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PSYCHIC PHOTOGRAPHY EXTRAORDINAIRE: The Spiritual Artist Isabelle Duchene (many photos!!!)

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Picture: Following an impulse when photographing the empty sofa,
Isabelles deceased Grandmother became visible

In my long history exploring psychic Anomalies the ‘Psychic Photography’ Cases always fascinated me a lot.
They are a subgenre of Physical Mediumship and the grand cases beyond the disputed hostorical attempts describe a fascinating modern mystery! Besides the fact, that some sort of psychic energy manages frequently to appear on manmade photography, on analogue as well as on digital, there have been always protagonists that were able to show scientifically observable that there is in fact something going on: Experiments with Masuaki Kyota, Ted Serious, the Scole Experimental group, Robert van der Broeke and even the FEG have been lead to succesful results!!

From time to time i am privileged to additionally come close to certain protagonists of that fascinating psychic faculty:
The Belgium Medium and spiritual artist Isabelle Duchene is one of these persons.
Being a highly sensible spiritual medium she photographs, when she is ‘connected’ with breathtaking results!

Her photographies represent nearly all anomalies that are known in Psychic Photography as well as there are additional specialties: Unexplainable dimensional distortions – known since Ted Serious, kind of superimposed or overlaid appearing figures (spirit photography), so called “blackies” showing blurred images of persons in black and white, appearance of substantial looking red “energy-vortexes” in parts of the room, orbs and smoky looking “ectoplasm” floating in midair, paranormal Polaroid Photography and furthermore she does photograph psychokinetic events occurring in her home in Belgium!
We only will present a special choose of photos out of Isabelles huge collection because the most impressive ones are already picked to be published in a book about Isabelles Psychic Photos, that we do not want to spoil!
Nevertheless do those we will show not lack of any impressive strangeness.

Soon after Isabelles arrival in Hanau the 21st of November we became first confronted with her outstanding psychic ability of clairvoyance!
Without having seen my mother before, it was during a coincidential meeting in front of the FEG-Home-Base, when Isabelle became spontanously aware of the 4 main health-issues my mother has to fight with.
Isabelle identified for example spontanously my mothers knee as being ill, where she was operated a couple of times and because of which she had to give up being teacher!
Like reading down a list Isabelle furthermore pointed out another example: mums digestive area, where she has a serious syndrome that brought her into hospital several times now!
Admittedly being impressed Isabelle later mentioned a couple of names to me that all played huge roles in my life.

We originally had invited Isabelle to come to Hanau to sit with the FEG, to reflect together and if conditioned we naturally wanted her to take photos as well, in the hope of getting paranormal effects on them!

The three days we had her here were pretty generative concerning discussion, Psychic Photography and Physical Seance-Room Phenomena. Isabelle took photos, sat with us in a good FEG-Spirit-Team Seance and travelled back with me through the photo history on her laptop by means of 4000 photos she had shot over the last years:

(so called) ECTOPLASM

Pic: When simply photographing into her room this peculiar structure afterwards did show. Isabelle calls it “spiritual energy”!
Pic: This photo seems to show a comparable substance. In the last years many ghost-hunters, but as well people who had get such results on their photos “accidentally”, came forward with similiar structures on their pictures. The term “ectoplasm” was applied and is used mostly in connection with this. Isabelle confirms that naturally nobody was smoking!!

In the following we will present photographies that were made when Isabelle was alone with me in my flat, photos she shot directly after the seance and photos she had received over the last years!


Pic: Even though the FEG Spirit Team had given an allowance to produce photos during Seance, we decided out of several reasons only to photo directly after the Seance with the group in the Seance Room! Among a huge variety of anomalies we were getting onto the photos the above one does unite several of them. The orbs are peculiar, because they do not only appear on the focus-plane but seem to show a three dimensional order! Moreover for the pink colouring – we were only getting on this photo – we found no explanation. On the left hand side rests of a kind of a red energy layer is visible. In later photos we will find huge amounts of this.

Pic: Much bigger orbs and again – this time partly structurized – the peculiar red energy layers, that maybe characterize some kind of dimensional plane we usually do not recognize!?


Pic: The evening before Seance, after Isabelle had given some evidence of her unquestionable clairvoyant faculty, she began to bring forward her digital camera for the first time (canon ixus 90)! From then on she frequently shot pictures from her seat on my sofa into different directions! She sat one and a half metres besides me and I was watching her taking every single photo! Some were shot without flash, some were shot with. The lens always laid free and there was nothing she was holding in front of it! Furthermore she did not try to blur any photo by a sudden movement during the exposure. The photos immediately showed the effects on them! No tampering of any kind was done to achieve anomaly-photos in my presence! The photo shows a peculiar energy whirl or layer in front of my upper body…!

Picture: Another photo taken the 21st of November 2011. The unblurred lower section obviously proves that we are not discussing a simply blurred photo. Much more it looks as if the upper part is showing the room on another dimensional plane? Sure is, that the misty red layer is usually not recognizable neither for our eyes nor for our cameras! The “blurred” candle-light maybe hints to a paranormal act of photographic distortion of the room dimensions, we know since Eisenbuds experiments with Ted Serious.

Pic: Seconds later the camera grabs the room completely covered within the red mist….!

Pic: taken one day later directly after the seance the mist again seems to take some form. We will later see, that the mist in fact is able to form into man-like figures!

Pic: In this picture Isabelle was getting the information, that the 5 “chemists” – spiritcontrols that are responsible for the physical phenomena during FEG-Seances – were showing up standing in the midst of the group!


Pic: Also shown at the beginning of the article, this is a strong example. Noone was sitting on the sofa, when Isabelle was photographing. This is not the only photo that did grab a “spirit visitor” how Isabelle is calling them! In this case she identified her deceased grandmother!
Pic: Again on Isabelles empty sofa a figure appears on the photo!
Pic: This is surely one of the most impressing examples of Duchenes Spirit Photography. Having originally photographed the pretty different looking healer Kevin Lawrenson, on the pic his indian spirit guide Yellow Cloud was showing up. Very well visible is the head band that holds his long hair and some do see a beard as well! Because of its red colour and its transparent character we could assume the figure had been formed out of that red mist we already encountered before!

Pic: Strengthening this theory is this photo as well. A friend sits in a cabinet in the living room of a friend, when the photo was bringing forward another red figure. Again similarities with the “red mist” are obvious!

Pic: Photographed on a larger event the cabinet on the stage doesn t seem to be actually empty…! Two misty figures evolve from the dark of the cabinet!


Never having been a fan of “Queen” or its lead singer Freddy Mercury from a certain day on Freddy did show up on Isabelles photos. The photo should show a friend sitting in the cabinet, but like many times before Freddy “overlays”….! There is another polaroid photo row, that was shot simply into the brightly lit room that show unmistakeable Freddies face gradually evolving out of some kind of white mist!

Pic: Shot into the bathroom mirror Freddy again shows its presence….


Pic: Following an impulse this highly impressive photo shows a very lucent but clear figure with a very typical complexion. Isablle did never find out, who was showing up at that day…

Pic: This is one of Isabelles “blackies”. Shot into a brightly lit room on the photography these shadowy group of “people” was showing up!


Pic: It is an impressive piece of film footage, that shows the statue in Isabelles flat weaping heavily. As I already mentioned I do consider “Psychic Photography” as being a kind of subgenre of “Physical Mediumship”. The effects clearly cling to Isabelles person. She is photographing and it is easy to assume that the effects on the photos are induced by an ability of Isabelle, that quite obvious is part of her mediumistic faculty. The following pictures seem to strengthen my theory.


Pic: Frequently so called “large-scale psychokinesis” is occurring in Isabelles vicinity. When working in the kitchen or sitting in her living room reading she suddenly sees objects levitate for over seconds to minutes. So she grabs her camera and documents the situation.
Pic: Interestingly the objects not only levitate but float around the room for some distances as it has happened with this scissor!

Pic: this knife as well hovered for a considerable time in Isabelles flat when she shot the scene with her camera

Here we end our presentation of only a small collection of Isabelles Photos!

And like every form of mediumship there are critics that theorize the photos are tampered.
Isabelle is suffering a lot under such allegations.
Now that I was witness to the modus operandi I want to strengthen that I consider them all genuine. Directly after they are taken you can watch them on the camera screen. Isabelle did credibly assure to me she never has worked with photoshop on any of them.
The only alteration that is sometimes applied is the “automatic correction” of Windows Office Picture Manager – the standard application for photos on every Windows system.
When we sat at her computer I additionally could see that there were no sophisticated editing programs on her computer. When she presented me the photos she had made in Hanau for the first time on her laptop I could moreover observe, that she is obviously not a professional in the handling of any computer basics.

I personally want to thank Isabelle for her visit and for letting us have an insight into her impressive mediumsitic faculties….!

(All presented photos underlie a strict copyright and to use them without permission of Isabelle Duchene does violate her respected owners rights. Please get I.Duchenes permission for every further use of the photographies – the editor).