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by Julia Muegge

– Further questions and answers will follow –

Q1: What is the purpose of the activationstones?

A1: These stones are a mystery. Honestly spoken they seemed to be made of (a special?) glass (?!), but their effects are described nearly by all who have used or are using


Basically Activation Stones are demanded to become activated by their owners after having understood the entanglement of the human existence with a holographic multidimensional Multiverse and the role and responsibilities for the human being that emerge from that. Is a change then in self-awareness and behaviour following the stones activation is achieved and becomes a hub within a worldwide network of spiritual elite lightworkers for the raising of consciousness for the long awaited paradigm-shift.
The stones are a physical representative of that endeavour of planetary and in the end cosmological proportion and strengthens it with its physical presence.

Practically they can be used also, because at least some of them induce a steady energy exchange with the etheric. When they are given to Healers for example, their patients, it is regularly reported, react unexplicably strikingly strongly and seem to be uniquely affected when treated with the stones, having no knowledge at all what they are or where they come from!

When in séances they become uploaded a strong blue light emerges around them. Afterwards it was witnessed how they were vibrating in a manner, that was absolutely unbelievable. People couldn’t hold their hands still holding them. My husband and I were totally astonished experiencing that ourselves, when we were made aware by sitters after the séance who called us to feel it …!
The stone mysteriously vibrated so strong that nobody of us could hold our hands still!

For the spirits the mystery-objects, that materialize in different ways, mostly in lighted conditions in front of everybodies eyes, and then overgiven to the sitters have even more meaning: plain and simple they preserve the spirits message and represent and transfer it into the

physical world.
They become a physically existent reminder for the spirits philosophy.

Q2: When you fall into your first deep trance in the black cabinet, was it easy for

you to let go and let you pull into this state? How are you feeling to be pulled

into this state? I’m asking in view of feeling sickness.
A2: The deep trance process has to be learned in clearly defined different stages to eventually achieve a sleeping state of the medium, in which the spirits are speaking totally unaware by him.
Those are a. letting the subconsciousness specifically activate a matching spirit personality at best under the help of a hypnotic state b. learn to entrance and connect systemically with the activated spirit guide and build it up in the following stages of work with it c. train in the secure environment of the home circle to detach from doubts like ‘who is speaking, how much am I involved’. In our workshops we give everybody a successful methods at hand to achieve that! In the end d. you learn to detach fully from the conscious speech process and actually sleep away.

Experience with hundreds of clients who learned the trance state we have learned that the most unawaited and strange sensations and feelings can accompany the trance-training and its stages.
Some of these sensations can feel a little bit sick but the more often it is repeated the sooner this will go away!

Another form of sickness can occur with the process of setting the spirits consciousness matrix onto the mediums organism. A lot of irritation for the body is then taking place, but should disappear also after regular training.

If not, maybe it should be humbly asked for another representative from the spirit worlds with a better match so to speak. Usually such an exchange for the better of the medium is not uncommon!

Q3: Do you need to have the same people every week to start a spirit circle?
A3: Yes, you should, homogeneity can be a factor.

Q4: Why are psychologically ill persons not allowed to attend your Séance?
A4: Because specifically psychologically ill persons are predestined to attract sometimes lower spirits that may attach and cause problems in the future or worsen the condition the participant was already in! 

Q5: When spirit brings through objects through an apport, where is spirit getting the objects? Are they taking things from people? 

A5: Spirits materialize objects from different places, preferably objects that have gone lost
in so far, that nobody remembers them anymore because everybody is dead who knew about. They say, if there is nobody on earth having a memory of a certain

object anymore, it literally disappears from our reality-plane and they ‘skim it off’ and

present it as so called Apports!
Pure Materializations differ from so called Apports in so far, that

they were created solely from an etheric blueprint!

Q6: You can feel that you are part of an extraordinary and holy situation. But most interestingly on the next day in the morning I had feel of a hangover. I was tired and dizzy as if I had drunk the night before…
A6: Keep on practicing and that condition will be overcome.

Q7: I have heard that the mediumistic process in regards to ‘physical’ trigger a hunger for red meat in the mediums. I wonder if B12 and iron supplements could be taken instead of red meat? You can’t get B12 from vegetable sources. Perhaps those nutrients are needed.
A7: Interestingly PM have always reported a special appetite for red meat. What you say might be true and is a reasonable suggestion.

Q8: If a member of a physical circle (not in a state of trance) during a sitting becomes overwhelmed with emotion and starts crying and shaking etc – is this classified as physical mediumship?
A8: No, these are physiological side-effects of probably spontaneous forms of trance-states the sitter is not used to and accordingly overreacting.

Q9: Speak about your nutritional needs regarding the Séances.
A9: Water, a lot of water.

Q10: You used my chair a couple of years ago. After I brought it home had

some orbs in my apartment. A couple of weeks later I had a white transparent

hand appear in my bookcase, that seems to wave once. Would there be residual energy that remained to do this?
A10: Usualy residual energies that may exist don´t linger very long. But we can’t exclude a connection here fully.

Q11: How long does it take to develop ectoplasm?
A11: It depends on the capabilities your spirit-team solely. We believe, that ectoplasm can only be produced through the faculty of participating spirits!

Q12: What is your best advice to a novice circle?
A12: We have a whole module in our workshops in which we are talking about the necessities and the trap falls for novice groups. This is a complex topic and a lot of issues can´t not be answered in a few sentences here. But a good harmonious and informed group that is used to psycho-techniques and is knowledgeable in PM

generally can always be recommended.

Q13: When you fall into your first deep trance in the black cabinet, was it easy for you to let go and let you pull into this state? How are you feeling to be pulled into this state? I’m asking in view of feeling sickness.
A13: The novice experiences a number of individual and sometimes unawaited and strange sensations when going for the first time through these states. With the time one gets used to it and implements them, if they should occur further.

Q14: What about people who sit alone?
A14: PM is traditionally also in non western rituals always a group related ceremony.

Q15: Does atmospheric conditions influence your work?
A15: To a certain degree – yes. They can enhance or diminish.

Q16: Are cats or dogs helpful in your circles?
A16: Not necessarily but we have sat with dogs before.

Q17: Can you ever sit too much with spirit?
A17: Yes, you can. Do not exaggerate your training or activities.

Q18: Why might people have or attract spirit attachments?
A18: Because of a very individual and special condition in their lifes.

Q19: Will it be good to use the Stones during our circle work?
A19: Yes 

Q20: You spoke briefly about blood group Rh Neg, my question is spirit coming through the medium after many years can the DNA of the medium actually change from the reading I have done seems to be the case?
A20: We don’t know of such connections.

Q21: Do you have suggestions for our group working without anyone in trance?
A21: Group mediumship is known to work properly. Usually from groupwork mediums do develop. We give whole workshop modules to avoid many traps and disappointments. And we show what makes the most sense and will be succesful in the end. Shortly I can say here a. do not only concentrate on phenomena and b. make as many offers as possible to the spirit world to link in.
Think about to learn to exercise trance because trance is one of THE keys for spirit contact!

Q22: How is it about an overwhelming feeling of sexual energy before a Séance. The 
day of a Séance I get an unnormal need to eat sugar… and I feel an overwhelming sexual feeling… is it common?
A22: Usually sexual energies are swallowed up by the energy output of the séance. Maybe your body does provide them specifically to build them into séanceroom-energies so to speak. Because they are powerful!

Q23: Why is darkness needed in Séance rooms, i witness full levitation and fantastic 
musical rappings in the Séance i sit in in lit conditions, is it just down to the mediums physical make up?
A23: Then you are a huge exception. I observe such claims for 30 years and they were usually false. The connection between the field of occult phenomena and darkness is ancient and is expressed even in the word itself. Correctly translated it says: ‘that what comes from darkness’.
That children does feel insecure and afraid in the dark is also expression of this connection.
Today we believe that the known ‘elusivity’ of Physical Phenomena must be given an environment in which this elusivity can be upheld and darkness as experimental background does provide such an environment from which with the time things can be developed into more lighted conditions.

Maybe in this darkness connection darkness itself is not the main factor but disabling the perception , because we know from Quantum Physics that perception does knowingly interfere with
the outer world! It is about to avoid the ‘observer effect’, we know from quantum mechanics!
Perception destroys the paranormal field and that is why it is avoiding perception!
With the time this behaviour can be domesticised and the phenomena start to occur in more and more better light. We show the most spectacular processes in the meantime in good red light after years of training.

Q24: Can you show the full title on the book about Helen Duncan?
A24: Hellish Nell (Most probably the most complete and most honest book about her carreer)

Q25: How do you personally get into a trance state?
A25: Entrance myself; connect with the chosen spirit control; overgive innerly my bioform resp. retreat from my organism into a meditative chamber; complete the separation process with the help of a hypnotic order and holotropic breathwork.

Q26: Is photoplasm is just as good as raw ectoplasm?
A26: The term photoplasm is in regards to its ability to describe something properly as worthless as the term ectoplasm because they both describe as placeholders something we haven´t understood yet. Ectoplasm is definitely something like a new form of physicality, a kind of psycho-physical matter emerging from the melting process of two different dimensional realms. Both are probably the same.

Q27: How can we integrate the center-stone in our circle work?
A27: The center stone represents, with a kind of residential energy pattern within, the grade of intersocial attraction of spiritual activities of individuals, groups or locations. It appreciates your or your  group-activities as an interest magnet for spiritual seekers. In so far you should give him a good place, from time to time mention it in your openings and/or implement it as meditative or visualisations-anchor, that emanates an energy pattern that centers and grounds all your activities.

Q28: Before you became a physical medium – did you sit for trance speaking or 
A28: Yes, many years – since 1983.

Q29: Finding it hard to return from deep trance…any advice on how to return easily. This seems to follow me during the next day…a feeling of imbalance. 
A29: Drinking a lot of water and simply keep on doing it will make it go away. We all have experienced that for quite some time, but it will leave.

Q30: Have you experienced apportation when not in a Séance situation? Spontaneously, so to speak.
A30: Yes a lot of times. Sometimes it also happens to closest family-members who experience own episodes then. Also during workshops or many other daily situations.

Q31: Did you produce photoplasm for a long time before producing ectoplasm?
A31: There is no difference for us between photo and ectoplasm. Same thing …

Q32: Can we use the stones in our circelworking if, how do we use them best?
A32: Many have very successfully implemented the stones in their healing work.

Q33: Do you think your health suffers Kai with the amount of ectoplasm?
A33: Not necessarily with the amount, but knowingly the strain and pressures of undergoing the working principles of PM cost, like maybe a very stressy job would harm the organism.

Q34: Do you still use holotropic breathing as your method of choice for going into trance?
A34: Yes. Always for cabinet-sessions.

Q35: Have you ever had a sample of ectoplasm taken for chemical/scientific analysis?
A35: Historically it has been done multiple times but the chemical build (different cell forms of the human body) does not reveal its obvious abilities in mirroring spiritual or informational content, present in the séance-room. In regards to our work, maybe in the future, somebody likes to finance such an attempt.