick up the apports until the sitting was over. When we first saw the two objects, they both came from India. Steffi’s apport was a piece of jewellery and ours – from Winston – looked like a coin or medallion. On the front were depicted two (possibly Hindu) indian gods with – on the reverse – two symbols representing Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end. Weren’t we lucky!!

Picture: A simple piece of jewelry – given through by a deceased mum to her daughter.

We were also told by Hans Bender that another spirit person was present, and that her name was Lola Montez, who had apparently been one of the spirit controls of Rudi Schneider – a famous physical medium from the past.

Next came some trumpet phenomena, as we all held hands and loudly encouraged the trumpet to rise. It slowly levitated, and moved widely around the room for some time; ‘nodding’ ocasionally to acknowledge the presence of one or other of the sitters. When asked for a ‘kiss’, the trumpet obliged. In my case it moved slowly and gently right across my mouth. Others had the same experience. At one point, the trumpet entered the cabinet; the first time it had done so during the many sittings of the Felix Circle.

When the trumpet’s meanderings had finished, the three luminous balls in the tray on top of the drum moved around; falling one by one onto the floor and rolling around. They were replaced and the same thing happened again, to everybody’s amusement.

Finally, Hans Bender stated that the spirit team were ready to show us some ectoplasm; we were asked to count backwards (and aloud) from 20 to zero. When we reached zero, we were to take a deep breath and the red light was to be illuminated simultaneously. As this happened the cabinet curtains were opened. The medium could clearly be seen with a brilliant white solid rod of ectoplasm coming from his mouth; held with both his hands. This extended to around knee level – about three feet long at this stage and perhaps some four inches in diamater.

After a few seconds, the curtains closed again, the red light was switched off and the counting immediately began once more; from 20 backwards to zero. Another deep breath as the red light came on. The cabinet curtains were opened. This time, the ectoplasm reached right down from the medium’s mouth to the floor. An amazing display. Once again, brilliant white in colour despite the fact that the light illuminating the cabinet was red.

The curtains closed themselves this time, and the red light was switched off. The counting started again; this time from just 15 backwards to zero. On the stroke of zero the red light was illuminated again and the cabinet curtains were opened. In just a few short seconds, every trace of the ectoplasm had gone. The sitting was at an end after almost two and a half hours. Jochen remained behind to help Kai recover from his trance, whilst the rest of us quietly filed out of the cellar, to enjoy some after-sitting refreshments; to discuss the sitting and to examine the two exotic apports, which Jochen photographed.

It just remains for me to personally thank the members of the Mxxxx family; the members of the Felix Circle and – last but not least – Kai himself; the newly self-declared physical medium, for their love and hospitality whilst we were in Hanau. This invitation to the Felix Circle sitting and our experiences there will remain with us for ever as fond memories of a wonderful and dedicated research group’s valuable work in the field of Spiritual Science.

Bless you all
Robin and Sandra