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by Kai M., FEG Medium

Some people are asking, which specified group-based conditions resp. personal development stages of the medium lead to the outstanding – and seemingly unique – mediumistical ongoings within the FEG.
Especially many questions have aroused regarding my person and the background of the special mediumistical process I am applying during the ectoplasmic phenomenology sessions.

Before I will explain all these points thoroughly, it is important to stress here that it is in fact mainly the FEG-documentation that is unique – the Seances, the group work is something, that actually never extincted since the heydays of Spiritualism!
We know that still at least in the seventees in Germany Cabinet Sittings for Materialisation were exercised and publicly known (Jons Dave, Hamburg) – besides we always have to be apparent that there were many additional groups practicing privately without letting the public know of their existence.

Prof. Vandersandes Book for example introduced 2008 a south-african Materialisation-Medium, exercising its gift 1979. Officially at that time Physical Mediumship was not more existing. Today we know it better.

Picture: Ectoplasmic Mediumship 1979 in South Africa

In the eighties Rita Goold and other english groups were investigated by Montague Keen and others.
Into the nineties at the Santuario de Frei Luiz in Brasil Full Materialisations occured on a weekly basis, produced by quite a number of different physical Mediums.

Picture: Ectoplasmic Mediumship in the eighties and nineties, Brazil
Picture: The Full Materialisation of a German Surgeon “Friedrich von Stein”
at the Santuario de Frei Luiz

Yes and then the so called Revival Of Physical Mediumship followed in the midst nineties with the Scole Group, Colin Fry, David Thompson, Stewart Alexander and the work of the Noahs Ark Society. Meanwhile these mediums today have already partly resigned, like Stewart Alexander after 18 years of demonstrating this gift. Or ColinFry who is massively engaged in Stage Mediumship today.
So in the meantime another “new” Generation of Mediums have appeared with the Andersons, the Rainbow Circle, the Bill Meadows Circle, Warren Caylor, Scott Milligan, the Ghost-Circle and last but not least the FEG and other groups.

Many of the mentioned names have produced mediumistic features like we have done, but haven t documented it so well and publicly!
So the assumptioning question: “Why is this only happening at the FEG?” is quite incorrect by itself. It happens and happened in hundreds of others Circles around the world!

The Mediums Development
Now back to the development stages of the FEG and my humble self.
That the FEG since its first contact with the Spirit World around 2005 was mainly following the guidelines of its communicators – e.g. implying several modi operandi reg. meditations and other experimental conditions like the mirror/crystal-arrangements for the “Psychic Photography”-attempts – do all readers of the blog know!
But there are in fact personal implications of mine involved we haven t discussed until today.

I am born and raised into a German Middle Class Family, my mother was a teacher and my dad was employed at a distibutor of Fine Mens Wear. The fact that my mum was a teacher meant naturally that in my family a “healthy” rationalism was present.
All in all – through my wealthy Grand Parents also – a very materialistic life was lived, in which no spiritual contents were existing whatsoever.

Although I remember a very lucky childhood, I was soon considered a problem child out of different reasons – my health was not strong and as an effect as a small child I was terrorizing my parents with steady crying, what brought me into the hands of nearly every doctor and clinic imaginable. They have never found out the reason for my chronic sicknesses.

With the years my parents had to deal with further uncommon manners of mine. As soon as I was able to express my self through word and writing I was producing textes about dreams that were frightening me and things I had seen in them. Moreover I was producing – for a 5 – 8 year old child very alien – stories about unknown worlds, that were colliding with ours, entities that were intruding the world of us humans – and everybody was asking, what is going on with this boy?

In the nights I was dreaming, I was leaving my body and wandered through the house where I met other parts of the family I was conversing with – for me without a question – everything made sense – but the next morning, these persons claimed they hadn t left their bed once….

Less than a few years later my weird interests lead me to come close to twins, school-comrades, in whose home they thought a dead woman, who had committed suicide in their flat, was spooking around, bringing strong frightening effects into the life of the twins family. Tragically years later the family did break because of too much pressure, provided especially by the Poltergeist-disturbances.

11 years old I was when I met the Poltergeist eye to eye. The disturbances were really grave, mainly the audible ones were totally unnerving. Very loud sounds of moving furniture above us, inbetween loud stepping sounds, from low knockings to loud blows onto the room doors and so forth. Even so the telephone disturbances. Permanently the phone rang and only strange tones or people were talking in strange languages. Frequently the voices were speaking german and were telling weird stuff, that frightened especially the mum of the twins.
One night I was staying as a friend of the twins in their home.
It was a traumatizing night for all present – one more 11 year old friend was also there that night- but with me it was something else.

I was burning!
It was something like an initial point then.
A mission started for me at that night. A mission to finally discover what I knew since my earliest childhood, but had no words for and neither had my parents, deeply rooted in purest materialism.
It is the mission I am still on today – bringing both worlds together!

All the power and intelligence I had I applied from that day on to discover and to prove the existence of an afterlife, a spirit world and the possibilities of communion with men.

What is going on with that boy?
When I was 13/14 years old my parents were so in sorrow about my otherworldly, my occult interests, that they figured out, they had to lure me away from it with something, that goes into that direction but is also based in accepted rational science.
A befriended Physician of my Parents, a Dr. Werner Ewald, was in my county at that time the first therapeut who was accredited to use Hypnosis.
This gentleman tought me 1982/83 in hours and hours the art of hypnosis, which I practiced for many years, mainly in my school- and university environment.

When I was starting to work as a communication trainer the years of active hypnosis ended a bit, but I was applying my knowledge to exercise autohypnosis and post-hypnotic orders in countless combinations. Meditation, shamanistic practices, the altered consciousness stood in my focus at that time – all to protrude the wall to the “other side”.

With or without the help of psycho-active substances I encountered a large variety of spiritual entities, Animal-Spirits, Earthbased Spirits, Earthbound Ones, Alien Spirits, Plant-Spirits, cosmic spirits.
I made deep religious experiences and at that time it occurred, that at my University “Stanislav Grofs Holotropic Breathing Practitioners Workshop” was offered, which I joined, hoping for new insights.
And it was good, interesting, I was making different experiences during the Breath-Work, not knowing, that years later, this would be a central technique of deep trance induction for me.

Moderate the two worlds
Having graduated in Social Pedagogics I was searching besides my work within my environment of friends and family for stories about the spirit world breaking into their lives. Not only I did write about it and published in the now defunct “Journal for Borderline-Science” mainly, but additionally worked with the concerned to free them from their fears and bring them into a peaceful communion with recognized spirit presence!

Picture: Publication of the Author about another grave Poltergeist,
plagueing a family for over 8 years

Many of them were actually traumatized and some were urgently in need of a treatment, otherwise their family-lifes were in grave danger to be finally destroyed.

At that time I already had read a large amount of all available literature about spiritual phenomena. And although I was starting to found the first sitter groups I simply wasn t thinking about the idea I was maybe predestined to do mediumistical work by myself.
Responsible for this was a non-spiritual environment and education, that simply didn t offer the opportunity to reflect about such things.
I comprehended my work as a kind of moderation between this side and the other and I wanted to train people to live on well, even though spirit was showing up.

Birth of the FEG
Many years later we founded the FEG! Originally we wanted to follow the “Scole”-path, but additionally we were searching for a good TV-format for our small company BabylonTV and when 6 or 7 years ago in UK and other countries “Most Haunted” became so popular, we were thinking, how the German public could be presented the topic in a similar, but also different manner.
We decided for the average pragmatic German, for who the spirit world is quite unknown, it had to be an experimental setting and the viewers needed to become part of the awareness process of the active sitters group.

The FEG was my 4th sitters group. All had physical phenomena! Not before one of these sitters groups were built on commolitones from the university I sat with partners who were able emotionally to cope with what was going on.
With the Start of the FEG I was not really knowing how long it would take this time something grave to happen, but was sure the sitters would have experiences, sooner or later and enough to do emotional Interviews with them for the format.

Very quickly we became aware, that the filming did disturb massively the sessions!
So we decided to interview the sitters simply after the sittings – and what the sittings concerned, we wanted to have let the sitters first lure “them” out, and then we wanted to come with the camera!

As you know it came otherwise. We cancelled the film-idea after it became apparent that the group sittings without the camera in very dim red light or better in darkness started to produce extremely weird riddles. Spirit communication by means of the ouija-board or the knocking alphabet, apported messages, coded or in unknown languages, personal messages for sitters, objects materialising in the room and so forth.

Starting after 7 months the first phenomena took us 2 years to work and to experiment with. Frequently at that time the topics trance and mediumistical trance channeling were discussed and after 2 more years we decided to let all interested parts of the large group – we were 12 at that time – learn trance resp. trance channeling. I knew, that that was one of the main keys to open the portals more wide, but I did not want to be the medium – i hoped to channel the physical energies over another person!

Learning Channeling Techniques So after we had informed us thoroughly I started a workshop with exercises from especially chosen materials for about 14 months for the other sitters and had soon some impressing outcomes.
Naturally no one in the group was acquainted with similar exercises like I was through my extensive work with hypnosis, meditation and other non-common consciousness-states. And when the workshop had to be paused in order to carry on disciplined with the group sittings once a week, I was the only one out of the group who further on gave his time to deepen the trance-exercises.

Soon after, as a result “Rafael Gutmann”, a jewish worker in one of Munichs earliest carpet factories, became a common company for the group. Besides we were able to trace the factory through the information he was giving us – he also introduced us to new techniques of mental visualizations and meditations in order to increase physical effects in the room. He for example referred to energy columns on the planet earths plane, like “Manu”, a communicator at “Scole”, did.

He furthermore started to tell that this was a special time personally for me!
He referred to what I called “my mission” and claimed, that it has reached a certain point, but was just to begin also – as long as I was able to “let through” someone special – who wanted to work especially with a German speaking group!

The Mission
Representing a team of interested Afterlife-personalities, a guy who hid behind the name “Imperator” and who did not want to reveal his real identity until it was clear I was able to “grab his signature” and to channel his instructions – was introducing!
“Strong phenomena you are going to develop”, Rafael claimed, after we had stood “Imperators” test sessions in Psychic Photography – using an old polaroid and a special arrangements of crystals and mirrors.

So “Rafael” vanished and Imperator came!
I immediately recognized this personality of being another caliber. I sensed he was more scientifically trained than I was, I sensed a strong personality of higher intelligence and with a larger word-pool than I had at that time.
And to be honest this caused large problems for me: Oftentimes already during the seances, but especially strong in the night after the seances – but then also up to two weeks following the sessions – I heavily suffered under Headaches, sleepnessness, depression, cramps, apathy, bad temper.

“Imperator” calmed me down and stated these negative side effects would seize the more usual the “assimilation process” between his and my mind would become. And he was right.

So over three months the FEG were led by “Imperator” through some amazing photography experiments with startling results. At that time it became clear Imperator was in fact a powerful control we wanted to work further with.

So he revealed his true name: “Hans Bender”, the German icon of Parapsychology, who was during his lifetime especially interested in large scale psychokinesis, “spooky actions at a distance” as Einstein did call it – he claimed to be!

Allegedly positioned in an otherworldly “communication area” he always stood in direct contact with a group of different personalities, who called themselves “The Chemists” and who prepared and exercised experiments “of coming through physically” on our side!

After the group had proved – through the fantastic polaroids – a succesful dynamic was achievable, “Hans Bender” offered us to choose something, we wanted to develop with him.

Fascinated by the historical cabinet sittings and having Schrenck-Notzings experiments with Willi & Rudi Schneider, Eusapia, Marthe Beraud and many others in mind we asked for cabinet based ectoplasmic development sessions, guidelined by “Hans Bender § the chemists”.

“Hans Bender” claimed at that time, that beyond-entities have over the last decades learned to handle that substance – that makes spirit physically present on our plane – very well and that today grave life-threatening dangers do not occur anymore in connection with it.
Still the medium is in a highly sensible state in which it can be easily traumatized, mentally and physically, but without life threatening dangers like in the first decades of experimenting with ectoplasm.

3 people out of the group were chosen by “Hans Bender”, able to be developed in the cabinet. I was one of them.
So the story goes, that during my first entranced sitting within the cabinet objects inside of the room became lively from the first try on! And from that first try on with every new attempt in the cabinet the development rushed in such huge steps forward that we could hardly believe it!

More and more instructions came until the modus operandi was achieved I am applying today! One of these instructions urged me to remind me of the holotropic breathing routine I once had learned. Allegedly this very “physical” form to induce trance was especially predestined to support “physical” trance sessions and phenomena.
So since then I – like Rudi Schneider also did – do apply this dramatic breathing work at the beginning of each session until at the end “Hans Bender” slips into me.

Ectoplasmic Mediumship
Why we decided to grab this opportunity regarding an ectoplasm mediumship has naturally to do with the fascination about ectoplasmic phenomena by the core intellectual and emotional leaders of the group.
And to be honest, none of us had the slightest idea of what would follow, none of us expected such a strong ectoplasmic phenomenology, that is by the way by far not explained by what the photos show.

Still in an early changing state, various morphing forms show off in front of a plaque and touch the sitters during another part of the seance, alongside with a whole row of effects happening before the red light display enables documentary photographs.

In the meantime “Hans Bender” explains during the Red Light displays – when the phenomena are parallely going on – the various differencies and similarities of several stages of ectoplasmic aggregate state and display.
Additionally we do learn a lot about the interplay between spirit-will and ectoplasmic display.
“In the force field (during early stages of the seance; the Editor) consciousness content from the Afterlife-Realms, but also from this world, does spontanously build up and is directed to the sitters that shall receive the touching or the message.”
“We create ectoplasm by thinking!” “It desintegrates at our will, like candyfloss in a mouth!”
“When I think I wanna wave to the sitters my hand appears and waves to the sitters!”
“Through the humid environment of the mediums mouth we can bring through – in a quick process – large amounts of a very fine and light veil-like structure into your room.
This is the rudimentary material, the base of our art!”

Picture: A photo like an oil painting: “Hans Bender” waves
with his materialized hand to the sitters

The Exact Steps of Trance applied by the FEG-Medium
At last I want to describe in short terms the exact steps of my trance:

Before the Seance in the afternoon:
Meditative Preparation in the Seance Room.
Receiving Images of the upcoming evening.
These images describe certain conditions or changes the group around “Hans Bender” sometimes request, when they want to show something new or out of other reasons.
Frequently I write down something to not forget anything.
2 hours before the Seance starts the two Circle Leaders Dr. S. and Pedagogue Hermann Haushahn are preparing the Seance room according to the given informations.

Directly before the Seance:
Short Meditation of approx. 10 minutes, summoning “Hans Bender” to come close.

Start of the Seance:
Building up Hypno- or Trance State by relaxing the whole body through auto-suggestive techniques (traveling through the body to every part and relax it visualizing: “see how the muscles relax and the blood streams into the limb, making it warm and heavy, veeery heavy…” etc.).
The moment the body is quite relaxed, I begin to visualize, to build up, the inner meditative virtual “channeling room” – in which I stay mentally, when “Hans Bender” overtakes.

The room has a window and a door, which I both virtually do open to create an air- draw!
On this air-draw the verbally channeled information of Hans Bender will travel through me without affecting me, meanwhile I am sitting in this room in my relaxed state on a very comfortable arm chair in the corner.
In front of me I can soon see the word-streams entering the window (my mind) and drawn by the wind leaving the door (my mouth) without any interaction of mine.

Now the holotropic breathing begins to increase the air-draw, more and more, to pull “Hans Bender” into me. Then I see him coming and that is the moment, when his own typical breathing sounds set in. But sometimes he doesn t manage to come easily – I recognize I see him in a distance, but he doesn t manage to come closer – I have to repeat the holotropic breathing routine then- and then suddenly I see the first words flow through “the window” through the room and out of “the door”.
At that moment I get sleepy and dizzy, I listen to his first sentences and sleep away.
Sleeping quickly away is the result of an additional post-hypnotic order I was trained on, to sleep away with Hans Benders first words.
Every single word he does speak draws me into the deepness of sleep.

Then suddenly I awake –
2 hours have gone, I have more or less lost totally –
the Seance is over!

I hope that this explanatory article gives a good insight into the conditions we are working under.

Love and Light!

Kai Muegge
FEG Chairman