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ADVANCED PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP DAYS ON IBIZA 2016 – Powerful Communicators and Phenomena at yearly Physical Mediumship retreat

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The ‘Hacienda de Bougainvilla’ again provided the environment for the yearly experimental retreat on Ibiza, hosted like always by the ‘Hans Schaer-Foundation for Mediumship Research’ and its untiring chairman Dr. Hans Schaer.

Behind us lies a nine days journey of interdimensional experimentation, alien and afterlife messages, religious reminiscenses, amazing communicators and materialization phenomena – at the yearly Physical Mediumship-Week on Ibiza, Spain.
I will outline the whole of activities here the last days but concentrating on the most peculiar productions of mediumship performances here on the Finca de Bougainvillas in the year 2016.
They happened in an environment highly sympathetical and progressive.
Other Mediums, influential personalities and philanthropists like Lucius Werthmueller or Sabin Suetterlin or Bea Rubli, whose basic level of lived spirituality and humanity is so high, plus other shining personalities like the untiring Dr. Hans Schaer who hosted the event, were folks on the finca and provided this special atmosphere.

Like during the last years meetings three very different personalities of physical mediums exercised accordingly three very different forms of Physical Mediumship at the Finca in the year 2016.

The Finca at that time of the year provides beauty of Garden Eden-like
proportions and intimate spots to meditate or discuss everywhere…

There is the Irish Bill Meadows in his 70ies.
His main control Mary (Marie?) is a nine year old girl died in a german concentration camp. Together with a priest (Father James) and another communicator called Jonathan this team claims to work with the free energy the famous Scole Entities once have introduced to the world – so no classical ectoplasmic features can be seen here, but the power of ‘free spiritual energy’.
The authenticity of Marie and her genuine behave through the séance is the main anchor for the sitter to be guided into the playfulness of her personality that take form as physical phenomena in front of the curtain, behind which Bill sits secured by Velcro and Strongest Cable Binds in his chair.

So in front of a background of changing communicators the phenomena progress to enter the sitters space more and more – and more and more interactions with them were being exercised, like for example Marie grasped for several sitters and danced with them in the empty space in front of the cabinet. Seconds later she wants the binding controls of the medium being checked.

So the phenomenal highlight here is definitely the energy-materializations of different spirit forms in darkness and their interaction with sitters.

It is on behalf of these materialized forms when different typical séance room objects are manipulated like illuminated séanceroom-trumpets, plaques, drumsticks and more.

The environment of the Finca in a vast valley hidden inbetween hills
between Ibiza-town and Santa Eulalia is rich of lime-fruits

Then we have the 46 yrs old Warren Peter Caylor, whose dynamic carreer started 15 years ago at Jennies Sanctuary, this well known center for the demonstration of rare forms of mediumship.

Warren, who came professionally from the logistic branch originally, had his mediumship installed during an initiational episode during his childhood. 15 years after he was allowed to adjust and gain control over his channeled powers at Jennies Sanctuary i’ve met him again for the third time this year here on Ibiza.
Like in the years before i can describe him as a calm and quiet man, who is concentrated in what he is passionate for, who is generous, helpful and humorous and who is matured like all of us over the last decades.
I attended two mixed sessions with him and Bill Meadows and one of two full cabinet séances of him.

The highlights in regards to Warren were clearly the visible display of icecold ectoplasm, shining dimly in the cabinet and which we were allowed to touch extensively. Its smell was strange and it did leave sticky residues on the skin.
Then the spirit control let drop a beautiful golden Buddha in front of the controlled medium and overhanded (virtually) it to me claiming i am a collector of those what is right.

On the second séance – i was not attending due to exhaustion – besides the red light production of ectoplasmic strands a historical feature with strong religious reminiscenses was exercised. The turning of water into wine was announced and then somehow exercised by Warrens controls in so far that the water did indeed change into a wine-like appearing liquid, that had the smell of wine for some but actually failed to persuade fully when it was tasted. This was according to the announcements of the mediums controls who were experimenting with different amounts of alchemical ingredients to put into the water to change it.

How the change exactly took place reports of those will reveal who were present.

Mediumistically this was for the last time achieved as far as i know by Keith Milton Rhinehart whose mediumship displayed strong religious undertones and who can be counted to the most impressive trance channel mediums of all times!

The wine-like liquid, that the spirit controls had produced from water in the same bowl during Mr.Caylors second séance…

In regards to Warren i would like to remark, you cannot seperate him from his ‘controls’ who work quite natural through him. Some would describe this as a form of control loss, i like to understand it more as a form of natural free-setting of psychical potential and energy into a society that has learned to live spirituality freely and natural, what is an Utopia yet but the times of change are near!

In regards to myself, i am coming from another school, basically.
Even though we Germans were also leading in regards to Physical Mediumship Research we failed to integrate it more and held it on distance, deeply digged under a thick layer of altered-consciousness – and under the control of the trance-psyches of their vessels, the mediums.
This approach stores more energy for the actual séance-room demonstration, because the energies were not allowed to exhaust themselves somewhere or somewhen else.

Julia and me at the moment are trying to find ways to deal with the high pitched expectations of present and future sitters that were triggered by the visible full form materialization during our séances at the Basler PSI Verein in front of several special guests a few weeks ago.
A spirit guide of the circle had taken form in red light like in the old days.
In a white garment and a huge white hood.
This was a planned attempt for an especially arranged environment created by 20 guests who partially had visited up to 20 séances and more. They provided the spiritual background for this energetically massive event.

For months the spirit alchemists (name of the spirit team) had experimented and brought forward different forms of full materializations. Some were self-illuminated and appeared in the dark, others were rough forms in red light behind the medium, again others were made of glowing threads roughly taking humanoid forms.
In the future they will carry on to occur under the conditions necessary and hopefully provided further on at the ‘Séances for Advanced Sitters’ at the BPV, Basle, before they will occur after going through all development stages everywhere we will be going!

On Ibiza we were still awaiting something special though for the only cabinet séance we were giving, knowing that the amount of sitters wouldn t suffice to create a spirit form like in Basle.

So when my séance started i only knew, that the spirits were wanting to tune in showing some distance-phenomena under strict medium-control – exercised by two persons left and right – as they also happened to appear during all the mixed sessions i attended: Objects become massively re-arranged or transported through the room, knocks occur at the ceiling or the walls and light phenomena, like tiny sparks speeding around.
Sitting in the cabinet, this became also a main and impressing feature this time, inside and outside of the cabinet they flew, in dozens they discharged miniature flashes occurring mostly around the front of the cabinet.

First of all in my séance main communicator Hans Bender talked about the meaning of séances, underlined the necessity to form bonds of likeminded metaphysical research groups and thus the building of a spiritual planetary defense shield.

From the network structure formed by individuals a consciousness shift shall be achieved, the paradigm shift seers of all times have talked about, he told the sitters again.

It’s the message of ‘Oneness’ and the intent to secure the survival of the human race on the planet.

With the first words he was speaking a parade of small flashing lights occurred in front of the cabinet and some knockings were heard from the ceiling, clear and distictive, but only a few.
The massive light appearance was phenomenoligically for sure the most interesting for this sitting: Small lights, huge lights, flashing ones, some traveling, some swirling.

After having identified itself a communicating spirit managed to let a
‘blood-stone’ appear for its present father, totally quiet, opposite to
the held medium, on the floor in front of his feet. The blood-stone, as
shown here on this photograph, is called that way, because it does
‘connect souls that feel apart, and transports the love inbetween them,
like blood does connect organs of one body to nourish them…!’

Then the communicational control established an afterlife contact by giving distinct informations in regards how a deceased relative had died meanwhile his father in the room sensed his presence.
The control materialized soundless the most beautiful ‘blood stone’, these unavailable deep red ruby like cut stones, in front of the fathers feet, ‘connecting the souls apart like blood does with the organs of a body’.

That is why they are called blood stones!

Then untypically the main control enabled a further communicator to step through.

Probably triggered by the presence of Warren Peter Caylor, suddenly from high under the ceiling unmistakenly the seemingly ‘direct’ voice of L. was being heard and immediately recognized by all present. He talked with his typical thundering voice about proving his independency from Warren and joked about the expression of Warrens face in the dark. L. is usually a spirit control working through Mr. Caylor. This of course was a surprising coincidental occurrence!

13 of the original 27 semi-precious stones falling as apportations from all orifices of the mediums face…
Those that fell from the eyes were specifically slowly demonstrated:
After one stone was demonstrated falling from the let’s say left eye,
without interruption and well illuminated, the sitters were then wanted
to witness the new bulging behind the lid for another ‘ejection’ from

Then again referring to the meaning of apported objects in bright red light the spirit team produced 27 semi gemstones from all orifices of the head, mainly the eyes. Meanwhile they fell after an introductory period of a few minutes in red light suddenly uncontrolled from all head openings, the eye ball apportations were thoroughly and slowly demonstrated, one after the other, in a way that after every ‘ejection’ the new bulging under the lid could be observed.

Shortly after, a spirit claimed to be Aleister Crowley.
He talked about how the conditions of his life and times still do influence the way he is recognized by people today. He talked about the full materialization attempt of his body and excused he couldn’t stay longer.
‘Do what thou’ wilt, shalt be the whole law’! He referred to the philosophy of radical self realization at his thelemic temples and the usefulness of the realized personality for the movement of change, in society and in spiritual belongings.

‘Today i want to make clear i come not as a self-styled ‘Beast’ i never was, but more domesticated like a pet, wanting to share what i learned on my inner and outer journeys!’

Meanwhile all ongoings were accompanied by strong light phenomena, the biggest one now emerged out of the dark of the cabinet and ascended to hover eventually above the cabinet over the whole time a last communicator was speaking: Ptaah!
The light was as huge as the front light of a car approximately and had an inner dynamic causing sitters to see faces and other forms within it!
When the communicator had finished it descended and vanished back into the cabinet…!

Starting to form its first words the sitters were stunned by this communicator. The way language was produced by him was ‘alien’ literally and only here and there actually the english language seemed to be used. Basically it sounded as if from under water a voice was communicating.
Fact is, that not before the main control was revealing the issues adressed by the Gatekeeper-personality ‘Ptaah’, resp. not before an analysis with headphones was endeavoured, the sitters could understand what Ptaahs speech was about!
English sections seemed to exchange with sections of a peculiar alien language absolutely undecipherable, but still clearly a language. In its vocals the language produced a strange strong tremolo-like vibration nobody could imitate afterwards.
He talked about his relation to the personality Ptaah in the book of Thoth, resp. the ‘Ptaah’ within the Egyptian pantheon. He talked about the syntax of alien language and one of his main tasks to overview and supervise interdimensional communication attempts and cut them in the case space-time paradoxi could occur, like it was the case with the famous Scole Group in the ninetees.

In the days after this impressing sitting everybody was still hooked by the peculiar sound of the voice of this seemingly extraterrestrial communicator, referring to himself as being ‘higher organized’ mainly. The strangeness of this event was surely one of the most baffling ones over the week.

For us the séance wonderfully displayed moreover a feature that is more rare in my mediumship.
Most of the communication is delivered by the main control for communication and the energy necessary for letting through others directly is saved allegedly for stronger physical phenomena.

This instance now showed greatly that the mediumship is obviously easily able to let through different communicators of highly different characteristics and presented issues also.

‘Masters’ of Physical Mediumship, from left to right, KM, then
philantropist, ethnobotanic, investigator and Awardwinning Author and
organizer of Ibiza 2016, President of the Basle PSI Association, Lucius
Werthmueller, Warren Peter Caylor.

All in all everybody prospered and grew from the gathering here on Ibiza and we have to thank specifically Dr. Hans Schaer for hosting the event, the Basle Psi Associations Lucius Werthmueller and Sabin Suetterlin organizing it and together with Bea Rubli, Brigitte Balzarini and Therese Hartmann spending the progressive spiritual background for the phenomena needed to occur so richly!