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Witness Report: NEW PHENOMENA SEANCE 30.08.2011

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Report of the séance Tuesday, 30.08.2011, from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Written on the 1.9. and 2.9.2011 on the basis of notes taken in the hours after the sitting.

(text, diagrams and sketches signed with “MN” by Dr.Mnahm. Additional Photos, sketches and their captions added by the administrator! We are again thankful being allowed to use Dr. Mnahms report, who is an independent observer, creating these reports originally for his own purposes and files! The Admin.)

Pic: The photographed masses at the outside-cloth of the cabinet, showing different unknown faces (enlargement see below)

This time, we were 9 sitters in the usual cellar room in Hanau, including 6 members of the circle: Kai, the medium in cabinet, Jochen (Jo), Julia (Ju), Alexander (A), Elke (E), and Steffi (S). In addition, there was one regular guest, Kosta (K), and two other occasional guests, Renate (R), and I (I). Jochen was operating the CD player; Steffi and Julia opened and closed the cabinet curtain when required. Steffi also operated the red lamp according to the instructions given by the trance control personality HB, speaking through Kai. However, the red lamp was prepared for a special purpose this night, and Jochen had a torch with red light that he used when needed. Elke was operating the ventilator to cool the body of the medium when requested. However, it was turned on almost throughout the entire sitting. This time, the small window of the séance room was completely sealed with tape and it was not possible to open it.

Diagram by MN

The room was completely darkened. All sat on their chairs when Kai entered the room at last. After an opening prayer, Kai induced the trance state by his rapid breathing technique while Gregorian chants were played. Already after a very short time, after about two moderate breathing turns, HB announced his presence and opened the sittings with warm greetings. Already during this brief breathing session, sitters reported unusual winds in addition to the “wind” produced by the running fan, which produced a continuous current of air in the middle of the room. This current of air is hardly felt directly at the outer parts of the room by sitters on the chairs. In addition, distinct and frequent touches by something solid were reported by all sitters already in this early stage of the séance, the trance induction. In particular, I was touched twice on my naked left forearm, and once something with the weight of a hamster or a little rat seemed to crawl up my belly up to my chest region, from where it left. Jochen was tickled two times at the back of his head, and was kicked in one calf from behind. It is interesting to note how the quality of the touches has slowly changed since the first sittings in which they were reported. The very soft and fleeting quality from the beginning has entirely ceased, now solid and almost “heavy” objects seem to cause the touches.
In the course of the rest of the sitting, I have observed the following phenomena.

1) Raps: Already during the early stages of HB’s communication, raps were heard on the ceiling. We sang quite loudly to “Hey Jude” and other well-known songs, and the raps were of impressive strength and loudness, seemingly trying to keep up with our noise. Sometimes, the raps would strike (almost) simultaneously with reported touches. They also came from the wall behind Steffi. Moreover, something was hitting the drum rhythmically and quite audibly.

2) Lights: Soon after HB had taken over control, very bright lights with a diameter of about 1 cm were seen. They moved extremely quickly and seemed to pass from inside the cabinet to the outside frequently. Their quality was different from the usual phosphorescent lights seen at the sittings. They were much brighter, and white-yellowish in colour instead of the soft phosphorescent green. Moreover, the movements were much faster and erratic.

3) Shining structure. Yet, light of the familiar phosphorescent green colour were seen at a later stage of the sitting. It seemed rather dull compared to the usual lights, as if covered by a somewhat transparent veil. At times, one could discern two or even three centres of luminosity in close vicinity. The entire luminous object moved as a single unity and also performed curious rotation movements around its horizontal axis. It frequently hovered in front of my face at a distance of about 50 cm. The softly shining object was continuously visible from all sides. It did not become invisible to one’s sight when it turned to the sitters at the opposite side of the room, as it is usually the case with the normal greenish lights appearing at the séances. It might be inferred that a transparent veil could have covered such a light, but dispersed and reflected the light emitted from its covered source. Even more so, as I felt something soft touch my naked right knee briefly when the light hovered in front of my belly region at one time. During the appearance of this light, we were asked to from a chain with our hands – the only time a chain was requested during this sitting.

After a while, when it seemed established that the light was functioning in a stable manner, HB asked for a small pause. The light disappeared, and Jochen and Steffi positioned the red lamp in front to the cabinet (See sketch of the séance room). The red lamp had been specifically prepared for the phenomenon to follow: The movement of the structure that comprises the phosphorescent greenish light through an area illuminated with dim red light. For this purpose, the lamp had been lowered to c. 50 cm above the floor, covered with a cloth and turned on to only a very low degree. In this way, a small area between the lamp and the floor was lit with dim red light. Its diameter was about 50 cm as well. Jochen covered the floor with black cloth to provide a uniform and dark background. After all was set up, Steffi turned the red light off again. If required, Jochen used his red light torch to check things. The curtains of the cabinet were closed throughout the time to follow.
Soon after it was dark again, the dim greenish light appeared again und moved all around the room. Yet it seemed to have an affinity to the red lamp, hovering around it very much. On about five or six occasions, Steffi counted from 10 to zero on request of HB. At zero, she switched the red light on for 2 seconds, and turned it off again. The structure was trying to move through the cone of red light within these two seconds. The first two attempts failed, it missed the red light. It went down to the floor very quickly, moved across it and flew upward again, but it missed the illuminated area on its way. The next time it managed to fly through it in a similar kind of vertical U-turn. It flew from the right side of the cabinet in more or less my direction (see sketch below, arrow No. 1).
Subsequently, I saw the luminous structure cross this area two more times. Both times its route was almost identical, moving downward from the side opposite of the cabinet, crossing the red light in the direction of the cabinet, and then abruptly lifting upwards again towards the ceiling (arrow 2. + 3.).

Diagram by MN

It was plainly visible that the luminous structure consisted of a white veil-like mass, similar to a handkerchief. But it seemed irregularly formed and more massive (see figure 1). When it flew around the room, it emitted a dim greenish light, in particular at the side pointing towards the direction of flight. Seen against the red light, its body appeared as a black mass or opaque veil. When it crossed through the red light, it appeared in snow white colour. Immediately after rising sharply from the floor again into darkness, the dim greenish glow would become visible again. The structure seemed to fly on its own behalf with purposeful movements. When it passed through the red light, no thread or any other supporting structure attached to it was visible from my position. The structure seemed to float freely in the air.

Figure 1 by MN

Witness sketch by JH

4) Mysterious faces: After the previously described events of the sitting, we made a small pause. The lamp for the red light in front of the cabinet was removed again. Alex left the group because of other responsibilities. His chair remained empty for the rest of the evening.
The next part of the sitting was dedicated to another new phenomenon, the photographic documentation of ectoplasmatic displays outside the cabinet curtain. Already before the sitting, Kai had asked me if I wanted to operate the camera. I readily agreed. Kai and Jochen instructed me to take pictures when they (or, HB, respectively) gave a sign to do so. Now, I went to the camera, standing next to it.
After we had spent some time in darkness again, a sign to take a picture was announced by HB, who spoke out of the cabinet. After such a signal, Jochen had to light his red light torch for four seconds and shine it directly onto the cabinet curtain: In that moment, I was to take a photograph with an exposure time of about two seconds.
In total, I took four photographs. I’ll describe what I saw / photographed below.

(i) The first photograph shows a white structure on the cabinet curtain which is blurred because of its movements and being overexposed. Nevertheless, I could clearly see this white structure hanging at the outside of the cabinet curtain. In it, it contained faces as previously reported from Eva C., Mary Marshal or Linda Gazerra. In particular, the middle area of one face with its nose and a smiling mouth including teeth was well visible (see fig. 2).

(ii) The second exposition was largely similar to the first picture. Again, a detailed face was visible to me, even better than during the first exposition. However, the photograph is too blurred to show anything recognizable. The white mass of these first two expositions seemed to hang in the area of the aperture between the two curtain halves. Then, HB announced that the next exposition would occur at a different location.
(iii) The first picture of the third exposition is again very blurred and overexposed. Yet, I could clearly see at least two distinct faces embedded into the white mass. Moreover, this mass seemed to hang directly on the right side of the curtain (seen from my position), not at the area of the aperture between the two curtains. Immediately after I took this photograph, I pressed the release of the camera again.
(iv) This second picture of the third exposition is much clearer because Jochen was just about to switch the red light off. Thus, the exposition time in the red light was less than one second, and the blurring and the overexposure notably reduced. The outlines of two faces are visible on the picture (see figure 3).

Pic: One of the faces within the mass photographed

5) “Flower” and column: For the next step of the sitting, HB announced a new display of ectoplasm. On the mediums face, a “flower” of ectoplasm would be visible, and also a column rising from the floor. The speciality of this display would be that all the ectoplasm was to be produced not through the medium’s mouth, but directly from the surface of the face and also independently from the body. Jochen had to dim his red light torch even further by adding the green filter. After some singing in darkness, we all heard a sort of sizzling noise coming from inside the cabinet. HB informed us that the body of the medium was being reconfigured for the next ectoplasm display. The sounds heard were said to be due to miniature electrical discharges. Eventually, these noises ceased. Then, sometime later, the medium stamped with one foot as a signal that the dim red/green light should be turned on and that the curtain of the cabinet should be opened.
Jochen shone the torch onto the body of the medium, constantly circling over the body. Indeed, we were able to see a large white structure resting on the face of the medium, which was turned upwards. Beneath the right side of his body, a white column of fine white material was growing and rising upward. The arms of the medium were hanging down at the sides and did not move, as did the feet which were resting on the floor (see figure 4). We had not heard the typical choking sounds that have usually preceded the production of white masses from the mouth in the past, indicating that their origin was different this time. We watched this display for about five seconds, when the medium stamped with one foot again to signal the end of this display. HB tried to produce another display, but finally announced that not enough energy would be available and that the sitting needed to be closed.
However, he announced that one more phenomenon had been prepared by the Chemists, the entities working in the background.

6) Apports: Being already a little familiar with the phenomenology of the circle, I expected that we were about to receive one or more apports. This was indeed the case. The curtains of the cabinet were held open by Julia and Steffi during HB spoke. Jochen still circled the torch across the medium’s body. HB claimed that the mouth of Kai was empty, and he opened it wide. Jochen shone the torch directly into Kai’s open mouth but we could not see anything suspicious – although this was an admittedly short and quite imperfect inspection. Nevertheless, the medium closed his mouth again and immediately started coughing. He spat out two small objects that fell somewhere onto the floor. HB then spoke again, and stated that the two apports were a present for the guests who had had the longest way to Hanau – i.e. Renate and I. then, he said Good-Bye to all of us and counted from five backwards. At zero, Kai awoke abruptly from his trance and seemed a little disorientated, as usual. Still in the red light of Jochen’s torch, several sitters searched for the apports on the floor. In the meantime, I went upstairs and left the séance room. When the two items had been found, the rest of the sitters including Kai followed one by one. The apports turned out to be two little brass figures, a Ganesh elephant and a figure that might represent Krisna. The Ganesh went with me, the other figure with Renate.

Apports of the 30.08.2011 arriving through Mediums mouth

The sitting took place in an easy and relaxed atmosphere, because it aimed at testing if new phenomena can be shown to spectators. Apparently, this was the case. Several new phenomena that had been previously announced by HB were displayed for the first time. I am curious about the future development of these phenomena, which, according to HB, are supposed to become increasingly stable and robust in future. And again, I am very grateful to Kai and the circle members for being invited to this exciting evening.

M. MNahm