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NEW OBSERVATIONS IN HANAU or being a guest in the House of Felix (still standing) – by Author C. Dresbach

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Picture: The eight stones that appeared in quick succession in front of the author under white light conditions from the eyes of the medium, observed from a very close proximity, less than 4 inches away (10 cm).
Dresbach provides in his newly written exhaustive description extensive content from a very rich and special private séance in Hanau. He covers this time the phenomenological side but as well the surprising ‘spirit-philosophy’ the spirit team shares. The translation is on its way and as an appetizer we like to share with you one of the close range observations the author was allowed to make by himself during the séance…!


‘Hans, the spirit control asks me to observe the ongoings from close range and under the illumination of a torch/flashlight. J.M. shines therefore with a whitelight torch/flashlight directly into the face of the medium. I am thus enabled to look into the face of the medium in close proximity, from less than 4 inches (10 cm).
First I see nothing unusual, but then under the left eye a thick swelling is developing. The medium grabs with its finger for it and pushes the bump upwards. And then I see something dark coming out from under the eyelid. Another crystal with the size of a thumbnail jumps from the eye and falls to the floor. Immediately afterwards the next crystal jumps from the same eyelid.
I try to observe the ongoing even more thoroughly.
Under the other eye one more bump is developing, as if the crystal comes from under the eyeball from the inner of the head forward. And as well this stone is being pushed upwards and out of the eyelid.
All in all 8 crystals come to light that way.
Meanwhile Julia collects the fallen stones from the floor, the medium wants to retreat and asks for a few seconds of regeneration. We just want to start to sing, when the medium comes back out: two more stones come via the eyes and fall under our eyes directly into the hands of Julia.
Now the medium really retreats into the cabinet and the lights are being distinguished.
Just when the music started for a break of a second a glistening white light shines up left above the cabinet. It is so glistening, that for a moment I can see Julia and Elke sitting besides the curtain slit in front of the cabinet. Afterwards I have a strong waveform-like flickering in front of my view.

We start to sing still amazed about the seen bright light, when in the darkness suddenly a green glowing threedimensional heart appears. It seems to float up and down in front of the cabinet .’ (Excerpt from UPCOMING REPORT)
The Séance was a private one for very special friends what mostly become somehow mirrored in the strength and complexity of the presented mediumistical contents! This was as well the case at that day!

In German the report is online and linked on our german site, coming originally from TRANSINFORMATIONEN.DE.