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Dear Friends,

in New York the Chiropractic Dr. Ken S. is leading a developoment energy-circle, whose apports we will present in the upcoming Article about the ZERDIN EVENT in September. Now again this circle seems to leap forward quite a bit! Read, what Ken reports in his 2 last Newsletters, both from last week.
The Conditions are the following:
They use a table and sit in a circle. No cabinet is used and was not requested by now by the Spirit Team they work with. They sit in the dark with luminous tape on the table, a trumpet and a tamborine on it. The controls announced the appliance of red light in the near future, white light 30% chance within 5 years, 80% chance within 10 years, and 95-100% chance within 15 years. This is what the Circle is striving for, as Ken announces – full materialization in white light – the “ULTIMATE proof”! Their room is very small. About 8×10 feet with a 7 foot ceiling.
“Small room better for energy containment.”, Ken says.

Here are the highly interesting Newsletters:
2nd of October 2009

Dear Spiritual Likeminded Friends & Collegues,
Roberto, Brenda and I just returned from France and England on Sunday evening after having sat in 4 different physical circles for 8 sittings over a period of 11 days. It was truly the experience of a lifetime. We sat with the Yellow Cloud Circle in France, the Rainbow Circle and the Meadows Circle in England, and of course, my own circle, the Circle For Humanity. Many thanks go out to Kevin & Tom in France for inviting us, as well as Dennis & Roz of the Zerdin Phenomenal organization in England for organizing and orchestrating the perfect physical mediumship event.
Also, many thanks to the mediums and their circles for sharing their gift in these demonstrations.
Since we returned. our own home circle has shifted into second gear. We had two sittings this week and they left 15 new apports, including 2 model cars – one being a 57 Chevy, the old car that my father used to drive when I was a young child. They aslo apported an Eisenhower silver dollar which we found right on top of the tamborine which was sitting on the table BEFORE the session began. We had the door to the seance room open and the light was on. When we walked in to commence the session, we found the apport sitting right in front of us on the tamborine.
We were told by Red Cloud, gatekeeper of the Rainbow Circle in England, that we would be having 3 new spirit team members: Crow Foot, the adopted son of Sitting Bull (Remember Custars last stand?), Xavier, an 8 years old lad from the south of London, and my mother, Mary.
At both sittings this week, Xavier dropped 10 marbles on the floor all around us. We could hear them hitting the floor all around us. Twice, John was lifted approx. 6 inches off the floor and roched back and forth in his chair and carried about 4 feet to the wall. Patty and Roberto had Francois stroking them on the arm, shoulder, back, etc. on several occasions. Xavier levitated the tamborine above our heads and played it vigorously for about 4 minutes as the table also levitated and spun around with precision along with the music. Thomas Jefferson knocked VERY loudly on the table to the tune of Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heavens door – Amazing. The trumpet rose up off the ground and while suspended right in front of us, we all heard ver heavy brething and a voice attempting to speak. This may be the beginning of voice communication that we were told we would have -Fantastic! Needless to say, we are all very, very excited and looking forward to our next sitting on Sat. night.
Have to run now. I have several patients waiting. If they only knew what this letter was about!
Regards to All,
Ken & the CFH of October 2009

Dear Friends,
It is with great pride and jubilation that I hereby announce that the Circle For Humanity has commenced voice communication with our friends and guides in the spirit world. It happened last night at a special Saturday night sitting at approximately 8:15pm. After experiencing much physical phenomena, one of the trumpets levitated up off of the floor and swayed to and fro to the music along with the tamborine approximately a foot above our heads. After about 4 minutes, the tamborine came in for a gentle landing on the middle of the table like a Harrier Jet landing on an aircraft carrier. The trumpet continued to hover above us when suddenly it stopped. We then heard a sound coming from it so I quickly turned the music down all the way and instructed everyone to remain silent. All of a sudden, a voice came through – the voice of little Xavier. He uttered three simple words very clearly that will change our lives forever: “I Love You”. This moment will remain frozen in time and indelibly etched in the minds and hearts of all of us for rest of eternity.
Just prior to this sitting, we sat with two relatives in from out of town who were not
ready and not really prepared to sit and have this wonderful experience, hence the energy and the vibration in the room were extremely low. Spirit did however manage to apport 5 more objects into the room prior to ending the sitting, after about 30 minutes. They apported 2 small toy cars, 2 stamps with the name of a native American tribe, and a large gold commemorative coin. That makes a total of 69 apports in 12 weeks.
They also lifted John up about 12-14 inches off the ground while sitting in his chair. I confirmed this by reaching over and holding the left handle on Johns chair and felt it to be over a foot higher than mine. They also rocked him back and forth like a rocking chair while he was airborne. John is 6 foot, 3 inches and weighs in at 240 pounds. They also transported him backwards about four feet to the wall and we all could hear him banging against the wall.
Thomas Jefferson communicated through the table and tapped out the letters g-u-e-s-t.
I asked him if there was a guest in the room and he said yes. I then asked the guest to spell out his name using the table and the alphabet and he spelled out the name: J-o-h-n A-d-a-m-s
I then asked if he was the second president of the US and he said yes. After a 5-7 minute conversation, I invited him to stop by anytime and that I would “leave the light off for him”.
We also had a new guide come to us who will be a regular member of the spirit team.
Her name is: Two Horses, a native American Indian squaw who is also the daughter of Crow Feet
(aka Little Bull) the adopted son of Sitting Bull. (No Bull!) We now have 10 guides with us and they told us that there would be more. Greentree continues in the role of Control (gatekeeper).
They told us no guest sitters tomorrow night (Mon) so they may have something special planned for us. Thank you for allowing me to share the progression of my circle with all of you.
It is so incredibly amazing that I wish I could share it with the whole world. Spirit willing, maybe some day I will. To be continued….
Ken & the CFH