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Testimony by FEG Sitter J.C., United States, Seance at the Basle PSI Association Oct. 2011

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From now on we will share testimonials with our readers from sitters that have witnessed the work of the FEG-Spirit Team. In this case it is a very personal message, from which we withhold some very private content. Moreover we will only publish the Initials of the participants on the web. Thank you. The Editor

Dear Kai and Julia,

I was very privileged to accompany (…names…) in attending your seance in Basel. Oh my, what a wonderful experience! Besides the phenomena you both eminate such love and warmth.

Steve and I both felt the touches, Steve felt something climb softly up his pant leg onto his thigh. I felt something very soft roll across my knee and a strong breeze across my hand.

There was so much strong knocking moving around everywhere!

The materialization of the light was awesome.
I felt as though the light had a loving and playful personality.
I felt warmth on my hand as it came very near.
Steve said he felt the movement of air as it zoomed past his ear.

The ectoplasm was astounding!
I was able to see the face (in it) and to see it talking!

What strong energy to sit with strangers and for 3 hours!

I still have not absorbed it all I don’t think.
This whole experience feels as though it is some type of turning point for me.
I hope Kai and Julia that we may keep in contact and meet again.

(…private content…)

I regret we did not have more time to spend getting to know the both of you.

L. has passed on your emails regarding the content of what was said during the seance and she is correct in saying this is of very great interest to me, part of my passion.

Thank you both for all that you have given me.

Kai I feel you are without reproach and the real deal.

Thank You again!

Much love to both of you!