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‘MUR BUS LIL LOUISE’ – How a materialized Girl kisses 2 Sitters in FEG-‘Circle of Friends’-Seance Sept. 2011, by N. Vella

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(Natal Vella, 50, Consciousness Researcher, ITC-Experimenter and Transfiguration Medium, lives on Malta. For years he is seeking for higher truths within Spiritualism. Natal is Expert in North American Natives Spirituality. At the moment he is experimenting with Crystallography)

Like last year, Mr Kai Muegge invited sitters to attend in a séance in Hanau, Germany. As soon as I got the message I immediately decided to book my reservation. I have first met Kai in Scotland at David Thompson’s séance demonstration. Although I had some disappointment by the event-organisers, I met some wonderful friends in Scotland. These were Kai, John and Maryse Locke.

I went to Hanau on the 13th September and had a very warm and wonderful experience. His friends and family treated me like a relative and I could feel their loving vibrations they were emitting.

Pic: John Locke, K.M., Natal Vella and Maryse Locke in Hanau, Sept. 2011.

Then came the day of the séance (16th September) and the phenomena were so great that time stopped. I was so impressed that I promised myself that it won’t be my last visit.

When my partner Louise and me arrived in Hanau on the 13th September it was a big surprise that John and Maryse were also in Hanau.

During the week we stayed in Hanau, John and Maryse used to pick us from our hotel and take us around everyday. They made our holiday unforgettable and I wish to thank them exceptionally for their kindness.

We used to go to visit Kai at his parents’ wonderful house. Not only the house was wonderful, but much more wonderful were Kai’s parents. They treated us with immense love. Kai’s family and friends were indeed loving and spiritual. When you get to know such wonderful persons it’s hard to let go. Unfortunately, we live in another country; Malta and we have family ties there too so there comes a day when we have to go back, but spiritually connected we are more than ever.

Although I am a transfiguration medium, Louise, my partner, never had the opportunity to experience physical mediumship. So I explained how it works and how to participate.

Pic: Natal and Louise in Hanau Sept. 2011

The séance was set to be on the weekend of September the 16th
Elke, Kai’s mother prepared plenty of food and refreshments and greeted us with immense love and affection.

It was time for the séance to begin. Kai was in perfect condition and we were all united as brothers and sisters to participate in the séance. It was around 9.00 pm. We left all our belongings; rings, cell phones etc and emptied all our pockets and went down the cellar ‘séance room’ to prepare for the sitting.

We were 9 sitters. Me and Louise, John and Maryse, Kai’s partner Julia, Mr Polin, Mr Switzerland, Kai’s mother Elke, and Kais’ sister in law, Stephanie. Male and female energy was balanced and I was expecting great phenomena. Kai went into the cabinet and we were seated like the diagram below:

Kai, assisted from Julia and Stephanie, his sister in law, took his seat in the cabinet while we sitters sat down on the chairs.
Everything was ready, the lights were switched off and Kai started his holotropic breathing technique to get in trance.
I could immediately feel the energy access all the room.
It was getting intense. After a few moments, my partner Louise shouted ‘’Ma’’ which means Mum.
She had just experienced a human hand touching her and since it was her first time in a séance of physical mediumship, she was startled. So I told her to keep calm and that these things are normal in a séance. Then I also experienced hands touching me. They touched my hair, eyebrows, face, hands and legs. These hands were caressing me. It was a wonderful experience. Then, John, who was on the opposite side, also felt hands touching him. Things were getting intense and all the sitters were being touched in different parts of their bodies.

What amazed me was that Kai was not yet in full trance and the phenomena already started to take place.

Kai was coughing and his voice was tuning up so that his spirit guide Hans Bender spoke to us.

Knocks were all above and around us at that time.
Now Hans Bender’s voice was getting clear. He greeted us and welcomed my partner Louise as a new sitter. He also welcomed all the sitters in the room. Hands were still touching us and we sitters were greeting them.

Then orbs of intelligent lights were hovering around the sitters and touching every one of us. Then all of a sudden, a loud bang was heard on the floor. Someone must have hit the drum on the floor.

One has to remember that the séance lasted around four hours twenty minutes and the phenomena were continuous and I don’t find it easy to describe it bit by bit, but I try to explain all the phenomena I can remember.

Hans Bender told us to chant so that the energy will gather more power. Everyone was singing loudly to the music. We could see the hovering lights in the cabinet over Kai’s head and also sparks of light the lighting around the cabinet.

Hans invited us to hold hands together so to get all connected. I was holding Louise’s hand on my right and Julia’s hand on my left side. Suddenly I heard Julia saying that hands were touching her and then I felt a hand which pressed firmly and strongly Julia and my hand as they were clinched to each other.

Then Hans, the spirit control of Kai, told the Swiss guy to pick a handkerchief which was illuminated and hold it high so that the spirit entities could move it. At first the handkerchief fell on the floor. Then it was my turn and I did hold the handkerchief high and suddenly it was taken from my hand and flying across the room to the delight of the sitters.

Then the trumpet was on the floor and it rose up in front of me and Louise and Hans Bender invited Louise to hold it from the front. At first she couldn’t get hold of it and then I managed to help her do it and we both held the trumpet. Hans told Louise to pull and she felt that the opposing force which was pulling against her was extremely strong.

Then the hovering light appeared again and all the sitters were being touched and it also banged on the drum.

I could see that one of the lights was getting bigger and I could clearly see a young beautiful lady’s face. She was touching my face and I could feel her etheric hair hit my face. I told this girl in Maltese language ‘’Mur bus lil Louise’’ which means ‘’Go and kiss Louise’’ and to my amazement she went to Louise, kissed her and she felt her sit on her lap. It was an incredible experience remembering that nobody in that room can understand Maltese language. I understand that there is only one language in the spirit world and all earthly languages are understood by all the spirits.


The red light was switched on and in front of the cabinet, on the floor, we could see a sort of white fabric covering something flat on the floor. Then all of a sudden we could see like a mass of ectoplasm in the shape of a sponge jumping up and down.
It was amazing, considering that the red light was on, we could see it very clearly. Hans Bender told to open the cabinet and put the red light on and we could witness Kai with a large mass of ectoplasm all around him and he was pulling larger and larger volumes out of his mouth. Then again the red light was put on and we could see a large mass of ectoplasm around Kai and on the floor but this time a hand emerged and waved from the ectoplasm and it was very clear for us to see.

Then came an astonishing moment for our great friends John and Maryse. Hans Bender told them that he had a present, an apport which came from Kai’s mouth. It hit the floor but since it was dark, nobody knew what it was.

Later on, when the séance was over, we could see that the apport was a small Buddha, a golden statue with initials on its bottom. It made me so happy to see John and Maryse delighted and happy. It was wonderful. They surely deserved it, no doubt. They are truly spiritual and a loving couple.

Pic: The apported Buddha for Maryse and John Locke, apported by the Medium through its mouth…

Earlier in the séance Hans Bender told us that “Yellow Feather” was going to speak to us. In fact, Yellow Feather did come and spoke through the voice box and his voice was well above Kai’s cabinet.

Yellow Feather greeted everyone and told us that was going to reveal a secret.

“THE SOULS SPRING” (German: Die Quelle der Seelen)
through the Direct Voice of “Yellow Feather”, the 16th of September 2011
(YF: Yellow Feather / HB: Hans Bender, Main Control)

YF: “My name is Yellow Feather – and I am speaking through the ectoplasmic Voice Box!”
HB: “Please bring up the music, I try to establish the Voice Box!”
YF: “… (not understandable) I want to reveal a certain story to you. The story is about a certain location! The Source of the Souls.”
Yes, the Spring of the Soul! From where the soul runs like water into many rivers. These rivers flow to the North and the South, as well as to the east and to the west.
They flow along countless moons!
And not only along, but also deep into!
This flow of the soul….
Yellow Feather wanted to tell you a secret!
About the secret path of the soul!
There is a location! And this location is called: the Souls spring, the source of the Souls!
From this location the souls run down like water into many streams and rivers of many different directions, times and different dimensional planes.
The soul is not a one dimensional being!
There is a source field.
And this source field turns into many rivers, many of the rivers of life.
This field feeds many children!
And every single one of these children is brought on its path for one connecting aim.
It tells about the true meaning of life!
These children are not aware of each other – only frequently from time to time- when they have fulfilled their task they return to the mother field and become aware what they really are.
It was for them like being in a theatre – and the play was so good that they forgot that it is only an act.
And afterwards they became aware, it was only an act!
And all the rivers are ageless,eternal, streaming to and from the Source of the Souls, die Quelle der Seelen.
But for what purpose?
Over the many planes they’re rushing on their waves they transport information and knowledge, recognition and awareness, they have collected.
Knowledge and information in gigantic amounts, swallowed within milliseconds- eons and galaxies of knowledge were achieved by the seeking soul and contained.
And at a certain point information becomes so compact, that it oversteps once again the borderline, the frontier to the material, to the physical.
This is the moment universes are given birth!
And your every soul becomes hosts for new life!
And the secret is, that every universe was once a soul that once sprang from the spring of souls to flow into space – the universals womb, the primordial Mother of all beings of a future history.
This is the path of the soul!
“Yellow Feather” through the FEG Medium, 16.09.2011

No one noticed that it was getting late and Hans Bender told us it was time. He greeted us as the energy was getting low and he finally left back to his world.

Then the lights were switched on and to our amazement we noticed that the séance took about four hours twenty minutes. It was a record. Wow!! We were enjoying it so much that it was like an hour has passed.

It was a fantastic evening and I could see a great improvement on Kai and his spirit team’s ability from my last years visit.
I am sure that as long as the spirit team and Kai are committed he will progress more in the near future. Full materialisation will be the next step.

I have to say this before I finish my writing. Physical Mediumship needs a lot of dedication and sacrifice to get results. Unfortunately, other materialisation mediums are getting commercial, and that is very bad. Mediums must not let persons who think of money to interfere in their mission. Seances of physical mediumship should not be with forty sitters but less than fifteen. People want to see the phenomena not darkness. They want to participate and it’s impossible for a person to have an experience with forty sitters. Only a few will experience something and the others will all be disappointed.

Kai and his family they were real blood brothers and sisters I am proud to say.
Thank you Kai and thanks to Kai’s family and friends for the warm days we had.

Your friends Natal and Louise.