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By 5. Juli 2014Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

Having produced a huge quantity of apports under unusual conditions over the last weeks (new spirit helper for ‘high strangeness-phenomena’ manifested, spoke and produced), like eye apports during seances in B. and at the private P.-Circle (Switzerland) 2014.
It was asked for by sitters to become enabled to see more of the process itself somehow more closely.

So in the Metaphysical Chapel yesterday the allowance was given to film the process close up in white light.

Enabled was the process by the new Spirit Helper Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart, whose work with Kai M. was – after he himself already had a mediumistic connection to him established – predicted by another medium several weeks ago.

See the stills below the video that reveal the position of the crystal even better than the short video clip!


STILLS showing partially the position of the apported object coming from under the eyeball better, than the clip…

I attended this seance and was within a meter of the face of the medium fondly known by Hans Bender as “Kai Felix”.
The apportation of this impossibly large object in white light happened as clearly as the images above confer although prior to the appearance of the crystalline object, Kai had what appeared to be a small black hole that was formed under the eyeball – as the port for the object to be transferred into our material world or as the primary materialization of the object, or both, this I cannot say.

 After the experiment was announced to the sitters by Hans, what is not shown in the video was the several attempts for “Hans” and the videographer to locate the apport in Kai’s left, then right, then finally the left eye. This action was under red light clearly showing the medium’s face the entire time I was siting within a meter+ from the medium in the circle.

At no time was my line of vision blocked.
When the apport was finally located in the left eye, the white light illuminated the apportation and the videographer (Circle Control Julia Muegge) and the Independent Control (PM4U’s own Rev. Kevin Lee !) were called to approach the medium for as close a look as reasonably possible, within inches of the apportation (see video).
 I was looking directly over Kevin’s shoulder to the medium’s right so I had a direct line of vision to Kai/Hans left eye.
As the video shows, and the image stills corroborate, the apportation came from below the eyeball and can be seen from its first appearance until it drops into reality into the palm of the medium’s hand.

Stunning example of Gemstone Apportation in Bright White Light (flashlight) during July seance with Kai and FEG last week.
I was personally speaking on video as I was the left handed Host Control for Kai. I am heard encouraging our “little precious gifted apport” out from under the eye through its portal and congratulating the Spirit Control.

I was approximately 1.5 feet away from his face looking into this eye and saw the dark or black portal (hole) forming in corner of eye. I assumed it was simply a “space” created from his fingers holding open eyes.

As I am a highly specialized Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of critical care and operating room experience, I have seen plenty of eyes and eyeballs.
I stand confident and more knowledgeable than MOST persons when i state: “There was NO gemstone hidden under this eyeball behind the lid”.
I know how the eye behaves when foreign bodies are in or around or under or behind eyeballs.

What I saw was a dark spot/portal that slowly grew towards a dark grey color and appeared to become like GEL (a description I have heard other apport mediums explain as the item entering our dimension through a portal and entering as GEL like.. then solidifying into its proper shape.)
This is exactly what I saw in front of my “Apport experienced” eyes.
The dark GEL form changed slowly towards clear and then as its entered white light the further out it pushed, it began to take shape and slowly i saw facets on the stone. I KNEW what I was seeing as the facets gave away it being a stone at this point.
Exciting to witness legitimate phenomena with an outstanding medium!