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By 14. Mai 2018Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

This is the first publication of an upcoming new video series about ordinary people that have made extra-ordinary experiences in the Séanceroom of Physical Medium Kai Muegge.
With Yvonne several aspects play into her powerful witness account: It is her background that drives her for more than 20 years to confront herself with the most existential questions for a human being. Yvonne is a Special Trained Nurse in Hospice Caretaking and Dying Process Companionship. That predestines her to speak about spiritual matters more than anybody else.

For the first time Yvonne, who had made different excursions into the world of Mediumship, she for the first time now was guest in three Séances of Kai Muegge at the ‘INTERDIMENSIONAL IBIZA 2018’ event, where she became adressed by Kai Muegges Spirit Communicator and Ceremonial Master ‘Hans’, who called her to come to him and to sit close to the medium.
What then happened was an astounding and integrative experience transporting very well the profound experience Kai Muegges Séances are providing. Take your time and listen into her 5/6 min. statement…