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Dancing Tables at Basle PSI-Association Workshop 4th/5th December in Basle!

By 7. Dezember 2010Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

The week end of the 4th of December 2010 was bringing extraordinary insights to a special audience at the Basle PSI-Association.

The Pedagogue and Medium Kai Muegge was presenting an “All-in-One”-Package regarding the controversial topic “Physical Mediumship”.

Meanwhile in the mornings audiovisual presentations guided the audience into the strange world of the Physical Phenomena of Mysticism and the “Do’s and Dont’s” in founding a “Physical” Sitters Group – later the days the workshop included interactive Trance-Work with the Audience and Experimental “Table-Sittings” (one initial ritual for the physical contact with otherworldly communicators).

At a certain point in time the Basle PSI-Associations furniture was brought to live by the experimenters and up to 4 Tables at a time were jumping and pivoting through the room, meanwhile the experimenters had problems to follow them.

Embedded into a historical and actual context the attending audience learned about the main columns on which Physical Mediumship is built upon and experienced its main motors – initial physical table phenomena and Trance Work.

The Workshop was a huge Success and more will follow!