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Thursday, the eleventh of March 2010 the powerful physical spirit control “(Prof.) Hans Bender” was delivering in front of a well known UK Medium Jackie Wright – who was invited as a guest-sitter and is at the time touring in Germany – one of the most richest seances in the History of the Felix Groups Cabinet Sittings since 2009.

Although thats really not usual in a home circle – that has proven to itself during 5 years of performing no fraud is involved – the Trance Personality “Hans Bender” this time requested several control issues, we usually do not install, because they maybe diminish the phenomena.

Maybe because of the Guest Jackie Wright, maybe because of some announced guests, world renowned Parapsychologists from USA and Austria, who arrive late March, “Hans Bender” let during that Seance not only prove beyond all doubt the genuiness of the ectoplasmic phenomena through a double control of the medium, that is normally not installed, but also allowed to shoot a photo that shows an ectoplasmic limb open one curtain side in sufficient red light.

The sitters at that time were able to watch the actions the ectoplasmic limb was performing in red light.

At the time we are collecting all witness drawings and accounts to provide a full report with minute to minute protocol of a seance in which every aspect was again obviously increased in power and Phenomenology.

The medium was this time body searched – especially for rods or comparables that could explain trumpet flights up to three meters away from it. The outcome was negative.

We want to remind the reader we do experiment here exclusively for our own informal and spiritual growth and that of the community of spiritual seekers worldwide and for that we try to evoke a phenomenology that was performed by hundreds and thousands of mediumships around the globe before – so we do not see it as our assignment to prove something to people, who could be long since persuaded by the existing data. Thats not our business at all!

So we are interested in optimizing the spirtual rapport and the phenomena in the first place and not the control of the medium (42), who is a person who origins from inmidst the core of our two-family-plus-friends-home-circle. He/she wants to stay anonymous at all costs (every guest sitter has to approve not to reveal the identity of the medium, although he was sitting for the last time with us – moreover we always would reject any discussion reg its identity) and was never serving as a medium throughout his life. A few years ago he/she was visiting a trance workshop and developed a new trance induction system, built of meditation, post hypnotic orders and holotropic breathing techniques, that enabled him/her with the time to bring through more and more influential and powerful trance personalities.

Today we present to you first witness sketches of what was being seen above the plaque. The big difference between this sketches and all others by now existing is displayed in the below photo:

Picture: Author demonstrates the control method requested by the trance personality and during which in the seance still large masses of ectoplasm were morphing approx. 2 metres away from the medium above the illuminated plaque.

Picture: Witness drawing of one of the most rememberable forms – a large seemingly male hand with moving fingers and other living features.
Picture: Witness sketch of some of the uncountable forms permanently morphing in front of the plaque

The climax of the evening was the ectoplasm display in red light. Those sitters that were able to throw a glimpse into the gap, the large ectoplasmic claw was opening from within the cabinet, saw a large mass of a whitish substance seemingly originating from the head area of the medium. This mass was parting allegedly at mediums breast height and developing two arms. The one arm was building into the claw or ectoplasmic pseudopodia, the other vanished into the darkness of the cabinet.

The Circle leader and photographer was blurring the photo a bit because of his nervosity probably, but that doesn t matter, because we will be allowed to produce more pics that show ectoplasm in red light in the future.

Enjoy this seldom document so far and be prepared for the Big Story, following in a few daysPicture: Original unaltered picture showing the correct light conditions during the experiment.

Picture: False Colour display
Picture: False Colour display
Picture: False Colour display
Picture: False Colour display
Picture: False Colour display