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By 30. November 2021Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

From the beginning of our cooperation, the Spirits working through my mediumship use my empty hands to surprise and delight guests with small – mostly meaningful – objects, materializing for them small gifts and appreciations, mostly Hindu and Buddhist representations of deities, figurines, here and there pieces of jewelry, such as bracelets or rings, Marian pendants, crosses, and the like. These then simply fall from the center of the hand/hands held aloft into the hands of the sitter held ready below.

Beforehand, Kai’s hands may be closely examined in the bright glow of the 40-watt red light lamp standing right next to it, by palpation and visual check. It was especially the ‘hand materialization’ that had impressed a present magician during his visit in 2018 and about which he specifically wrote in his report about the séance.

For some months now, however, exciting variations of this event have been happening more and more often in our healing seances, but also in other formats of our sessions – which could now be captured on video for the first time by Kai’s wife Julia!

The spirits behind the processes produce dozens (sometimes even hundreds) of small crystals (or certain amounts of vibhuti – sacred Indian ashes) in the visible materialization process, to then distribute them to those present. While the ashes are to be applied to the forehead, the crystals are placed in the hands or pockets of those present.

The Spirits claim that through direct contact with the materialized spiritual substance/objects, ‘the energetic signatures of those present’ can be read more effectively, so that during healings, but also during ordinary séances, the energy balance can be optimally aligned with the conditions!

Have fun watching the video