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Outstanding Book Releases: Physical Mediumship Icon Stewart Alexander has published his memoirs – A Perfect Christmas Gift!!!

By 13. November 2010Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

Dear Friends,

Stewart Alexander, UK’s “Grand Old Gentleman” of Physical Mediumship has released his memoirs!
And influential people like Prof. David Fontana (Former President SPR), Dr. Hans Schaer (Senior Researcher), Eric Hatton (Hon. President SNU), Tom Butler and Lisa Butler (A-ITC, USA) and Dr. Malcolm Lewis do not recommend the book without reservation on its back-cover without having good reasons.

The book is extraordinarily good and lively written and it leads you thoroughly not only into the Psyche of a proven and most strongest Physical Medium of our times.

Stewarts charisma and dignity did always uphold that high standards during all his mediumistic work following the ethics and moral the higher spirit world is asking us for.

So the book shows many interesting aspects of personal development, historical connections, research efforts, Seance accounts and many more topics without becoming superficial once – in the contrary.

Stewart Alexanders 300 page work is exactly of the quality, everybody knowing him was expecting, offering entertaining and educating insights into one of the most complex fields of mediumship.

You can order the book quite unexpensive






The ISBN Number is

ISBN 978 – 0 – 9557050 – 6 – 9

if you wanna get it at your local book store!

Have a good read, fellas!