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On the 28th to the 30th of June 2012 a group of friends, all researchers, mediums and physical mediums came together for a special occasion at the FEG-Homebase in Hanau. The group met because of the visit of a mutual friend from UK. 2 Physical Seances in different settings were held and are both described by one of the attendees, Dr. Ken Sarri. The Editor

Picture: The Sitters Group of the 28th of June: among them Karin and Walter Schnittger, former temporary Scole-Sitters, Dr. Hans Schaer, Scientific Monitor of the FEG and former temporary Scole-Sitter, Mani Asvadi, Medium from Austria with Dr. Ken Sarri, BPV staff Lucius and Sabin Werthmueller-Suetterlin, FEG-Group-Members with Elke and Julia Muegge, the FEG-mediums wife, Medium Bea Ruebli of Switzerland and special guests from UK.

 On June 28, 2012 fourteen experienced, truth seeking afterlife and mediumship investigators came together from England, Switzerland, Austria, and the United States to witness and experience the brilliant and highly developed mediumship of Kai Mugge of the Felix Experimental Group (FEG). This demonstration, or séance if you will, took place at the beautiful estate of the Muegge family of Hanau, Germany.

The room utilized for this demonstration was a World War 2 bomb shelter located right below the home. This room was approximately 6 meters (18 feet) long, 3 meters (8 feet) wide, with a 2 and ½ meter (7 feet) high ceiling.

The cabinet used for the medium was constructed with a standard `hula hoop’ approximately one meter in diameter with a large piece of black fabric suspended over it with a hook attached to the ceiling to suspend it, thus creating a small room or cabinet for the medium to sit in. This ‘cabinet’ is created for the medium in order to contain and concentrate the psychic energy that is necessary for the phenomena to occur.

 The séance commenced at approximately 8pm with the ‘sitters’ all seated in a semi circle around the cabinet. After a short period of holotropic breathing (approximately 6-7 minutes), the medium was put into trance and a different voice could be heard emerging from the cabinet.

This was the voice of Hans Bender, a German parapsychologist who passed over in 1991.

He spoke in English throughout the sitting as everyone in the group understood at least some English.

When he began to speak, very loud knocks and raps could be heard at different locations all around the room, on the walls and ceiling. This went on constantly for at least twenty minutes until his introduction ended and the spirit scientists started to build something they called a “force field”, the basis for all physical phenomena, especially the materializations that occurred later in the room.
 Many people were touched throughout the evening. I was touched five times on various parts of my body. The person sitting next to me told me that she was touched seven times.

A short time later, three ‘spirit lights’ emerged from the cabinet and hovered about the room. These lights appeared to be about the size of a marble. I was told by Jochen, the Felix Circle leader, that these lights are indeed tangible. He informed me that on one occasion in the past, one of these lights landed on his arm and that it felt ‘solid’.

At another point, three phosphorescent ping pong balls were charged with a flashlight so they could be seen in the dark, then placed in a tray which was then placed on top of a bongo drum approximately two meters (6 feet) from the cabinet. All three of these ping pong balls were then moved out of the tray by one of the spirit communicators and subsequently bounced around on the floor.

Picture: Materialized from ectoplasm in front of the red light bulb and given to special guests from UK was this gemstone, shortly after a deceased relative of them had sent greetings.

Throughout the sitting, several people were also touched several times. I myself was touched five times on my knee, shoulder, arm and hand. When I was touched on right hand, I could feel that the hand that touched me felt like alligator skin.
It was explained to me that at times, a phenomenon known as pseudopodia occurs whereby the spirit mechanics that materialize the hand do their best to try to reproduce or match a human hand using the substance known as ectoplasm. Sometimes it is perfect and sometimes it is not.

The next experiment was an attempt by the spirit communicators to materialize a hand and place it over a luminous plaque fully visible for all to see. Again, a flashlight was used to illuminate a phosphorescent plaque approximately 8×10 inches. It was then placed on top of the bongo drum approximately 2 meters from the medium.

A few moments later, a hand could be seen by all moving across the top of the plaque. This hand had long pointy fingers as opposed to the second hand that appeared that had short, thick fingers.

What is most noteworthy here is that on two occasions, when the hand was in the middle of the plaque, light from the plaque could be seen on all sides completely surrounding the hand – showing clearly that only a hand was materialized with no wrist or forearm attached to it.

Hans Bender then announced that they would be performing the handkerchief experiment. A standard white handkerchief was used with 16 pieces of ‘glow in the dark’ luminous tape attached to it. These luminous strips were then charged with a flashlight so the handkerchief could be seen glowing in the dark. It was then given to one of the sitters and he was instructed to extend his arm straight out whilst holding the handkerchief between two fingers securely. We all then witnessed the handkerchief being pulled out of the hand of the sitter. Bender then asked the sitter if he would like to participate in the experiment again and the sitter gladly obliged. Again, the sitter extended his arm while holding the handkerchief out in front of him and a short time later, a tug-of-war ensued. Once Again, the spirit communicator came out victorious.

Throughout the demonstration, Kai, the medium, was seated either inside the cabinet or just outside the cabinet. Throughout much of the séance, especially when the main phenomena were occurring two of the sitters who were sitting directly to the right and left sides of the medium were holding the mediums hand and leg on their side as the phenomena were taking place far beyond arms or legs length of the medium. So when phenomena occurred Kai was always tightly controlled by two sitters who were holding him. Meanwhile, all sitters sat ‘in a chain’ holding hands. This was done to demonstrate to all present that the phenomena was all authentic.

Picture: During his closing speech the Spirit Control Hans Bender produced, resp. apported small figurines falling from the mediums mouth…

As the demonstration was about to come to a close, the curtains of the cabinet were opened so everyone present could see the ectoplasm being pulled out of the mouth of the medium into a pile on the floor. This was performed by the spirit control Hans Bender who took over the mediums body whilst the medium was in a deep trance. A short time later, the curtain was opened again to reveal large quantities of ectoplasm in good red light draped all over the mediums body. This was shown several times to the joy and amazement of all those who were present.
Frequently, heads, hands, and faces are formed in the ectoplasm. However, this time only masses of ectoplasm were displayed. This is likely due to the fact that three apports were materialized thus utilizing a large amount of energy. The spirit scientists declared they wanted to demonstrate that they are able to create what we know as matter from “nothing” here on the Earth plane. This time the spirit controls materialized a gemstone from the substance directly in front of the red light bulb. Unfortunately, only the sitters closest to the cabinet were able to closely follow the materialization and secretion of that apport from the ectoplasm. Afterwards, the gemstone was given to a special guest from UK, who himself is deeply involved in physical mediumship.

In his closing speech Hans, the spirit control, apported two miniature metallic figurines from the mouth of the medium.

Overall, it was a splendid and truly amazing demonstration of what the spirit world can achieve if the conditions are optimal. In this case, I feel that the conditions were exemplary, primarily due to the quality of the sitters in attendance.
The harmony of the group was perfect. It is a well known fact in physical mediumship circles that the quality of mediumship that is achieved at a séance is determined not only by the quality and development of the medium, but also the quality of the sitters and the level of harmony amongst them. There were no closed minded, angry, or negative sitters in attendance. Moreover, several of the people in the group were mental and physical mediums themselves.
I also recall that Hans Bender said that he would be taking some energy from each of us through our solar plexus. Hence, when the lights go out, we all become mediums to one degree or another.

Finally, I feel that I must report on what transpired at an energy table sitting two nights later on June 30th. Ten of us retreated once again to the subterranian spiritual venue known as the “bomb shelter”.
We all sat in a tight circle around a plastic lawn table approximately one meter in diameter.
Kai sat with us as a sitter and was never put into trance.
We were instructed to place our fingertips on the top of the table and then the lights were extinguished. Within 10-12 seconds, the table began to move and immediately rose up in the air almost a meter off the ground. This happened as we were all singing along to the song: ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles. While singing this song, three times Kai instructed someone to turn on the red light and each time we all could clearly see that the table was being levitated without the use of human agency.

We could all clearly see the all of our hands were on top of the table and moreover, our pinky fingers were all touching our neighbours on both our right and left sides. This was truly amazing for all of us to witness four times with the red light on.

The table sitting continued for approximately one hour with the table levitated, rocking, or tilting for about 55 minutes of that hour.

Also, during this sitting, one of the sitters cried out with joy that she was being touched by a hand several times on her leg, thigh, arms and the top of her head. While this was happening, all of the sitters hands were touching on the top of the table. At one point, she excitedly declared that the hand was resting on top of her head for approximately 5 seconds.

A short time later, spirit lights appeared. Some were bright red and fell to the floor like small meteorites. Others were small green flames, reminicient of St. Elmos fire, when the air is highly charged with electricity.

The séance and the table sitting were two truly life changing experiences carried out by Hans Bender and the rest of the FEG’s spirit team.

Many thanks to them and to Kai and his circle and family for their time, energy, and most gracious hospitality in hosting this wonderful, life changing event which proved without question once again, that life is eternal, and that residents of the spirit dimension can and do communicate with us, albeit if the conditions are suitable.

Ken Sarri