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UPDATE: Final Compacted Version of Part 2 – SUMMON SPIRITS IN NZ (Part Two) – THE MANAIA CEREMONY

By 5. Oktober 2018Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized


Only a little cut-out perspective over the massive Auckland Bay…

(Update: Final compacted Version below!)

The following second episodes’ contents are adding up to a valuable 20 min video for different reasons:
– the WITNESS ACCOUNTS are impressing and informative
– the SÈANCE SEQUENCES are stunning and unique
– the NATURAL COMPOUNDS are depicted and presented in a spiritual and meditative manner
– to learn about the Manaia Ceremony reuniting the Whale-Bones with the sea they’re coming from and activating thus their protective character.

The Maori are the only ones who are allowed to work with Whale Bones of dead Animals to handcraft the Manaia-figurines that cannot be purchased, but can only be overgiven by a member of the Maori-tribe. We really feel deeply honored!

We moreover would like to express our thanks to Mac Kelvie West Spiritualist Churches President Ross Thompson, whose commitment enabled our stay in NZ and to Churches Project Manager Maggie Nicol, who organized everything perfectly!
Like them Petta and Damon Wipani enabled our insight into the world of the Maori and showed us the stunning sacred places, partially shown in the video!

Watch the Video when you have 20 min. off in a slightly darkened room in high-res and Full-Screen at best and use your headphones!


Kai and Julia Muegge