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PROVEN! Apported message IS written in the handwriting of the deceased Prof. Naegeli!

By 31. August 2011Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized
CLICK TO ENLARGEPicture: The apported objects of the 10th of august 2011: the “Naegeli”-document (an recipe-paper-sheet with handwritings on it), and the indian miniature

The 10th of August 2011 in the rooms of the well known Basle PSI Association, during a seance of the FEG-Spirit Team around the main trancecontrol “Hans Bender” with the medium K.M., one of the peculiar waxball-apports fell from the ceiling to the feet of the sitters!

In it a message of the 1996 deceased Psychiatrist Prof. Hans Naegeli, who was a colleague of the living “Hans Bender”, who is today in spirit the trance control of the medium.

What happened in the Seance was published here and at several other places!

The apported message was written on a seemingly original recipe-paper-sheet of the named Psychiatrist. Today we know, that the living Prof. Naegeli was actually writing messages to his friends on such recipes (compare pictures above and below).

Now we are able to compare an original handwriting of the living Prof. Naegeli with the apported message. Furthermore we will present in the following a confirmed “Prof. Naegeli” handwriting:


The above presented comparison shows, that the apported message is in fact written in Naegelis handwriting!

We consider it as proven, that the message is thus genuine.

How else may the original handwriting have been achieved – additionally produced on a recipe-sheet Naegeli was using during his lifetime to write short messages to friends!

We see in this tangible evidence massive implications – not only for the FEG but for the whole field of occult or spiritistic respectively parapsychological studies – regarding the question how occult phenomena might work.

For us it is moreover massive evidence, that personalities, even after they have died, seem to exist in something like a consciousness field, from which they get in contact with us and are able to cross-breed thought and materia and give birth to such delicate physical phenomena evidence!

In humbleness we await further wonders from this dimensional realm!

The FEG, early Seaptember 2011