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HOW LITTLE DO WE KNOW, WHAT ON THIS EARTH IS POSSIBLE – Rich Follow Up to the ‘November Spirits’-Article about the Materialization of John King, November 2017 at the BPV (sitters comments/yet unpublished photos) / WORLD EXCLUSIVELY: Charles Williams Materialization of John King 1907 in Copenhagen (historical photos)

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John King Materialization at Charles Williams séance around 1910

Today we would like to present to you some really interesting contents. It is a follow-up to the first John-King-Materialization article.
This time we will deliver most exciting, but also most exclusive contents to you!
After we tell a short history of the original Spirit ‘John King’, when and where his spirit-form appeared and with which mediums that did happen over the last 17 decades, we will deliver to you the orginal witness comments attending the John-King Materialization event, November 2017 at the renowned Basle PSI Association, Switzerland.

Crowning we will this with something never before published in english. Thanks to Danish Medium Jens C.E. Johansen we have received a report from his grand-grandfather Henrik E.Bonne about a Mr. Charles Williams (became famous as Herne and Williams double-mediumship) séance in Copenhagen 1907, where his ‘spirit-leader’ John King materialized AND WAS PHOTOGRAPHED.
Bonne was a famous spiritualist in Scandinavia at that time and later the life-time sponsor of famous Materialization Medium Einer Nielsen

For over 160 years the name ‘John King’ is deeply embedded in the annals of Spiritualism and Theosophy. Years before his daughter ‘Katie King’ materialized in Nobel Prize Winners William Crookes famous séances with the medium Florence Cook, John King materialized at least a hundred of times or more at the Davenport Brother séances for the first time. John King was from the beginning not the true name of the entity that was so frequently going to show up in the séance rooms of the upcoming decades. His true identity he claimed repeatedly and later confirmed by his daughter ‘Katie King’ was ‘Henry Morgan’, the pirate and buccaneer, who was cleansing and purging his sins as a spirit helper in séances for a long time – because of his sinful life.

Most famous Spirit Materialization of all times: Florence Cooks ‘Katie King’ at a séance for Sir William Crookes.

Some of the most notorious names in Physical and Materialization Mediumship were having John King, mostly as typical Full Form Materialization, but not always.
Jonathan Koons brought him through materialized, as did Cecil Husk. Even Stainton Moses is alleged to have had a small episode with John King. Famous William Eglinton materialized John King, meanwhile Eusapia Paladinos John King was mostly behind the curtain of her cabinet and was showing a lot of his rough side handling sitters.

Charles Williams with John King. Probably a spirit photography and not a séance room materialization photo…
Famous Lithographer Tissots reproduction of a séance he had with William Eglinton, in which John King brought his deceased wife, both materialized


Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of a Theosophies Subgenre, the Theosophical Society

A totally different second carreer John King started as ‘spirit-helper’ first for a variety of physical phenomena Helena Blavatsky was presenting around 1870. Received that was by many with mistrust and malice, but Blavatsky held on to John King during her life-time and did write about him describing a most intimate relationship with that spiritual entity.

John King, at a time, when he was eventually accepted as spirit patron and even becoming melting together with the Master El Morya personality…

With the time John King became deeply entangled in Theosophies founding legends. So did Olcott write, John King was revealing 4 Masters to him in a table-session with Helena 1874!
John King eventually was accepted inside Theosophical Circles and at a point there was even a melting process with the ‘Master Morya’. That is in so far interesting, that a Morya El Khan had materialized before in Felix Circles Medium Kai Muegges séances in 2015.

The last time we heard of John King was in written messages appearing from the SORRATS group work. There he is seemingly worrying he wouldn’t be taken as what he was.

Direct Writing achieved by the SORRAT group from a communicator that communicated from the midst 1980ies at least until around 2013 and claimed to be John King also

Already months previously to the spectacular John King Materialization at the Basle PSI Association, John King attempted to materialize two times. Once at a Private Séance for the group of a German Medium Ute Sautter in M., Germany, where Kai is regularly holding sittings since 2012. At that day unfortunately the materialization/apparition was not at all visible. A second time exactly the same misfortune was taking place.
The more surprised we were, when his third attempt had that clearity.
Here now follow comments of sitters who have witnessed the Materialization first hand!

The best image shot at the legendary evening at the Basle PSI Association. John Kings full facial features are exposed to the light and everybody recognizes there’s a never before seen person floating in front of the cabinet!

The Séance the 16th of November was in every possible hindsight a
historical one. The overall energy of the evening was from the start
exclicitly harmonical and beautiful, what in other séances is not always
the case. Then the overwhelming appearing of John King. What an
overwhelming experience and how wonderful for me having been present
becoming witness to this.
John King had a majestic, peaceful,
shining presence. It was great we could undisturbed watch him for at
least 20 seconds! That enabled us to see all the facial features, clear
and full in expression. Adding up was the fact that the whole shape was
floating. So for every last sceptic it became clear, this wasn’t Kai
mimicking a spirit! B.K., age 54

First and very clear shot also that was taken that evening…


I would love to give words to what I experienced. But how to find any right words therefore!? It was literally beyond words! Wow! Already the ‘charging’ of the ‘Activation-Stones’, then the many apports, and the thorough answer to a question concerning another phenomenon. And then as the crowning the Materialisation of John King!!! I will never forget this moment! I was fascinated and touched at the same time and really had to cry so full of thankfulness I was.
The face I was seeing sooo clearly, and the shape of it was perfect and John King turned over to us and bowed towards my direction. What a moment! Bliss – that is seemingly the right term for my feelings.

B.H., age 42

For me I felt the homogeneity of the group so present. What in the end was for sure contributing to this wonderful evening. Already the ‘activation’ of the brought-with formerly apported ‘Activation-Stones’ of the sitters was touching me. This blaze of most different color symbolized for me the uniqueness of every individual. Together we are like an exploding ‘New Years Eve’s firework’ to describe it mildly.

Due to lack of quality yet unpublished photo, although it is very insightful

Suddenly I smelled ‘ectoplasm’. And when the red light was switched
on I saw this floating form in front of the cabinet slowly moving around
and looking at the sitters. Around the head, on foreheads-height; I saw a blinking band.
This apparition triggered something within me: with open mouth I sat on my chair, meanwhile in my throat I sensed a cool tingly stimulus from the ‘ectoplasm-taste’. The energy radiating from the form was so very lovely and I felt so much welcome and ‘being called’ and connected! It was beyond space and time and I felt on all levels and planes in a blissful high.

With delight I contemplate about the development of the FEG. Since 2011 I was privileged to be repeatedly witness for the many experimental givings of evidence, the spirits were untiredly bringing into our realm. I am happy and proud to be part of this and don’t wanna miss a single minute of it! I.M., age 43

I had goosebumps and was touched at the heart. What was so special was the long red light sequence to watch exhaustively the apparition. The second red light phase I was not recognizing anymore clearly, because I was so overwhelmed by the first. P.M., age 45

I was sitting a bit farer back in the circle but on Julias side, what gave me the advantage because of the fully illuminated situation to fully watch all the facial features. At the beginning the face was static but three-dimensional. The photos are good, but when you have seen it, it was monumental! It has changed my thinking and demonstrates to us we have only access to a small part of reality and that there is so much more between heaven and earth! When I look back the last 5 years I was part of all this;, I am very thankful and feel it is a true privilege to be part of this. F.B., age 48

Beyond words was the apparition of John King! This time the materialized form didn’t take long to build up and was suddenly there – from one second to the next. The sight of the materialized John King was overwhelming – this moment was for me like ‘sacred’! Usually I cannot make much of the term ‘sacred’ or what it means, but when I saw John King in front of me in his presence and he then bowed down towards us, this moment appeared to me ‘sacred’ and I had enormous reverence for this apparition and naturally I felt deeply thankful at the same time, that I was chosen to be present at such an event during my lifetime.

Many times before I had read about ‘Doorkeepers’, but to see one famous like John King standing in front of me simply cannot be put into words. It is literally beyond that! Recently I had read ‘Life and Teachings from the Masters of the Far East’ for the second time, what led me to Swami Ramas book ‘In the Valley of the Immortal Masters’. In these books ‘the Masters’ appear and disappear ‘simply so’! That’s why John King’s sudden presence in the room was so impressive for me also – it reminded me of these sayings about the theosophical Masters! For me personally it was a confirmation I am on a right track for me and my development. The Materialization has confirmed my belief in spirit guides and made it manifest in a way, I would never have imagined!
It was an experience I would like to thank everybody involved for a lot! M.M. age 50

This séance was absolutely ingenious – if I only think of it the tingling restarts! I found Kais energy right from the introduction round on extremely strong and focussed.
From my position I had a superb sight on all the following what was happening. That way I could look into the fully illuminated face of John King.
The ‘warm-up’-phase with the control ‘Hans Bender’ and the charging of the stones and crystals in all these magnificient colors was enduring and intensive. So I was very surprised and astounded that there was another phase coming at all and how fast! The apparition was clearly visible from my seat. When John King turned over floating towards the other side I could see a shiny band around his head.
Then he floated towards my side and when his face on behalf of the lamp on this side came fully forward, for a short moment it took my breath! IT WAS OVERWHELMING! The face was so expressive and fully exposed to look at and I was really impressed how original and life-like it was.
I had the impression to see tiny wrinkles specifically around the eyes.
These moments I will never forget in all my lifetime.
Looking backwards what we were privileged to experience in the last 6 years in regards to the mediums and spirit teams ‘The Alchemists’ development I am so very deeply touched.
My personal worldview, my imagination and my visions were ascended by this into a whole new dimension and I am looking forward what might come in the future! My gratitude is coming from my deepest heart towards Julia and Kai for this wonderful work they do.
My greatest respect is for how Kai is overgiving himself in these processes. And for Julia, for her sensitive and aware leading through the séances. I always was feeling very cared for and looked after! M.F., age 49

Concerning Physical Séances I am feeling used to a variety of incredibilities in the meantime and there is nearly a kind of routine coming up, when ‘apports’, ‘ectoplasm’ asf. are starting to become ‘relatively common’.
During the apparition of John King though there was that fresh feeling back of excited amazement, when the human mind has not many words left, besides maybe: A-h-a…, that really cannot be there now!
Because of my seating position I couldn’t see the face as good as on the photos, but impressive it was anyway: face, nose, beard, together with a floating slim body, that demonstratively slowly turned itself towards all sides to show to the sitters. It felt nearly, as if the entity had under the garment crossed its arms self-confidently as if wanting to say: Look at me and watch what I can, there you’re astounded, aren’t you!?! And yes, I am astounded – how little we do know, what on this earth is possible! Prof. E.K., age 54


Materialized Spirit of John King, photographed 1907 by Henrik E.Bonne

Seance for materialization in Copenhagen, August 21, 1907
Mr. Williams, who came to visit us from England, was a nice and gracious man and possessed great gifts by which we achieved very convincing results.

Mr. Williams stayed at my friend Carl M., with whom we had previously met for physical seances, and where the seances for materialization with Mr. Williams also was going to take place.
Mr. Williams’ spirit leader was named “John King”. He was a man who, in his earthly existence, had been a West Indian privateer captain during the wars of the late 17th century.

The first seance with Mr. Williams took place in the evening in a large spacious living room with a red electric lighting. The participants sat in a circle and the medium was placed in the cabinet.

Suddenly stood in the middle of the living room – a good distance away from the cabinet – a tall phantom with a dark beard, dressed in a brown skirt coat of old-fashioned cut, with a wide collapsing collar and stitching on the sleeves, exactly as used for approx. 100 to 150 years back.

The phantom greeted us in English by saying with a loud command voice: “Good bless you!”
We asked him to say his name, and the answer was: “John King!”
He was very thorough that we should see him, and he asked occasionally: “Do you see me now?” When he spoke, it was always in English.

He walked around to the circle’s participants so that we could all see him clearly. I especially noticed his tanned face, just as I clearly saw the transition from his very brown hands to the lighter skin at the wrists under the sleeves where the sun did not have access.

It was the first time I witnessed a spirit materialization, but I did not feel it was creepy. It all was like a solemn revelation for me.
With awe, I looked at John King with the definite impression that he had come to us with the mission of giving us the conviction that life continues after death.

At the next seance John King suddenly appeared again and greeted us warmly: “Good bless you!” – to which we answered in English: “Good bless you too, John King!”

Immediately afterwards a light ball/sphere appeared, approx. 10-12 cm. in diameter, just above his head. “Do you see me?”, he asked. As he stretched his arms a similar light ball/sphere appeared on each hand and again he asked: “Do you see me now?”

John King stood there for about three minutes and then the light balls/spheres disappeared.

During the seance he showed us different things. In particular I remember John King moving across to the other end of the living room, where access was blocked partly by a large buffet and partly by the chairs we sat on, as they were located directly next to the buffet.

It did not prevent John King. He passed through the buffet and called us when he came through the buffet and chairs: “Do you see me now?”, he said. Shortly after he was on the other side of the buffet again.

Carl M., who had participated in most of these séances with me, felt was now feeling so weak that he could not leave his home (Carl was dying). He asked for a final seance at his home, to which Mr. Williams gave his consent.

The seance took place in the evening in his home with the usual participants (about 10 women and men). We sat around a table with Mr. Williams between us. Soon after John King appeared. He was wearing his usual clothing and greeted us as he used to do, by saying: “Good bless you!”, after which we answered as usual: “God bless you too, John King.”

He immediately walked over to a lady in the circle who had lived in England for several years and asked her to say to me (he knew that I was not so good at English that I could unconditionally understand him): “Tell Mr. Bonne that we thank him for his faithful friendship and sacrifice to our friend, C. M.!”

He then went over to C.M. and he talked to him about his illness and near impending descent/imminent death. He comforted him and told him not to be afraid of death. Among other things I definitely remember his statement: “I will stand by when you pass!”. We will all be there to meet you”. “By way of passes we will try, not to heal you, but to make your conditions better”.

Also, in 1953 from two seances for materialization with Einer Nielsen as the medium, Hans Gerloff has written the following: “(…) During the next seances I now recocnized John King, Elizabeth d’ Espérence, Henrik E. Bonne and Justa Lange. These friends were strongly materialized. I could see their feet on the light plate”.


We hope you have enjoyed our little follow up to the John King materialization article and wish you wonderful peaceful hours during Christmas time and with your loved ones! Have a powerful start into 2018 and stay with us exploring the Spiritual Realms together!
The Editor