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In the environment of the depicted stones strong classical séance-room phenomena were occurring in Alberts deep-trance. Spirit Lights, touches, raps on ceiling, strange noises and strong Full Levitations of the Sitters table! Specifically
worthwhile to mention here is the size of the stones that were observed building
up and then delivered from behind the eye-lid. Already earlier massive deformations were reported happening in Alberts face,
announcing an apport or sometimes not

As mentioned before we will be sharing with you content from an original minute to minute protocol from the transcript of a FLOW-Circle sitting the 20th of January 2017, near Munich and a few anecdotes from a FLOW-circles sitting at the 25th of January 2017.

The first sitting began 9.00 pm in a room perfectly sized to host the 6 persons the circle is made of.
Main Medium of the evening was the natural trance-physical medium Albert, his wife Josy (trance-medium with physical aspects), Michael, the circle leader and Antje, his wife.
Natural means that Alberts trances, despite the many trainings he had, triggered themselves for decades without any participation of his will or without applying any technique he had learned over his wife Josy.
He usually only has to sit in a spirit related environment and it happens: He falls to the side, leaning to the adjacent seated sitter or sinks with his head onto the table or is simply not anymore part of singing or conversation and the soon after voices and messages are coming through him, then for a year highly peculiar apports and newly typical physical séanceroom-phenomena.

Specifically unfortunate were Sabines (trance-medium) and Christinas abcense that night. Besides Josy it is Christina whose trance work shifted into a symbiosis with the trance contents of Albert. Her messages literally mirror Alberts and act in the interest and will for Alberts main communicator, ‘The Messenger’.
In the last articles (partially only available on fb) we described the unique and strange energetical output of Alberts trances and its effect on the sitters. Non-mediumistic sitters sense waves of physical energy and see objectively present small discharges of light-energy, like small explosions in the air. Some of them reported to be pulled into a kind of sleeping state, as if these physical emanations would urge everybody into trance-like states.
Very peculiar and considerable!

The mediums instead are drawn into a connected field of information. Absent Sabine for example overtakes in her connected trance the role of the gatekeeper, an Indian, called ‘WOLF’, looking after the medium, gives orders, how the group has to behave or when the medium Albert is ready for the cabinet!
That she is called ‘WOLF’ then, counterpart of ‘FLOW’ (spelled backwards) is thereby no coincidence! Josy is part of that trance-triangle as well and emanates highly emotional and powerful verbal trance contents. I say ’emanate’, because the physicality coming from Albert actually mirrors within Josy and she becomes that energy when she ‘trance-speaks’.

When this constellation is in craft huge waves of energy vibe through and shake sitters and guests a lot and is something I have experienced only once before, years ago with Paul Ham of Australia! About the extraterrestrial energies he is ‘channeling’ several books have been written!
In the meantime it is 09.16.55, red light is on and the sitters have sung and talked so far. Around 09.10.00 Albert had gone in trance and sits heavily and regulary breathing at the table. Behind him is the cabinet in some distance. The rest of the sitters suddenly look up because a wind like wave comes from the medium.
It says: ‘Right Eye!’ More wind is coming!
Medium: ‘More red light!’
Michael turns up the red light and is told: ‘Michael, stand up and move to the mediums right side!’ Michael stands up and walks over to Albert. ‘Hold your hand below the eye, and look very closely!’ Albert still sits with head sunk forwards on his seat, his arms hang down to his left and right. The lower positioned and full blown 40 W red light illuminates his face.
Michael states: ‘Yes, an apport! Fallen from his right eye!’
Instantly the medium urges for darkness saying loudly into the sitters reactions: ‘Red light away!’

‘Antje! You control the medium!’ Albert is heard saying and lays his both hands in hers.
It is 09.21.38, when Antje stated: ‘He takes my hand to his right eye again!’
Medium asks for red light, which is immediately lit!
‘Michael, control what is going on by vision!’
Michael hastes over to the other side of the table.
Medium sits now head upright.
Michael says at that time: ‘Something is building at the tear channel! It’s big! But it is still there. Shall it come out?’
The reader may remember one of the last reports when a massively huge object in the tissue below the eye-socket and the nose-wing shockingly deformed the mediums face and did not come out! It simply vanished…
Medium: ‘Go!’
The entity has overtaken the control fully and stunned by what is going on the sitters do as they are told. Michael goes back to his seat.
‘Can we help?’, he asks from there.
After a dialogue with several instructions, it is finally Antje who with the additional help of a torchlight has the apport falling into her hand.
Suddenly for the first time the group recognizes knockings from the ceiling. It is 09.28.18 at that time!

In the course of the upcoming minutes several apports are delivered, from right eye, from left eye, from the mouth, suddenly falling onto the floor, falling onto the table.
From the protocol:
Strong knockings! Third Apport from the right eye! Stronger knockings!
Huge drop-like formed vulcanic stone exits the mediums mouth!
Full levitation of the table.
Accompanying Wind for 10 seconds. Knockings wander from ceiling onto table. Table is set in floating motion and comes back down.

At 09.43.36
the Medium announces another Materialization. It is still red light and hand control is wanted by the communicator: Michael and Antje execute it and shortly after report a fourth building-up object in the right eye, describe its increasing size and its eventual exit!
Medium directs the observation to his left eye where something can be seen moving behind the lid also. Antje helps to set it free!
Medium announces it is ready to be brought into the cabinet, ‘but later!’.
It requests ‘energy’ through singing.

It is 09.49.29
and the table is in powerful movement and a coldness is strongly felt by all.
Light is off again, when there’s a bright light above Alberts head that could be seen by all and something is heard falling to the floor. 10 seconds later there is the sound of something falling on the table and later it seemed as if the object from the floor somehow got onto the table.
Less than 2 minutes later Michael announces he feels a strong drain of energy.
As if Alberts trance-personality had waited for this it declares Albert has ‘to be brought into the cabinet!’

Shortly later he announced from the cabinet: ‘We’re in position! Energy!’

Meanwhile Josy has a high-ranked job in the social media business, Albert, who is in his late fifties, actually is a highly regarded specialist in legal affairs in Munich. His involvement in active mediumship is quite young – and unawaited his unwillingly upcoming trance states pushed him into this for his usual environment totally strange position.

Now sitters start to report sensing ‘things’ on their head, meanwhile strange noises are coming from the floor. More wind is coming and again there is something moving over and touching the heads.

‘More energy! We are preparing the Messenger!’
The ‘Messenger’ is Alberts trance communicator number one. He brings the strongest messages forward.
Loud knocking sounds are heard from the ceiling!
Their first appearance lasts 53 seconds of strong blows against the wooden ceiling.
‘We’re preparing the delivery of the message! More energy needed!’
Suddenly it announced: ‘Light!’

Josy switches the light on and two seconds later from the red-lit midair another apport lands directly on Josies back of her hand.
It’s 10.29.05.

In the following the medium adresses the sitters and delivers guide-,group- and phenomena-related information with intermediary especially meaningful parts.
It is for example about the apports, their purpose, meaning and sacred character.
About the nature of the entity. The necessity of the groups consistency. About heart-power. About Light and Darkness.
The séance lasted 2h20min.!

In the focus of the sitting of the 25th of January Alberts energetical trance, table levitations and Eye-socket-Apportation stood

A few days later another short report flocked in.
Josy had transcribed the words the communicator ‘The Messenger’ shared with the sitters regarding the stones they became overgiven! Again extraordinarily big stones were apported from the eye-socket and their building process clearly observed.

After the stones were overgiven, the Communicator ‘Messenger’ had the following to say:
‘Your Stone has the color green. It’s the natures color here on earth! Place the stone in front of you!’
‘Your stone has the color blue and a fragment of white. White, like the clouds in the sky! Both stones show the connection of nature to the sky above you! Place the Stone in front of you!’
‘Your stone is black and mixes up with white! This connects the previously said, nature and sky with the Galaxy! Place the Stone in front of you on the table!’

‘Now see how the energy within the stones works!’
In front of everybodies eyes and in red light the table with the stones on it screws itself up into the air, where it hangs for 30 seconds before it slowly descends….

That was the actual report from the FLOW-circles work and we hope you have enjoyed it!
More! Take part! All these new succesful circles create active memes, in which we can link in, what makes an early succesful spirit contact morelikely!

Thanks to FLOW-circle and GOOD LUCK to all!