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FULL ARTICLE: Materialisation and full Extent-Phenomena the 18th of Feb.2009 at the Rainbow Circle in the North of Britain (with Photos)

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It has all started 12 Years ago. In the House of Terry and Kath Nelson in Harrogate their Home Circle is experimenting week after week for so many years.
“But time rushes forward fast and it was worthwhile every single gathering”, Kath says, meanwhile the two dogs of the family scurry between our feet.
Terry and Kath do lead a very open and friendly household. Kids and pets grow up and live there in a palpable atmosphere of love and charity. Terry and Kath are in their Fifties and their son Adam is part of the Circle as it is his wife and very close friends for many years, partly members from since the beginning, who complete the Circle of 10 regular Sitters. Kath is a small woman with grey hair and a whimsy and friendly smile. Her manners are friendly and very open towards new acquaintances with which she can exchange and have a nice time together. Terry is a tough and good looking man and despite he seems to be a little more reserved, his friendliness and openness is generous.
No, you won’t find anything about them in the internet.
They are such mild and quiet people and have never seen any reason to bring their outcomes into public.
And that was surely a wise decision, because what they would have to report is really fantastic.

It was the “ZERDIN phenomenal” (Zerdin Fellowship) – an organisation that offers Physical Mediums the possibility to perform their gifts under an absolutely safe environment – who requested them to demonstrate to a selected membership/audience, what they have achieved in connection with their Spirit Controls.
So only a few weeks ago for the first time the Circle had left for a public venue of selected guest Sitters 150 km away from their Hometown to test, if it is able to reproduce the rapport to the spirit world, and if the circles spirit-team of friends, helpers and guides was able to perform outside the for many years existing séance-room in Kath’ and Terries Home.
To make it short, it worked and was a great success.

The name “Rainbow Circle” by the way stands in connection with the fully in the séance context integrated activities of one of the sitters, Stanley, who was once told by a spirit guide to do non-digital photographs after every sitting. And soon after he did that for the first time the group became aware they have a spirit photographer under them. In front of an old family mirror Stanley takes photos and after processing them they show sitters surrounded by a circle of fascinating light patterns in rainbow-like colours. Many see faces in these always differently emerging visual structures. A fascinating effect, that is not explainable by the pure fact that the photos are shot facing a mirror (see picture).

So my friend and new Circle Leader of the German “Felix Group” Dr. Jochen P. (pseudonym) and myself were really happy to become introduced through Rose and Dennis Pearman (both ZERDIN) and at last to become invited by the Circle and their Central Spirit Guide “Red Cloud” to visit and sit with them the 18th of February 2009.

Picture: The Mirror that plays a central role in recording the paranormal photographs of Stanley P.

“Kai, would you please shut down the light!?”
It is me who is positioned nearest to the light switch and so I bring darkness over the room and the 11 Sitters around the table.
It is a wooden one that is positioned for most of the time in midst of the Sitters Circle.
Immediately I recognize a faint green glow behind the sitters to my right, who sit in front of a bed, on which a large variety of objects, all pasted up with luminous tape, are positioned and make me distinguish their outlines there.
All in all in an angle of 150°degree objects are positioned around us – everywhere where is enough space to hold objects ready until they are requested by the controls that come through.
We are told that during Kathryn N.’s prayer we shall not touch the table, because the communication process begins a little later.
Although we are told to be aware, what the table is doing during that initial stage.

Picture: The Central Circle Table

What shall I say, almost immediately the relatively small round table jumps, after one or two initial moves, softly at me and hangs floating without further contact on my knee. Knee-jerky I grasp for it and realize that his feet are approximately 10 inches (ca. 25cm) above the ground with seemingly no further support. Softly it presses against my body. And with the next 4 or 5 seconds, still during Kathryn’s’ prayer, it more and more clambers, glides and slides up on me until his feet are on my breast and upper arm.

But then with the closing of the prayer the table leaves me suddenly and vanishes into the darkened area before me.

I always immediately report what is happening and so the circle laughs and chats amused about the spontaneous sign of sympathy through the table.

“Hands on the table please…” somebody announces.
“Who is the first communicator?” I hear Terry asking, who is sitting beside me.
And instantly the table begins to answer. With considerable marksmanship the table now accompanies Terries quick repetition of the alphabet. And I mean quick. Approximately 3 or 4 letters he calls out within a second. That enables the group to quickly spell out words, dictated by the tables rapping on the floor.

And as always – already the second letter indicates it – it is “Red Cloud”, the main control and gatekeeper of the group, who opens the sitting. As a native Indian he is no man of many words, although he friendly greets the guests and expresses that we are welcome.
Again the repetition of the alphabet begins and spells out a clear advice for the rest of the evening: “Enjoy!”
Immediately a new communicator identifies itself through the table rapping. It is one of the approximately 8 or 10 communicators that speak regularly through the table. 5 or 6 of them are allegedly spirit-children, two of them twins that mainly want to play with the prepared toys. Additionally drop-in communicators that are new to the group also come through on some occasions.

The first spirit-child spells it wants to have the skipping rope on the table. As you can see on the photos the skipping rope is made out of two wooden holders and a connecting rope. Like all objects the wooden holders have two areas, where self-illuminating tape is patched around them.

Picture: The “bed”-area that contains a large variety of toys with self-illu-tape patched on

One of the four people that sit with their backs to the objects grasps for it, finds it quickly under the many glowing objects and places it on the table.
After done so, immediately the both wooden holders begin to jump right under our eyes, well lit by the self-illu-tapes that spend enough light to clearly see no one touches them. They move in a manner as if they lay on a thin surface and someone rocks from under it to cause the objects above the surface to jump. But clearly that wasn’t the case!
Later on that breathtaking evening I was able to see something like a white paw, or a very strange little hand, that was sometimes manipulating the objects.
But first things first!

Suddenly the skipping rope falls to the ground. And as if they are glowing worms, the two holders manoeuvre between the sitters’ feet and the table legs. Then as if swung from under the table upwards right between my legs, one of the holders returns to the tables’ surface and seconds later the second holder follows.

All these things happen within the first 15 minutes of the 75 minutes lasting séance.
My colleague Jochen P., a scientist in one of Germanys worldwide leading Institutes is sitting directly beside me and confirms later en detail, what I am witnessing.

Fact is, shortly after the skipping rope again was fallen down from the opposite side of the table – because a short communication-sequence causes the table to shake – something pushes me gently against my hand and the skipping rope, rope wrapped around the holders, is softly ferried into my hand.

To cover every action taken place that night will be nearly impossible because lack of space and because everything happened so fast and often simultaneously at the latest from the moment on when more than one object was played with by the spirit children.
The communication with them through the table rapping happened so fast that I sometimes was neither able to follow the rapid table movements with my hands, nor the building-process of the words with my thoughts. So it happened that I missed the moment the table was leaving for the first time the floor completely and rose with all three legs into the air:

Picture: Direct Writing the Entity “Lucy” produced during another sitting

Under my hands the table raps like a machine gun words and because I am not able to follow with my hands I use the moment to pull my chair a little bit more into the circle.
Trying to re-contact the table I realize it’s gone.
“The table’s levitated”, Terry says. My hands grasp in head-height into the darkness: nothing.

“It is nearly under the ceiling”. I stretch my arms out and cannot believe it. I am barely able to reach the feet of the table from my sitting position.
Above our heads and scratching the ceiling the table floats above the sitters heads, leaves the circle and shortly afterwards sinks down into the green glowing area of illuminated focus-objects behind the sitters.
Jochen and I observe awestruck what is going on.

One of the spirit children had requested the hula-hoop and one of the sitters opposite of me places it into the free space between the sitters.
Immediately it is grasped for and played with by the spirit children. That means it is right away taken and swung and spinning between us!

So considering that all what we have witnessed that night was our first experience with the Circle, not everything could be stored safely in our memory.
And unfortunately that night the Audio-Recording had a failure. That is why I from now on will refer in the main to happenings I can clearly remember and that were later confirmed through the co-witnessing Dr. P.!

“You know normally there is much more communication going on and we try to thoroughly interview new communicators even as we communicate usually much more with the well-known visitors, like the children, we very well know by now. Imagine, because two of them are twins we actually had to buy some of the toys double, because everyone of them wanted to have its own!” Kath smiles friendly and Terry amended: “Tonight ‘Red Cloud’ and the others were asked to do a kind of a demonstration for our seldom guests!”
“So the emphasis is clearly laid on the spirit-children playing with their toys, respectively producing paranormal phenomena.”

“Who is the next communicator, please?” The table stands again in the midst of us and this time much more slowly the rapping answers.
Again one of the well known wants to have the rubber ball on the table.
Immediately after positioned there by one of the sitters, alike the skipping row-holders the ball is instantly moving. The illu-tapes on it enable us again to observe very well how spirit-powers bring the ball in different patterns into motion and cause him to jump.
Simultaneously the table raps the word “header” and the light ball shots against my forehead.
Prepared to have that happen everybody laughs, but there is nearly no time to comment that further, because in quick succession the ball flies and shoots between the sitters as if it is some kind of animated entity.
That becomes especially clear when the ball barefaced rolls my colleagues arm upwards – without any further support, directly under my very eyes.

Picture: Further “Focus”-Objects and the Hula-Hoop

Immediately afterwards one of the large balloons is wanted and in the moment it is placed on the table, it starts such a quick-as-lightning movement pattern that is hard to describe. Using the table as some kind of a base it flashes between the sitters, touches them in quickest succession and allows us only to catch an image of what it is performing through the few parts of illu-tape on it and through the sounds it is making. The Sitters cry out and laugh out loud because of the playful “attacks” against us.

Again and again the acting spirit-entities commented during and after their actions and did their sign of laughing/chuckling by means of the table communication-rapping like in this instance. The entities accompanied our bemusement with their own laughter…:

Suddenly the Hula-Hoop enters from somewhere the space above the table.
And after a few movements it exactly catches us both visitors inside of it.
Everybody is laughing the moment I am reporting it.
“Can they get lost of the Hula-Hoop?” Terry asks the entities.
An immediate “No!” plus the sign for laughing expresses clearly the children aren’t through with Dr. P. and me. The balloon has meanwhile vanished under the table and presses against my legs. The children want the toy-drum and the trumpet now!
One of the sitters carries them on the table. My Hands are on the table. The drum begins to slowly glide up on my arm; the trumpet begins to behave like a submarine-telescope. It erects itself and faces with its illuminated broader end the faces of the sitters. Pivoting around a point, where the smaller end seems to be held above the middle of the table, it seems as if the trumpet “looks” everybody directly into the eye.
Dr. P. beside me grasps softly for the trumpet while it is facing him.
He reports that his softly pull-and-let-go action somehow turned into a kind of communication process between him and the controlling entity. He reports to recognize very distinctive and fine reactions from the something that fights playfully with him for the trumpet.
Then the trumpet falls on the table but only to direct itself to my other arm, where it also begins to clamber up on me.
The table makes its “laughing”-expression and the sitters who are permanently informed by me what is exactly happening (the illuminating tapes always at least indicate, what the objects are performing) even start to laugh.
I myself in that moment only have the impression as if the children express their sympathy for me by overloading me with their items.
Suddenly the drum and the trumpet fall to the ground.

The table raps for four cardboard rings. Before they begin to hover above the tables’ surface and start to fly into all directions (Terry: “It nearly scalped me!”) without hurting anybody, I can see it: a little moving something, probably white – in the green glow of the self-illu-tapes – and with a diameter of approximately 2 or 2,5 inches (5cm – 6cm), that is formed like a small paw and somehow pushes and pulls the cardboard rings. (see the drawing)
I can see it only for a few seconds. Shortly afterwards Dr. J. P. thinks he touches something like a small hand. And a few minutes later many sitters receive slaps on their hands by something that is seemingly warm like a living hand. If that is always the same seemingly living object or spirit-hand we cannot say.
It seems to emerge from different directions and angles.

Picture: Drawing of the observed object manipulating some of the objects

During the rest of the evening some more Communicators were coming through. For example a woman that gave her name and meant to stand in direct spiritual connection to me, what I could not confirm, respectively I could not identify her by her name.
Finally the Xylophone began to fly inside of the circle as the keyboard did. And on both it was simultaneously played on.

After 75 minutes “Red Clouds” name was spelled out the second time on that evening, what signalled us the evenings’ end. The entity thanked us visitors for bringing in our energies and we still breathlessly thanked him in return for having us.
Kath spoke a closing prayer and I was requested to bring light into the room, what I did.

The toy drum and one of the balloons are mysteriously bonded by a rubber band by spirit-agency, the sitters assume.

Then the photos are taken in different variations. Some sitters are photographed alone, some in a group arrangement of two, some with a flash, others by pointing the cam right into the darkness.

Picture: Terry and Kathryn Nelson during a Spirit-Photography-Session

We are very looking forward to the moment we have the opportunity to watch the outcomes.

Concluding I want to express, what represents also the opinion of my colleague Dr. J. P., that despite we haven’t sat in a controlled circle – no illuminated wrist-bands or something – there was not a single matter – from that what we have experienced – that indicated fraud on side of the sitters.
May every reader be aware, that it wasn’t them who claimed to achieve something.
It was shortly after the publication about early sittings with the ZERDIN-Chairmen, the second ever published in January 2009 (first June 2008), we were introduced and invited.
What that circle has achieved in 12 years shows very impressively how much patience really does pay off in conncection with “Sitting for Physical”.

In the Future the Rainbow Circle will also be represented by UK’s central organisation for Physical Mediumship: Having their roots in the defunct “Noahs Ark Society” today “ZERDIN phenomenal” (Zerdin Fellowship) works alongside with Circles and Mediums that are willing and able to show their evidence of spirit-existence to the world – for the benefit of us all and the human kind.
So Zerdin after decades of experiences applies its huge knowledge on the issue to create and offer exactly that safe environment and positive atmosphere of like-minded people and safe venues, where Mediums and Circles can feel absolutely safe and able to come in rapport with their Spiritcontrols.
So please forward all enquiries to Zerdin Phenomenal under
or email to

So for us it was an illuminating evening, full of love and powerful presences from the realms of spirit-existence.

Thank you Rainbow Circle for that unforgettable night.