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For months we are involved in the research work of an innovative parapsychologist, the computer scientist and author, scientific advisor of the Basel Psi Association, Prof. Dr. Eckhard Kruse! And his wife, the psychologist Dr. Heike Bauder, who, beyond the innovative technical effort for séance-room and mediums-‘surveillance’, forms a second human observer instance in the experiments.

Both have years of international experience in scientific test sessions. Both have been involved in parapsychological investigation of other leading international physical mediums.

We already hinted a bit that there is something going on – ‘behind the scenes’ – today to celebrate our NEWSLETTER No. 16 we show more!

Figure 1 The results of sensory detectors (ultrasonic emitters/sensors, skin resistance measurements) that read out all sorts of data in the dark are enthusiastically viewed – at the beginning of our parapsychology research sessions….

The list of our achieved results is long! And these will also be shown in full in the near future. The still image unveiled today of a seance room anomaly taken from a video hints at what grounds never trodden before we’re conquering!

Thanks to the technical innovations of Prof. Dr. Kruse we could for example successfully create ‘infrared’ recordings, make visible things which never before could be documented visibly in the physical mediumship séanceroom!

‘The set-up and preparation before a séance alone easily takes two or three hours,’ Kruse describes the beginning of the technical effort, ‘because the devil is in the details: different camera positions have to be tried out and calibrated (for 3D position calculations), the room has to be measured precisely, exposure times have to fit, IR lamps and brightnesses have to be adjusted, cables, foot switches, check off the checklist, equip the sitters with infrared light fibers for locating in the dark…!’

Figure 2 The mentioned still photo taken from a video clip shows a fascinating, even historical séance room anomaly, a materialized, autonomously acting, free-floating ectoplasm hand!

The data obtained and read out on various bands of the perceptual plane (incl. spectrum, IR and thermal imaging film and photography, ultrasonic emitters and sensors, and many more) provides a new way of looking at seance-room phenomena and allows insights into what has never been shown before – today’s still photo is a clear example of it!

Moreover we allow any asked for control-measure in these experiments. Whether it is the gapless holding of the medium during the dark phases or the extensive sensory and recording technology that eliminates any possible human misperception. Our common goal to penetrate as deep as possible into unknown territory has brought us exactly to this point. However, should experimental conditions prevent paranormal events from happening in the first place, we must proceed in an adapted manner!

As Kruse explains, ‘There hasn’t been a single session where we haven’t been gifted with some minor or major advance, some exciting detail, or results that feel new and meaningful.’

‘And there’s always a careful balance to be struck: How ‘invasive’ do we want to venture with measurements without risking no phenomena to observe afterwards!’

On the tense subject of ‘darkness’ and séance-rooms, he adds, ‘You can’t study a shy night-active animal any better in nature by illuminating its habitat with bright spotlights!’

Then one must adapt to the certain conditions!

Figure 3 The anomaly enlarged for a better view …


The paranormal origin of the filmed mysterious structure is – according to the circumstances – unquestionable. Any idea of how else a hand form could have come across the plaque is incompatible with the seamless control routines of sensor technology, film and photo monitoring (IR and more), visual control and manual holding of the medium. More is not possible.


Just at the moment when – by mistake – it was reported that all cameras were offline, the anomaly first appears in front of our webmaster Dominik. Then, seemingly rotating around its wrist axis, it approaches the so-called ‘plaque’ twice briskly, coming from his direction. Thereby it makes the impression, as if she first tests herself to be exposed to the light, in order to try to tap the plaque with the tip of her bent index finger at the end of her second hovering! Then she disappears in the darkness!

Although hands had already been seen and felt before that day by those present (Dominik, Prof. Kruse), this hands approach – even in the visible range in the illuminated environment of the plaque – went unnoticed. Prof. Kruse was just talking with the trance-personality ‘Hans’ about previous results of the experiments in the said moment, when the recordings of the hand were made.


Figure 4 Historical reflections …

In the history of Western séance room phenomena, ‘spirit hands’ have been observed and described thousands of times. The above illustration shows witnessed hand materializations in medium Rudi Schneiders séances, who today operates as an otherworldly spirit helper in Kai’s séances. He is part of a spirit team and is responsible for inducing classical seance room phenomena.

In any case, the similarity of the performed hand is amazing!

‘Perhaps the most beautiful moment (in the course of such an experimental seance): when we look together afterwards to see what can be seen on the cameras.’

‘Yes, the spirit hand is really impressive,’ Professor Kruse sums up, ‘but Kai’s unbridled joy when we first saw it on the small display of the video camera was also an event truly worth seeing!’

Hand apparitions, such as the one discussed here, also occur in the historical antecedents of Western séances, such as in various indigenous ceremonies!


There are still a few seats available in our sessions in the coming weeks, grab them! Please check the events calendar here on the website!