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How our mother communicated with us from the Afterlife during a family Christmas séance … !!!

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Piece of papyrus or wallpaper found in materialized wax ball with blue lines on it …

This is a very personal story that follows now! Namely of all those who have attended the séance on Christmas Eve! Once again it is about manifestations of the supernatural! Hanau and the performances of the Felix Circle Spirits have been known for this for years and have been examined by thousands of people! Scientists, magicians, researchers, journalists, seekers and all without exception were deeply fascinated!

Nevertheless, some people still cannot imagine physical or energetic seance effects. They are not able to integrate it into their world view. Also there are just worldview motivated opponents of what we do. In addition to common internet trolls …

Ultimately, however, here for us in Hanau – and everywhere where the ‘spirits’ follow us – the reality of what is happening again and again around us in the Séancerooms prevails. That is and remains wonderful! With the difference that since 3 months now our ‘little mother’ attends from the other side!

My mother left her earthly form 3 months ago. Many of you knew her! Of course she was a very special person for me. Like for my brother or her husband Wolfgang. But also for many others. She had a very special energy! With her death in me in the last years more and more concrete fears have connected! My fears have not materialized!

At the moment of her death I felt something quite extraordinary! The atmosphere around me, the whole room I was in, appeared suddenly like filling up with a golden shining. The particles in the breathing air illuminated from within and shifted into a kind of slightly denser state. Some kind of presence added onto my physiological perception of being in this world! I literally felt, how something dissolved from another former state over and into the realm of my fine-tuned perception of the world! I felt her! She is still here!

Something I had not expected so. As I said, great fears were tied to that moment and I expected the flat opposite, that it would be gray and cold and lonely around me! No, I have been feeling her ever since! As an additional part of the universal reality around me. That’s beautiful! Because she was a loving mother!

My mother founded the Felix Circle with me at the end of 2003, together with my sister-in-law Stefanie and a friend.  My mother never missed a seance until her illness! So of course she was there when blatant and convincing afterlife messages were produced by the spirits! Handwritings and messages from the deceased to their mostly present relatives and friends – arriving and hidden in wax balls! Some handwritings then even went through graphological testings, and so the authorship of the mostly impressive messages (Medium Einer Nielsen, Prof. Albert Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Hans Naegeli and others) became some sorts of proven! Likewise small objects entered the séance-room inside of wax balls, which announced from things, of which nobody in the circle could know. But as it happens until today with many phenomena that come and go, the era of the wax balls ended already years ago and deceased people showed themselves in other ways.

For our dear mother, however, the wax balls were something very special until the end! Again and again she spoke of them! In the last years of her illness she could no longer attend this great enrichment of her life, the séances. However, she did not rest, until she had learned from Julia and me every little detail from the séances that took place until her last day.

In the history of parapsychology the Hanau wax balls represent an extraordinary peculiarity. Their ways of emergence – like for example in a participants closed fist (happened to beloved Lucius Werthmueller), the graphological expertises and synchronistic references are until today undiminished powerful argument for a physical interaction between spirit and materia!

Part of our Christmas seance on Christmas evening 2021 were Julia Mügge, my brother Andreas and my sister-in-law, as well as my father! The plan was: Contacting our beloved ‘little mother’! Everybody within the family called her so – sometimes with one little variation …!

  • Table seance, alignment of family participant energies,
  • Change to a scenario from our private workshops: With the respective participant on a chair in the cabinet (in this case: my brother) – after special ‘introductions’ – main guides and other relevant spirits manifest. Namely inside of the, at the and around the cabinet! It usually comes to encounters, tendernesses and touches. At best, a meaningful object is wrested from the energy! If all dynamics are harmonious, the Gatekeeper Spirits of the Séance Room in Hanau make such an extraordinary process possible!
  • Our hope was: Elke, my mother, would show herself to my brother in this way, would leave a clear indicator of her visit! For this hoped-for moment Andreas let a towel sink to the ground between his feet. In it or under it – protected from every conceivable manipulation from the outside – the para-physical manifestation should take place!
    All other participants sat thereby frontally in safe distance (2.5 to 3 m) from the place of the happening (the cabinet) and sing choral songs without interruption! There is complete darkness!

That was the plan! Sure we were, the seance room guides would direct the energies to the special focus of the evening and not work towards the already often materialized well-known typical appreciations for seance guests!

Two more wax ball handwritings from the past of Felix circle spirit work. Left: Rogo Rogo priest-chants of Easter Island Right: A Spirit Guide identifies himself in Native American Lakota! Both approx. 2009.

Excerpt from the memory log of Andreas (Elke’s youngest son) and partner Stefanie (Felix circle founding member), written the next morning …

‘All participants sat at a round, rather light plastic garden table in the hermetically sealed seance room in the basement of our family’s house (clockwise Julia, Kai, Steffi, Wolfgang, Andi). Julia was responsible for the operation of the red light and the music.

A framed picture of Elke was placed on the heater on the wall in the back of the room. Next to the cabinet was a chair with the towel, in which in phase 3 – in it or under it – some note or message from our ‘little M.’ should materialize.

Distance of the chair to the table about 2.50 meters. Also there was a shamanic drum with a drumstick/mallet …

to the right of the cabinet (distance to the cabinet approx. 1.00 meter).

The participants had their hands loosely on the table. The light was turned off and the music was turned on. All the participants sang along vigorously to the music.

In the meantime frequent explanations by Kai as well as requests to the Spirits for what we came together: to receive a sign from Elke (but no figurines, stones or objects, which had been materialized frequently in the past). It was wanted to be something personal and unambiguously from Elke that we hoped for.

Over the course of the next few songs, everyone felt tentative but distinct movements of the table …

Then we heard a loud tapping noise on the ceiling above Wolfgang’s head followed by several quieter tapping noises on the ceiling at different places in the room.

After about 1, 2 more songs Andi felt something rush past his right upper arm, Wolfang reported an ice-cold breeze and Julia felt it in her neck.

Andi cried out loudly and so did Julia – then we all joined in. Andi was startled by something landing on the table onto both his hands and exclaimed, “There is something on the table!”

Julia initiated the red light phase.

On the table lay that chair – it did not stand and laid sideways – which had previously been placed next to the cabinet incl. the towel hanging over it. The towel laid now on the floor to the right of Andi. The chair and the towel had traveled a distance of at least 2.00 m outside the circle.

Kai interpreted this as the sign that the energies were now built up and stable enough to move on into Phase 3.

Phase 3 of the family seance experiment: Andi goes to the cabinet
and takes a seat on the chair.

The table was placed at the edge of the room and 4 chairs were placed parallel to the cabinet at a distance of about 2.5 meters: Cinema seating.

Arrangement of the seats seen from the cabinet, from left to right: Steffi, Wolfgang, Kai and Julia sat frontally to the cabinet.

Julia was again responsible for red light and music.

Andi went to the cabinet and took a seat on the chair. According to Kai’s instructions, he was to hold the towel up at one end and drop it directly in the opening of the cabinet and not touch it again. The curtain of the cabinet slightly opened over it. Julia attached a fluorescent adhesive dot to the curtain above the cabinet entrance.

The dark phase follows.

Kai led Andi through a guided meditation into relaxation (…), duration about 10 minutes.

The music/choir started again (Lex van Someren) and all participants were asked to sing along, which everyone did at the top of their lungs. Nothing happened for a few minutes. But then the sitters outside noticed that something was building/moving in front of the fluorescent glue dot. It darkened again and again, matter condensed. All the sitters kept shouting loudly “Little M.! Little M.!!!” (That’s what we used to call her. Little ‘m’ (’emm’) = Little Mama).

Andi noticed shortly afterwards that something was happening in the cabinet, too. He exclaimed “There’s something there!” He reported a billowing “mass” (audible and tangible/maybe just the fabric of the cabinet moving around him)

and a clear touch on the right arm.

Shortly thereafter we all heard light stroking, and later also beating sounds on the skin of the shamanic drum.

Andi noticed that the movements inside the cabinet and on him became more and more distinct. He was stroked intensively on the right upper arm for about 3-4 seconds, also briefly on the leg and also on the foot. All “encounters” took place on the right side of the body.

This was followed by footsteps and tapping noises through the room, coming from the cabinet, towards Steffi and at other places in the room in front of and behind the sitters, as well as in front of the cabinet. Loud knocking noises sounded on the wall, above the radiator, where Mama’s picture was.

“Mom, are you there?”

We loudly demanded: “Little M., if you can give us something…then do it now”. Kai asked “Mom, are you there?” “Please, knock once for yes!”, thereupon it knocked once very loudly. Kai called out, “Can you leave something for us?”. It immediately followed – responsively – another very loud knock. Kai: “Is it there yet?” Now the loudest knocking sound was heard. All the loud knocking sounds at the end came from the direction where her picture was.

As Andi was attending a seance in the cabinet for the first time, he became more and more nervous and asked for the seance to end.

Kai ended the dark phase.

The towel, which had previously been in the cabinets entrance, was found      now more inside the cabinet, folded, lying there in a completely different position than it had been discarded/dropped by Andi.

Andi was carefully lifting the towel over to the séance table. He unfolded it carefully and the ball of wax came to light. (about 5 cm in diameter / shape: between Raphaelo and Babybell) (See picture).

We took the wax ball wrapped in the towel to the family dining room and started to open it carefully with a knife. Wafer-thin slices of the wax were carefully removed one by one. (The process took about 20 minutes).

At the end, a small piece of paper – reminiscent of a piece of wallpaper or canvas – was revealed, on which initially only many small – 2-3mm long – blue strokes were visible. (Size of the paper approx. 4×5 cm).

Only under magnification by a magnifying glass/mobile phone it became revealed these were by no means small “strokes”, but very small handwritten letters – namely several “m.’s”. These were arranged in a heart shape and we counted a total of 14 small m.’s.

We do not know how the extremely small letters could have been put on paper in any manner, resp. with a pen of some size, so tiny was the writing! Only in the enlargement the inconspicuous blue strokes revealed their true meaning!    But already in the preliminary meeting and in the opening of the séance we asked for something special, ‘a code’, something ‘symbolic’, what might clearly identify her as the originator!

The ‘materialized’ small ‘m’ from the wax ball – and mom’s handwriting and her ‘small m.’ during her lifetime …

To the outsider it may seem insufficient – for us it was ultimately exactly what we had wanted. The heart formed at first glance from blue lines, which then turned out to be ‘little M.’s’, fourteen pieces, referring to the ‘little M.’, or the ‘little Mama’, as we called her! Even the number is not a coincidence! Both of Elke’s sons were born on a 14th., Andi, who sat in the cabinet, and Kai as well, her mediumistically gifted son, who hosted the séance with his wife.

Everything turned out to be a symbol: The heart shape was addressed to our dad: ‘Herzi’ (‘Hearty’) was his calling name! There unquestionably was a heart on the strange piece of papyrus or wallpaper, so surely it was not a coincidence! Even with Elke’s handwriting there is a high resemblance!

Julia and I, even at internal family seances, scrupulously make sure that things present themselves in such a way that there is no doubt whatsoever for anyone present about their clear origin. All the more, if my father or my brother participate, who are familiar with the physical phenomena only theoretically! The procedure was accordingly arranged in such a way that nobody could have removed himself unnoticed from the observer group and could have put something under the towel with Andi in the cabinet, or could have wrapped something into it. Except my brother himself, of course. All who only know the conditions and my brother’s respect for the séanceroom-work just a little bit, do know, this is of course completely absurd. But it may be enough for the notorious doubter! We do not care! We don’t want to convince anybody with our story – only to take you along – again and again – on our journey into the metaphysical!