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REAL APPORT WONDERS Part I: Medium Lynns Ectoplasmic Forms and Apportations

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The following shows the most strangest ectoplasmic forms that were ever photographed! 
Originally we wanted to write about mediumistic effects transfering into family and friends and we will look at this topic, but with a main focus onto strong and interesting apport cases.
Apports are often because of their small size regarded as being suspicious by some.
But over the years we were confronted with apports accompanied by so striking coincidencies, that they only can hardly be understood differently as being genuine.
But this of course everyone has to decide for himself.

Motivated to bring a rich pictured article about strong and interesting apport happenings within the mediumistic work of the Felix Circle of the last ten years as a second part of ‘Real Apport Wonders’ we were by a sequence of photographs about an apport medium we not know too much about besides that he, a Newbiggin (UK) miner, was 1936 part of an investigation by a Major C. H. Mowbray and Parapsychologist Hewatt MecKenzie.

After the Major had stripsearched the medium ‘Lynn’ at the seances, we have these amazing photographs of, it put on a special fraud proof dress first and was then put into a sack, sealed at the neck tightly. Then the two entered a room where ‘the circle’ already was waiting, with Investigator Mowbray and his assistant (McKenzie) consisting of 6 people sitting in front of a cabinet, in which the medium was put onto a chair.
The cabinet was previously well searched by the assistant and the medium was left there behind unbound, with a small table standing in front of the curtain slits. The mediumistic session was held in relative lighted conditions, ‘one small white oil lamp’ illuminated the room. Morbray writes that noone of his circle was allowed to come close to Lynn and only Morbray and his assistant arranged table and curtain and so forth. On the table rested a metal plate. 

Morbray writes the medium then went into ‘a deep trance’ and that the table after a ‘few taps on the tray’ started to move around the room.

Ectoplasmic Rod tapping on the tray

Enlargement of rod

When the table started to move around, investigator Morbray stood up and checked that no lines or threads were connected to the table and it appeared not to be so. He then did put a zither (a german string instrument) on the table in front of the curtain slits and again, like several times before, the zither was ‘played’ resp. hit, again seemingly by an ectoplasmic rod, also photographed.
Morbray says that for the human eye the ectoplasmic agent was invisible and only showed up on the photograph. He claimed to even stand up and hold his hand above the strings of the zither and felt a circular air breeze there. The strange nose ring like object that was in the mediums nose and what did seemingly hang from it, was unexplainable for the investigators then. More over Morbray always tried, when the rod was tapping the tray, to put it away and have the rod tap on his fingers, ‘but they always avoided to touch my hand. It was even so as if they had eyes and avoided to toch my hand’.
Such a behaviour of the paranormal is very well known within paranormal field research and culminates, when phenomena doesn t occur at all among certain observation conditions.

Medium Lynn behind the curtains and the ectoplasmic rod photographed striking the zither
Enlargement of the rod striking the zither
Medium Lynn during the Zither episode, with a strange ringform like object sticking in his nose and something seemingly hanging from it. The investigators couldn t explain what they saw and considered it to be a strange form of ‘transfiguration’ of the medium by unknown means.
Then usually the apport processes began, after ‘the medium went into an even deeper trance’, as Morbray writes. What that does mean he does not reveal in his report. Morbray describes then apport incidents, in which up to two dozens objects appeared and fell onto the tray, ‘like teaspoons, pen-knifes, curtain rings (not from the cabinet), a fish hook, etc, etc.’.
Another ectoplasmic rod tapping on the table
Enlargement of the strange rod

 When the apport processes actually began for the sitters in the low light oftentimes the objects were mainly heard falling onto the tray and oftentimes it were the cameras revealing striking details. Photographed it was with a glass and a quartz-lense to make things visible.

An object is apported, a necklace. Before it lands the camera caught it somehow erected above the metal tray, seemingly suspended in mid-air by nothing….
Enlargement of the necklace apport

Apport of a bracelet, still above the tray, also suspended there somehow.

Interestingly we again see here the object that might have stuck previously inside of the nose of the medium (see above, Medium with ring-like object in nose). Why it becomes visible here we do not know

In fact the cameras might have again and again caught the actual
moment of materialization that is part of every apport process, even
though the term ‘materialization’ is considered to be sometehing else,
than an apport. The Materialization itself is the creation of matter
from Nothing, meanwhile the Apportation is the paranormal transport of
existing objects from one place to another. But nonetheless even the
apported object has to constitute somehow inside of the room where it
was apported to, so here seems to be a materialization of some kind also part of the process…The next incident shows that photographing through a quartz lense actually can bring forward additional content, as we know already from the ‘Margery’ case where quartz lenses also revealed things previously unseen.
This photo shows the apport of a saltspoon, again still suspended in mid-air…
The Enlargement already reveals a strange elongated object and it is not clear, if the spoon actually looks that way, or if this is a form of spacial disturbance causing the spoon to appear so strangely deformed on the photographs… 
The Mystery deepens if we look at what the quartz-lense had caught and this is again something completely else.
A strange cantilever like device becomes visible, holding the saltspoon above the table. This is of course interesting because at the time Crawford was developing his Cantilever theory in his three books about experiments with the Goligher Circle. had the medium heard of this or were the supernormal powers involved triggered a process as described by Crawford!?
Another of Lynns Psychic- or Ectoplasmic Rods tapping the table…

Enlargement or the previous photo.

 So from the photographic material ‘Lynn’ must be counted to the most interesting of ectoplasm inducing mediums. The most about him was written in not anymore available periodicals in England and Germany (like in the ‘Zeitschrift für MetaPsychichische Forschung’).

We are very happy to have been able – after the Keith Milton Rhinehart contents – to present to you another case and photographs that have not been existing previously in the web.

Stay tuned for the second part of REAL APPORT WONDERS about the apports and materializations by the Felix Circle and its medium. Handwritings from the deceased, close Observation of Materialization from bare hands and much more like Water Apports and so forth will then be in the focus of the article.


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