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By 16. Mai 2012Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

It is absolutely amazing! Willingly Psychic Photography is a proven, but rare phenomenon and since Ted Serious and Masuaki Kiyota not many performed that gift on such a regular base as the Dutch Medium Robbert van der Broeke is able to trigger it!

Robbert and renowned english parapsychologist William Roll

The originally in cropcircles involved sophisticated and scientific working BLT Research Institute stumbled over Robbert in 2001 (not 2002 as it was alleged in a former article) and documents since then his psychic feats. His physical mediumship in regards to influencing digital photo- and videography is at the moment a worldwide unique ability!

In the early seventees Ted Serious performed controlled Psychic Photography in an astounding manner! Here we see as he projects mental content with a visible effort onto the Polaroid film in the camera that was hold by investigator Jule Eisenbud.

After having started with videography experiments also, the videographer speaks out now (atm only in Dutch!) and underlines the genuity of the recordings!

Additionally both men once more documented the whole process of receiving these amazing photo-results very well! For all those who were suspecting Robbert holding something in front of the lense, or the photos were already on the chip, it becomes obvious now: neither, nor – as the new clip proves!

More video-experimentation was done as well and I want to invite you to visit the BLT Research Site that has a section about Robbert. Another sub-site reports the new experiments!

Among other most interesting background information you find there the “Delgado-Clip” and more analysis into the new video-materials! In the second half of the Delgado-clip the statement of the videographer is shown! From a behaviouristical point of view the young man is not lying and speaks the truth right out! Very convincing! Unfortunately this isn’t subtitled by now!

Additional new video results can be found on Robberts new website in the video-section, for example the apparition of George Adamski, a deceased Ufo-contactee from the 50ies and 60ies, besides one other of a woman who has deceased in 1986!

We want to thank Robbert for his outstanding work he is doing and are hoping he shortly translates the other dutch sections of interest into english!

the Editor