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I have just returned from another extraordinary demonstration of physical mediumship by Kai Mugge of the FEG (Felix Experimental Group) of Hanau, Germany. This demonstration took place on April 13th, 2012 at the K.-L.-Institute of Barbara & Ernesto of Wien, Austria.

Thirteen people were in attendance, including two professors of psychology and seven truth seekers who were new to physical mediumship. The room utilized was dedicated strictly for mediumship. This room was approximately six meters (18 feet) long, six meters wide, and the ceiling was five meters (15 feet) high.
The cabinet used by Kai was a standard ‘hoola hoop’ suspended from the ceiling by a hook, with a large piece of black fabric coming down covering the hoop and down to the floor. This provides a small room for one chair and is used to contain the psychic energy that is required to allow the phenomena to occur.

Kai allowed everyone to search the room prior to the sitting and also allowed himself to be strip-searched by two sitters. Moreover, the people sitting to his left and right held both arms and legs while active physical phenomena was taking place approximately
2.5-3 meters (8-10 feet) from the cabinet.

The séance commenced at 8pm and lasted two hours and forty minutes. Kai was seated in a chair inside the cabinet and began a lengthy period of holotrophic breathing, a procedure used years ago by physical medium Rudi Schneider to facilitate the process of going into trance.
Hans Bender, a German parapsychologist who passed in 1991 is the ‘gatekeeper’ and ‘control’ for the circle, as well as the main communicator from the afterlife dimension or what some refer to as ‘the other side’. His job is to control and protect the medium and keep out unwanted communicators from the other side from barging in and possibly interrupting the proceedings.

Unfortunately for me, Hans Bender spoke at length throughout the demonstration in German (Deutch). Everyone else in the room spoke German so I totally understood that this was necessary and did not mind.

Several types of physical phenomena took place that evening that really astounded me and most likely everyone else in the room.

Firstly, there were spirit lights which appeared to be solid objects flying around the room gracefully, obviously directed by some sort of intelligence. I witnessed this phenomenon last May (2011) when I sat with Kai and the Felix circle in Spain and at that time, to the best of my recollection, there was just one spirit light.
On this evening, there were three lights moving about simultaneously.

My seat was positioned almost directly in front of the cabinet and inches away from a trnsparent bucket that had been turned upside down. At one point, Julia the circle leader, placed an illuminated plaque on top of this bucket.
After a short time, a hand appeared from the left side of the plaque creeping across the top for all to see. This hand had very thick fingers and the tips of some of the fingers appeared to come to a point. A short time later, another hand moved slowly across the plaque this time from the opposite side. This hand was totally different from the first one. This hand appeared to have very thin elongated fingers – just the opposite of the first. Again, I was just inches away when I witnessed this and could clearly see both hands. More hands followed, among them a baby or the hand of a very small child.

 At one point during the sitting, Hans Bender spoke to the group at length. It was a little warm in the room and not able to understand what Bender was saying, I began to nod off. Just as I was about to fall out, I felt a hand squeeze and pat my left leg just below my knee. For me personally, this is good evidence that ‘they’ can see us in the dark and know what we are up to. I do have a propensity to snore at times and I feel that they may have been aware of this.

What really rocked my world was what transpired towards the end of the sitting. The curtain was opened and everyone present could clearly see in very good red light, copious amounts of that ever mysterious, rare, and volatile substance known as ectoplasm. I have seen literally well over a thousand photos of ectoplasm since I began investigating the afterlife and physical mediumship and I have seen ectoplasm myself seven other times previously through three other physical mediums. This was by far, the greatest display that I have witnessed thus far. It was like being transported back to 1920’s into one of those great black and white photos of a medium covered with ectoplasm during the heyday of physical mediumship. The difference is that I was there, it was real, it was live, it was moving, it was flowing, and it was not just a black and white photo. It was up close, alive, and beautiful beyond words.

The curtain was opened five times to reveal the ectoplasm, each time for approximately 12 -15 seconds – clearly enough time for everyone in the room to observe and study this rarest of all substances.

I must say that when I sat with Kai in May of 2011, the ectoplasm that was produced looked completely different than what I witnessed during this sitting. In May, the ectoplasm looked ‘veil’ like and during this sitting it looked more like cotton. I must add that ectoplasm can, and usually does look different with each medium, and moreover, it can look completely different with one medium from sitting to sitting.

At one point, Hans Bender was controlling Kai and he began pulling and stretching the ectoplasm in every possible direction, obviously to show us the texture and pliability of this substance. He pulled it apart and stretched it like rubber or elastic.
When it was separated, the thinner inside section looked almost transparent, like a membrane or cellophane. Because the group was small and the light was so bright, everyone had a good seat and a good view of this demonstration by Hans Bender.
This wasn’t just a cursory glimpse, it was a demonstration of the consistency, density, texture, and pliability of this substance. This coincides with what I would expect of someone with a scientific background, such as Hans Bender, to be able to demonstrate. He is to be commended as he demonstrated it beautifully.

As indicated earlier, the curtain was opened to reveal the ectoplasm five times. Two times the curtain was closed and then reopened to reveal that the copious amounts of ectoplasm that was covering the walls and ceiling of the cabinet had vanished with only the medium sitting there in an obvious trance state. This was obviously intended to show the sitters how quickly the ectoplasm could be reabsorbed into the body of the medium and how quickly it could be released. Again, kudos to Hans Bender.

 At the end of the fifth and final display of the ectoplasm, there was a rigid ectoplasmic rod approximately 18 inches long (half a meter) emanating from Kai’s right shoulder up to the ten o’clock position. This rod appeared to be stiff and rigid. Slowly, the rod began to soften and become flaccid and rubbery and slowly fell down and became drapped over his right knee. This was a good demonstration of how the density, shape, and pliability can be altered at will by the controlling entity.

As the sitting was about to close, Hans Bender while controlling Kai, reached into the ectoplasm and pulled out an object, a materialization from the ectoplasm – and apport. It was a small two inch green jade Buddha. This was given to one of the psychology professors who had been researching the paranormal since the 1970’s.

Prof. Peter Mulacz is presenting the Jade Buddha that materialized from ectoplasmic substance. Triggered was this allegedly by a predecessor of him at the Austrian Parapsychological Society, Prof. Hans Thirring, who contacted Peter and identified himself through very specialised information.

The Materialized Jade Buddha

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention what transpired the night before the séance at a small social gathering with Kai and his circle leader Julia. We were sitting around chatting about mediumship and all things related when Julia happened to mention that he has acquired the gift of psychokinesis. Basically, psychokinesis is the ability to move, bend, or manipulate physical objects without touching them.
I asked Kai if he could give us a demonstration of this ability at the restaurant and he refused. The atmosphere was much too noisy and busy and he indicated that he did not want to deplete the energy that was building for the séance the following night.

Later on that evening when we returned to the more comfortable atmosphere of the organizer’s home, the organizer asked Kai once again if he could demonstrate psychokinesis. Kai reluctantly agreed to open a certain “mental channel” enabling a helper-entity to step in, allegedly responsible for the telekinetic movement.
A small wooden table was provided for him along with a letter opener and a small fork. These objects were given by the event organizer after Kai had asked for a piece of cutlery or pencil or something this size. He confided that it requires “an affiliation with the focus object”. He then spread his hands and placed them over the table approximately six inches above the fork and concentrated. Miraculously, the fork began to move by itself. I was sitting right next to Kai and just inches away from the table when it moved.
It moved four different times and each time it moved approximately 5-7 inches. The five of us were all riveted as it was a sight to behold, a very rare gift indeed.

After the last rigid movement of the fork and before he had any physical contact with it, his hands were still well above the focus object.

Kai then requested someone to stand up and check the space around the fork to confirm that there were no hidden threads used for the demonstration.

 Dr. Ken Sarri
New York, USA