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O Medium DAVILSON SILVA – Spirit Art, Ectoplasmic Forms and Materialized Spirits

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Physical and Trance Medium DAVILSON SILVA

 As we have shown many times before, until today Brazil is a true Heartland of the Spiritistic Tradition, mainly in the spirit of Allan Kardec and his specific views onto the build of the physical and the etheral world and the views expressed in his epoche-making books.

Many times we have introduced the reader to the world of experimental spiritism and especially the ectoplasmic forms and sorts of materialization Brazil is well known for over the decades. Brazil was the country in which ‘full materialization’ into the eighties of the last millennium (1980ies!) was demonstrated mainly in public spiritistic centers but as well in many secret experimental groups that were active mainly in their community but did purposefully not make any headlines or aroused any interest by writers.
Its protagonists are well known. Among them names like Carlos (Carmine) Mirabelli (see the unearthed photos published on this blog) or more recent Jose Medrado.

Davilson in the 80ies 
Some examples…
…of Silvas partially blindfolded…
…impressive trance work.

We are proud to present to you today another wonderful mediumship from this heartland of spiritism. Davilson Silva is his name and like typical for the the Brazilian Mediumship his work is a very varied one. Davilson today looks back onto decades of public and mediumistic activities of many different sorts. Typically for his work is what we find in many kardecian societies, the close connection between christianity and mediumship in Brazil. The spiritistic communities share actively the virtues and values of the christian moral philosophy of compassion.

With Davilson Silva we find such motives as well widespread in his work, even though about the man himself there is not very much to find in english translation what mainly has to do with that his decades lasting work started before the times of the Internet and all publications were always only made in portuguese.

About his religious approach Davilson says: ‘When I refer to God, I
do not speak of the anthropomorphic God of the Bible as the only one
for the people, who discriminates, takes revenge, repents and
contradicts itself. I speak of God
the creator of the universes and of all things, of all beings,
scattered around in infinite space.’

Some examples…
…for Silvas spirit drawings…
…in his mental work for clients.

Davilsons widespread work has many aspects and ranges from trance paintings of famous artists like Monet over drawings of clients deceased relatives to trance speech of most different entities and spirits and ectoplasmic materialization.

The photos we want to concentrate today on are actual and pretty spectacular – and cover mainly the rare area of so called partial materialization with specifically interesting features.

Davilson who runs today a spiritstic center, the ‘Fraternidade Espírita Aurora da Paz’ in Sao Paolo, describes what happened at an experimental evening, that was not held for ectoplasmic formations at all.
‘On this day, with a group of six people, my wife was in charge to
control the CD player and make prayers, they were singing hymns and
spiritualist songs. That hand moved around in the room (photo 1) and stroked the head of each one, and even
shook hands with some of the sitters. In the environment, the scent of
roses and then ether was perceivable. The left hand (photo 2) we identified as the hand of one of our spiritual mentors, Joseph Grosso.’

Slightly enhanced original show ectoplasmic hand in active mode touching the heads of the sitters…
Slightly enhanced original show ectoplasmic hand inactive

‘It’s funny, curious’, Davilson explains, ‘ but I must say that when the materialized forms
are close to us, we feel a chill, it is as if we open the refrigerator
door. However, when they touch in on us, the hand temperature is like
that of anyone having a dense and perishable body. They seem to be people
of this world.’

The Materialization of Maria Padilla.

‘This is the spirit of my
friend Maria Padilla. Maria Padilla was a gypsy who lived in Spain and
became a Countess. She said she lived with me in Spain in another existence.
Note the mantilla that Spanish women have! Esther, my wife is Spanish,
and has some mantillas and penetas. Note the details of the embroidery of
the mantilla.’

Slightly enhanced original of an alien from Zeta Reticuli.

 ‘Here you see occuring the formation of the figure of an alien of the
solar System Zeta Reticuli. This same ET I think is the same that
appeared twice to me at the end of 2000, via a spiritual holographic
phenomenon. I was told things about the Ets, and I still say that they are our
brothers in God, they are human beings like us, believe me, only in
a different mental and physical configuration. The events I had to tell (about the ET’s) would write a book of
many volumes….’

We are in every case very happy to see and share with you these amazing photos and their stories. Davilson Silva is a typical protagonist of an amazingly rich mediumship of the Brazilian sort, famous for their complexity, sometimes strangeness and always big strength.