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(The Author Carsten Dresbach is for his ballanced evaluations of facts well known since his work for exopolitics Germany. Having met the German Parapsychology Icon Prof. Ernst Senkowski several years ago Dresbachs own interest in the Parapsychology-field started to grow, like for example for the ‘Transcommunication’-field. Because of his interest in Macro-Psychokinesis (Poltergeist-Effects, Physical Mediumship-Phenomena) he several months ago came in contact with the Felix Circle.)

by Carsten Dresbach   (originally published)


More than a year ago I had the chance to share a whole weekend with the deep-trance medium Kai M. and his wife Julia. One year later I again could attend a cabinet seance in a strictly private environment and experienced the extraordinary phenomena around Kai and Julia very closely.

 Last December I was invited by Ute and Helmut S. from Moetzingen to join two private seances. I met the couple at my first seance weekend start 2013 and again in switzerland. Ute is a traditional healer and utilizes her treatment rooms for the seances in her private house. Together with her husband Helmut and two more friends Ute works as a medium herself and has her own development circle.

The first seance I do not want to deepen to much because of its similarity to the table session last year. The setting was nearly the same: a round plastic garden table, twelve chairs for the sitters and the medium, a darkened room. The phenomena were also as already described: a very agile and seemingly lifely table, whose movements ended in dozens of full-levitations; means: the table lifts up with all four legs from ground level and ‘hangs’ for several seconds like weightless in mid-air, sitters were touched by ‘ectoplasmic pseudopodias’ and small lights flying in sharp angles mostly from the tables surface middle into the air.
Especially important to mention though is that during the ‘table-session’ percussive instruments – having been placed in the cabinet approx. 6,6 foot in the back of the mediums seat in the circle around the table – were literally been thrown out of it multiple times. These phenomena are already alike those we can observe during the deep trance cabinet sessions. Only that during the ‘table-sessions’ the medium stays more or like awake, but more likely already also in a light trance state, the phenomena more seem to happen coincidentally and stay uncommented by the deep-trance-personality ‘Hans Bender’. Taken for themselves the ‘table-phenomena’ are neither inferior nor less impressive than those during the deep-trance-cabinete-sessions.  

The next day twelve of us meet at 5 p.m. in Utes and Helmuts house: the hosts Ute and Helmut besides their two circle members, five befriended sitters, Kai, Julia and me. Because the five guests are newbies in sitting in a physical mediumistical session, Kai starts with a thorough introduction about the history of Spiritualism, different forms of cabinet sittings, behaviour rules for sitters and awaited phenomena.

I am already acquainted with the most of this but it is even though interesting to listen to Kai, because with a rich background knowledge and new stories and anecdotes from the world of Spiritism he knows how to entertain. Kai is a little bit health-affected: a cold has caught him and he blows his nose and coughs a lot.

After approximately 90 minutes we feel ready to enter the seance room and to begin the sitting. Kai has already started his ‘holotropic’ breathing routine that helps him to induce and deepen his trance state.

We do sit down on our pre-chosen seats. The chairs are building an oval. On the one hand side of the oval stands the cabinet and on the opposite site, inside of the oval a turned-around bucket with focus-instruments positioned on it. In front of the cabinet a line is taped onto the floor which depicts the border for the medium, when it slides out of the cabinet to be taken into the holding control. My seat is the second on the right side of the cabinet. Close to the medium and besides Julia. 

When everybody is seated Helmut and the heavy breathing medium enter the seance-room. Kai has lifted his hands into the air, for all to see, he is not bringing something with him into the seance room and for Helmut to be sure he hasn t grabbed something on his way down. Kai according to his own wishes had stripped in front of Helmut down to small underpants and was thoroughly checked in regards to hidden props, asf.. This so called stripsearch was also exercised with Julia M. by Ute, before entering the seance room. It can be thus excluded that either Kai or Julia have taken something unwanted with them.

When Kai and Helmut were seated the room was closed from the inside. The room is now only illuminated by the red light lamp between me and Julia on a small table. Julia starts the audio recorder and switches off the red light and the seance begins. A sacral meditative humming is the trance inducing music and we listen to Kais repetitive breathing, bringing him deeper into trance. After approximately 10 minutes it is done: out of the repetitive breathing routine has the voice of ‘Hans Bender’ developed, the deceased Parapsychologist and Spirithelper of Kai.

Good evening dear friends! My name is Hans and I like to welcome every single one of you personally very heartfully in the name of kai Felix, in the name of the development group and in the name of my colleagues, who work in the background to make this evening a special one. To an evening when worlds do collide and exchange. Yes, I great especially Julia, and Ute and Helmut, who made it possible. Dear Ute, we are delighted to see you again. Dear Helmut we very much like to see you too of course!

Well, for Kai Felix is a little bit hard today and his whole breathing apparatus and bronchial tubes are affected. That means my regular speech through Kai will be adapted to these unusual conditions and moreover we will handle all energetic potentials rational, which are brought in by Kai himself. Dear friends do not worry, it is not only Kai supplying to the energetical environment, in this hermetically closed room, in which we are are able to constitute our own laws, because of a special constellation of ‘group’ and ‘consciousness’.

Dear friends, as next we direct the major burden of energetical interaction onto the shoulders of the sitters on behalf of their electromagnetical field potentials. A new field will be created from it and every single one of you is part of it. This will support basicly and mainly the first phases of this physical communion between our both realms. 

Although of his cold Kais organism will be able to deal with the foreign spirit control, the talking and the minimal movements we will carry out with him. As soon as you let enter the spirits now with singing and signalling the readiness to receive them, the energy will become denser here in this room and in different grades you, or even the instruments, will become affected then. The medium will be taken into the holding control now. Lets start to sing and as soon as the field is erected we will proceed.


We all start to form the hand-chain and to sing alongside the played Beatles-songs. The mood is light and relaxed. I hear that the medium slides with his chair out of the cabinet into the sitters-circle.

The medium now sits in the circle and I ask for the holding control. The controllers may shortly please describe how they are securing Kai meanwhile the first effects in the room. Please, Helmut!

Helmut explains how he holds and secures the medium. He is sitting on the mediums left side and holds Kais left hand and leg with his hands and legs. (Julia announces she is securing the other side of the medium.)

Please Helmut, are you able to describe if Kai has any detectable muscle-tonus or if he is totally atonic?

Helmut affirms, that the medium is sitting totally atonic on his chair.
Meanwhile Hans asks further the first instruments on the opposite side are already being moved and fall onto the floor.

Helmut, please assure during these early effects, besides that the medium is obviously sitting on his chair, also Julia is sitting and not moving through the room. 

Helmut reports how he stands up and bends forward in front of the medium to check Julias position and holding control.

Please check additionally that the medium wears neither around his neck nor at his forehead any rodlike device! Please describe the situation and posture of Kais head!

Helmut explains how he touch-checks Kais body and head. Julia had mentioned before that it was actually theorized the phenomena were in reality be made with a head-band and a rod attached to it. Seemingly the spirit wants to help to weaken such allegations.

Helmut affirms now, that no objects are fastened at Kais body or head. Additionally no threads or something comparable are somehow reaching into the sitters circle. Meanwhile the medium is now handled that way by Helmut and is additionally still be hold by Julia we permanently hear the rattles sound on the opposite side of the circle.

Now please return to your seat, dear Helmut. Dear Sitters, as you may detect only a short time of decreased involvement by the sitters and already (spirit) activity declines within the room. I want you to: Music and Singing and we let the forms carry on to constitute more! Proceed!

Meanwhile Hans says so, several sitters are being touched at different body parts. We now sing with power and full of enthusiasm Beatles-songs. Inbetween we frequently hear the medium gasp like a quiet whimpering.

I mainly try to uphold a regular breathing pattern with the mediumistic organism. These frequent moanings instead are reactions of Kais rest-consciousness and you need not to worry!

Again and again now the sitters experience touches. I myself receive one at my belly. It does feel as if i was poked by a leatherly tissue. When I adress the originator directly, I am poked again.All in all the episode takes approximately 10 seconds, but everytime i mention the poke within this time, it happens again and again. A responsive phenomenon! 

The ladies and gentlemen, please describe to the others in the group what you have experienced. First the lady on the right!?

The lady describes how something little scratched her lower legs and then a tail waggling directly in front of her. Meanwhile she is describing that, the ‘doggy’ seems to sit on the lap of my right female neighbour. Ladies on the opposite side are talking about their impression of a chicken running around the floor and felt wing flaps.
After a few seconds Hans again asks to report how the medium is being hold in control. In the meantime again the instruments are heard shaking and the ‘dog’-lady talks about being ‘scratched by a small and lightweighted animal’ at her knees. 

Dear friends, it’s interesting how thoroughly in this sitters constellation a love for pets is apparent. We are delighted to put you in contact with all the tiny beasts, spooking around here (later at least one lady did claim that she had her deceased Chihuahua for a considerable time on her lap). We would like to stabilize the power field a little bit longer to be secure with it. Please carry on for a few more seconds.


We carry on to sing and after a few seconds the spirit carries on to speak through Kai:

Helmut, has the medium somehow tried to get up from his chair?

Both Julia and Helmut confirm, that the medium hasn t and is secure on its seat.

Dear friends, please release the medium now for the last seconds. Because of Kais health situation we do not want to have mediumistical energy to efflux too much and early into the sitters’ circle (the strict holding control diminishes a free flow of mediumistical energies). But of course we won t leave the chair and ask you now to carry on singing.

The medium then retreats into his cloth-cabinet, his voice can be heard now coming from there. Adressing Julia the spirit ‘Hans’ asks for the experiment with the illuminated balls. Julia places a plate onto the turned around bucket with three glowing ping pong balls. She illuminates them with her torch to make them well visible for all in the upcoming dark. We are allowed, meanwhile the room is illuminated, to open the hand chain and stretch our legs until the light is switched off and the medium re-enters the circle to be taken into full holding control.

Now take care, if you – already against the light of the ping pong balls, can see the first forms operate!

It does not take long and the balls move around, as if they were nudged by something.

Describe the situation of the medium, please Helmut!

First Helmut, then Julia describe holding the medium on his chair.

Please Helmut, check, if Julia is actually with both hands holding Kai!?

Helmut again bends over to Julia and confirms, that he can feel her both hands, and that she is there on her chair as expected, controlling Kai.
During the ‘super-control‘ (controllers control their control) the balls on the other side of the circle are moving. Additionally I can observe shadow like things, as if someone would move in front of the glowing balls.

Thank you, dear Helmut. During the control the balls were nudged around on the other side of the circle; that is important! Because exercising the ‘super-control’ Helmut blocks so to speak Kais whole body towards the action-area. Now let’s see what early forms can effect the focus objects! Music and Singing please!

The balls are now pushed from the plate and roll around within the whole sitters circle. Some sitters report seeing shadows in front of the balls.

We now wanna try to make visible what is doing all this in the room! Julia, put the balls away. Let the medium retreat.

We sing for 5 minutes without something happening, when the spirit ‘Hans’ re-enters the circle and starts to speak again:

Because of Kais cold we need to prefer another experiment, we present in two parts. In the first we will use the mediums organism itself to materialize an object into the room. That shall satisfy your greedy visual senses at this point (laughter), after having sat in the dark now for a considerable time. In its second part we ll make solely its background energetics visible without materializing. Well, Julia, mild red light for our medium, please. We would like to ask Kais and our friend Carsten to sit crosslegged on the floor directly in front of the medium!?

Willingly I confirm to do that.


Rise from your seat, dear friend and sit down!

I stand up and sit down in front of the medium, sitting in red light in front of his cabinet.

Please check the hand of the medium. Check that there is no ring, no watch, nothing between the fingers. You can check the whole arm if you like, whereever you want to feel assured, that there is nothing hidden. 

I check thoroughly the hand stretched towards me, up the arm into the short sleeve of the mediums t-shirt. I cannot find anything. 

Now don t let the hand out of sight anymore and form with yours a cup under it and try not to miss the short moment, when the object materializes directly below the downwards hold palm. Not too bright light please, we do not want the medium wake up inmidst of the presentation.

‘Hans’ moans and moves his fingers. From my position I can see that very well. His moaning increases and increases and the fingers move as if they would crunch something.

Do not miss the moment…!

After a very loud moan I hear an object fall to the floor and see it rolling away from me under the mediums chair. I have missed the crucial moment and haven t seen the object materialize like many before me sitting in this position in front of the medium. I maybe have blinked exactly then… 

You haven’t seen it fall? We are sorry. Who has seen it fall?

Three sitters at least announce and describe, how they have seen it fall from the hand. Hans adresses me again: 

Beloved Friend, these figurines always carry a message within them. To decipher it is your part of the experiment. Thank you very much for taking part and please retreat to your seat. Re-build energy now! Sing!

Materialized Lakshmi-Figurine


We start to sing and it doesn t take long, there is a tiny light flying around in the room. It lands on the lap of my neighbour. I turn a little bit around to her to see it better, but loose its track. Therefore something leatherlike touches my cheek and i feel the slight air breeze when this ‘something’ vanishes again. Looking at the light quickly flying through the room the spirit wants to have the medium again being taken into holding control.

Helmut please install the super control, that it is clear, that it is not Julia running around with a light. Julia, tell where you are. Helmut, please check all hands.

Julia is being heard answering from her place near the cabinet. Then Helmut again stands up in the dark, letting go his side of the medium-control to bend over to Julia to check if her both hands are holding Kais hand and leg. During his check and confirmation the light flys undisturbed further around the room.

Please check that the medium has nothing at his upper body attached like a rod or something!

Helmut checks by touch again the whole upper body and the mediums head but cannot find anything suspicious.

Let us please enjoy for a few seconds the total silent process…!

We sit quietly and without music or talking on our chairs, meanwhile the light still flys around the room. It crosses my nose and flys in high speed along the sitters line. But there is not the slightest sound audible…!

No sound. Only a weak wind accompanies the light in the room…

Suddenly the light crashlands and lays moveless and slightly pulsating on the floor. The spirit Hans asks for our singing. As we start, the light starts to shine as bright as before and carries on to fly around. Hans then explains something in regards to the movemeneet patterns of the light.

…it is called ‘sympathetic movements’ and because the medium is part of the energetical process the light reacts on movements of Kais hand… it should at least (laughter). Helmut, please check that there is no connection between the hands and the light.

Meanwhile Helmut holds the hands of the medium the little independent flying light moves even more quicklier and somehow started to follow the movements the medium started to do with its hands (and claims to Helmut this to be a lecture in sympathetic movement between medium and focus object). Now the medium wants Helmut to hold its this time both moveless hands in its lap and still the light carries on to fly wildly around. At the end three independent lights whiz through the room. Approx. 4 min. later this little experimenet is ended. We sing for several minutes before ‘Hans’ says something from the cabinet.


Careful red light please, the medium is today not as deeply entranced (health situation) but we manage to keep him in. You remember we talked about a second part of the apport experiment. Every object we transport into the three dimensional space no matter if it originally stems from imagination or from any other location within time and space, I want assure you they are always travelling first class! (laughter) We want to specify the information about this transportation process. Shortly before they become reconstituted by a second process their informational matrix travels on a light quantum beam ptotruding the folded space time. At the end of the beam the information is located to become re-constituted, where we direct it to. Now much brighter red light please. We are going to demonstrate solely the energetic process responsible to relocate informational fields of differnet objects within the time-space, as far as it works of course. 

The medium starts to moan and ‘Hans’ immediately restarts his verbal suggestions to bring the medium into a deeper state of trance. It sounds as if ‘Hans’ is carefully bringing a baby into sleep.
Then he proceeds:

Everybody sees Kais empty hands?

The medium holds up his hands and shows them around. Meanwhile again and again ‘Hans’ carries on to hypnotize the medium. We quitely start to sum a melody.

Please stay vigilante. We do not want you to miss the process. The process will happen directly in front of the mediums breast.

In the red light I see the medium holding his hands in front of his mouth as if it wanted to call for somebody. It moans in a regular rhythm and screams out loudly after three times of inhaling and exhaling. Thereby it leans forward as if it wanted to strengthen the scream. That all happens three times. After the fourth one in front of the mediums breast a very strong light flashes. It is not like the flash of a camera, because it doesn’t illuminate the whole room, but only the mediums face. It looks likes a lurid orange sphere with brightly yellow and white beams coming from it. After it was gone i still see an after-image on my retina of the mediums face. All sitters cheer up in excitement and joy. Such a massive apparition I wasn t prepared for. Now ‘Hans’ says:


We need to let the medium to relax now for a certain period of time and will then enter directly into the red light phase of the evening.

We sing for a few seconds and Julia explains that the mediums body is re-arranged now to somehow go through the ectoplasmic extrusion-process.

Dear Julia, please hold ready the torch. And dear Sitters, please evaluate the quantity of the extruded mass in regards to the fact that Kai and Julia were previously to the seance thoroughly stripsearched. Julia first illuminate the extruding material inside of the cabinet and as soon as the medium stands up to enter the room use the regular red light! Dear Sitter, when we enter the room and approach the one or the other sitter, please sit still and let happen. We want to enrich you with special impressions!

Quietly we hum ‘Hey Jude’. The cabinet is being opened and an unbelievably huge quantity of ectoplasm becomes visible. It looks like a huge sphere of ransacked and crinkled material of some kind. A slim connection exists between the mediums mouth and widens to the giant sphere, reaching from covering the whole belly from left to right and down to the knees. Even though the ectoplasm somehow looks clothlike it moves independently like weightless over the body. It is full of folds and at the front side i see two large, round, grey-looking spots. When the medium stands up a bulge seeems to flow downwards and covers the spots.


Now the medium, resp. ‘Hans Bender’, walks towards me. Clumsily, like an old man actually. When he stands in front of me it holds the mass closely to my face and with the red light directly besides me i can see it very well. The mass dangles in front of me, and looks like wet, shiny rubber. I can see a thick strand of the material. Then the medium presses the material directly onto my brow and eyes. It feels cool, wet and soft. Then Medium bends my head softly and with all the material on it backwards. It now covers my eyes and i cannot anymore see anything. Although i can clearly feel that the mass moves from within on my face. Like a finger, groping my eyes, but finer and directly coming from out of the mass. It all only takes a few seconds and when the medium retreats the material clearly adheres at my brow and releases gradually. I can clearly feel the cool dampness on my brow and forehead.


Now the medium walks to Ute, who sits directly opposite to me and does the same with her face and the material. Evene though I cannot see very well because the mediums body blocks my view. After a short time he moves towards a third sitter to do the procedure for a third and last time.

Now the medium walks slowly back to the cabinet and takes place. Doing so he stretches the mass widely with both hands. Both arms are holding the enormous extraordinary mass of material at its outer thick strands. Within the strands the material looks structurized and threadlike. Still a strand of the material comes from the mouth of the medium.

The whole mass now reaches from mouth to the outstretched arms down to the floor. In my eyes it is unmakeable to smuggle such a quantity of whatever mass or substance into the seance-room. Especially the differencies of textures, composition and look it had during the minutes we had the opportunity to study the ectoplasm from close range clearly shows in my eyes this is no known fabricated material. 

Friends, we have enriched some of you with really some extraordinary impressions. The fine matter (ectoplasm), that always leaves unawaited impressions in contact with the human skin can be discussed after the seance. Because of the mediums bad health we do retreat from the idea to expose more of the inner structure of the living substance. Many times today we have withhold the medium from waking up. A few seconds of singing may provide a last dissplay of ectoplasmic genesis….!   

For a minute or so we do sing, when the spirit control speaks for a last time.

Our last remark of the evening, before we cannot withstand Kais urging to awake anymore, is about something Kai himself already had adressed beforehand: Every mediumistic effort seeks for the higher order. Nothing of higher order can be found in any preconveived ideas. Every medium should learn to – in a certain sense – empty itself completely. It plays no matter if you are seeking to fill the empty vessel with informal, mental or physical content. Free yourself from all the human ideas, even of the idea of an afterlife, because even this idea is human and not from a higher order. The spiritual realm is so much richer than the institutional spiritualism is focussed upon! So many powerful new impulses are waiting for you and may actually increase the human awareness. Who of you is still with me instead of laying sleeping in his chair (laughter)? Kai needs to be allowed now to awake! We hope you had a rich evening and wish you a safe way home. The spirit-chemists and me say: Good Night!   

 With these words the seance finds its end. We all leave quietly the room and walk back into the living room, where we discuss the just experienced. Only the two ‘controllers’ have stayed with the medium and guard its awakening, what sometimes can take time and is sometimes even difficult.After 20 minutes Helmut, Kai and Julia arrive and we start to discuss what we have seen, experienced and want to reflect. Kai, who as a deep trance medium remembers nearly nothing listens exhausted but relieved.
After approx. one hour we start to leave and go home.