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SURVIVAL MESSAGES AND VISITORS WITHIN THE ECTOPLASM – Independent Report about a BPV-Sitting, May 2012, by Dr. M.M.

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Pic: “The red light revealed the most complex structure of ectoplasm I have
seen in sittings with the Felix Circle until today – this is the idealized drawing.
Several times, I caught perfect glimpses of the entire scenario. I could clearly see a smiling face, the upper teeth shining
white against the dark interior of the mouth. Lucius recognized Albert Hoffman
in this face, but he couldn’t identify the first face. When he asked HB who the
second face had been after the last display, HB replied that it had been
himself.” (click to enlarge)
of the séance Friday, 11.05.2012, from 8:00 until 10:15 p.m. 

(all photo adds and all captions by the Editor)
 Written between the 13.05. and the 16.05.2012
on the basis of notes taken in the hours after the sitting.
This sitting
took place at the location of the Basler Psi-Verein in Basel. We were 18
sitters in the usual room on the first floor that is used for séances in Basel.
Like during my last sitting in Basel about one year ago, Kai was only
accompanied by one member of his home circle, but this time it was his fiancée
Julia (last time, it was H. H.). She was operating the red light lamp, and
opened and closed the cabinet curtain when required on its right side. Lucius
Werthmüller operated the CD player and controlled the door, his partner Sabin
opened the left side of the cabinet, and their son Pablo operated the fan. Most
of the other sitters were Swiss and had already visited one or more séances
with Kai.
Before the
sitting started, Kai and Pablo invited anybody who wished to search the sitting
room for any suspicious devices. One of the guest sitters did so, the others
seemed not interested. After the room was searched, Sabin checked the clothes
of Julia, who then entered the room as the first person. Subsequently, all
persons entered the room one after the other after their clothes had been
checked. Sabin checked the female guests, Pablo the male guests. The last
person to be searched was Kai. Pablo “strip-searched” him separately, and
followed him into the séance room after redressing. Kai went straight to the
cabinet chair and sat down. Julia showed all objects in the room that might
cause suspicion to the sitters, such as two spare batteries for the torch, the
recorder, a water bottle, etc. In the active zone about 2.4 m in front of the
cabinet chair, there were bells, shakers, and an empty bucket which was turned
upside down to replace the usual drum.
The order
of the sitters was as follows:
Sitters Order (click to enlarge)
Kai opened
the sitting with a short prayer and began his rapid breathing technique in
darkness. It took some minutes until HB first came through. Around that time,
first raps were heard at the ceiling of the room, a light was briefly seen
inside the cabinet, and first touches were reported by sitters.
the next two hours, the following phenomena occurred:
manipulations of the bells and shakers, sometimes following the beat of the
touches (I was touched twice on my knees, and once on my left shoulder and my
head from above while leaning my head against the wall; my neighbour to the
left reported the same on her right side at that time)
phosphorescent lights. The first one appeared at the ceiling with the usual dim
shining. Soon after, it descended and commenced its flight. It often hovered
closely in front of my neighbours to the left. At times, there were three
simultaneous lights; one seemed to enter the cabinet repeatedly.
little phosphorescent balls (they were illuminated by Julia with a torch
previously) were manipulated and kicked from a board on the bucket which was
placed there for this purpose. Two times, the board itself was kicked down from
the bucket. Some sitters reported finger-like shapes that manipulated the
balls, but I could not see them from my position.
prolonged trumpet flight. Again, the trumpet hovered frequently in front of the
sitters to my left, and it even touched our bodies. In my case, it moved across
my left leg and hand, which was in chain with my neighbour. In the end, it was
thrown towards my feet on the floor.
Pic: One day earlier the Trance Control “Prof. Hans Bender” materialzed in bright red light one of his “charged” crystals from the ectoplasmic substance. After showing the mediums empty hands to the audience, with rubbing and moving gestures, he then starts to work forward something that looks like a coccoon within the Substance. Suddenly the cocoon seems to break open and the first characteristics of the embedded object become visible to all observers, thanks to the good light conditions. Then he finally excavates the object and lets it fall into the hand of one of the control-persons, sitting left and right to the medium. Later the crystal was being given to a sitter, that has received as well a message during Seance (click to enlarge).  
In general,
the chain of hands was continually requested by HB except for the breaks in
between the sets of phenomena. Moreover, during all phenomena listed above, HB
requested that four-limb control was installed by Julia and Sabin. In addition,
HB has regularly requested that Sabin should lean over to Julia to check
possible body movements of her as well. Every time, both Julia and Sabin
confirmed speaking loudly that Kai’s body rested entirely motionless, and Sabin
confirmed that also Julia didn’t move. Still, during the time of four-limb
control, the phenomena continued seemingly undisturbed, and also HB continued
to speak.
Pic: The position of the Cabinet, photographed prior to Seance at another date at the Basle Psi Association. The adjacent chairs are positioned much closer to the cabinet during Seance, that the medium, sitting slightly in front of the cabinet during body control, can be easily taken in the Four-Limb-Control. When this control is exercised the medium sits with spread legs and arms, giving them to the adjacent sitters, that hold them closely to their bodies, meanwhile phenomena are going onwards undisturbed (click to enlarge). 
Between the
touches and the greenish lights, HB has announced that two deceased individuals
were present tonight. He described the first one as “Gordon”, an entity that
had been present also at the last sitting in Basel the day before. This Gordon
was supposed to be a former teacher of a present sitter, and he “showed” HB a
picture of him emanating ectoplasm. He stated that this particular sitter would
know which picture was meant, greeted the sitter, and wished him all the best.
Indeed, there was a sitter who claimed that he had learned from a Gordon, and
that he knew the picture in question.
No mention
was made of the second deceased person . . . until it was ectoplasm time.
There was a
little break during which we had to adjust the brightness of the red lamp
operated by Julia to the upcoming display, making sure that Kai’s trunk was visible
in the red light. Then, we were supposed to sing along with the music. Still, I
could hear a few gargling sounds of the medium, indicating the production of
ectoplasm. Soon after, and much to our surprise, HB asked Lucius if he had his
torch ready. Lucius confirmed that he had his torch ready to be used when
requested. HB stated that the second deceased person wanted to show a birthday
present to somebody now. By then, I was already expecting an interesting
display of ectoplasm, because the pronunciation of his words was muffled in the
typical manner when HB speaks with ectoplasm being attached to the inside of
the medium’s mouth. After another while, HB requested that Lucius should come
to the cabinet, that it should be opened, and that he should shine the torch
onto what would be displayed. Julia and Sabin opened the curtains in the comparably
dim light of the red lamp, and Lucius, standing right in front of the medium’s
body, shone an additional small cone of brighter red light from his torch straight
onto it. The red light revealed the most complex structure of ectoplasm I have
seen in sittings with the Felix Circle until today (see the idealized drawing.
In reality, the visibility of the upper part of the medium and the faces contained
in the ectoplasm was impaired by the comparably dim red light from the lamp,
and by the body of Lucius who stood right in front of the medium. Still,
several times, I caught perfect glimpses of the entire scenario).
The curtain
was opened three times. Each time, the structure seemed unchanged. On the
abdominal region of Kai, two openings seemed to contain faces. Of the first
face, I could mainly see dark spots indicating the eyes, the second was better
visible to me. I could clearly see a smiling face, the upper teeth shining
white against the dark interior of the mouth. Lucius recognized Albert Hoffman
in this face, but he couldn’t identify the first face. When he asked HB who the
second face had been after the last display, HB replied that it had been
himself. Now, the details of this face that Lucius had seen made perfect sense,
and he was certain that it must have indeed been Hans Bender, of whom he knew
several photographs. It simply didn’t appear to him that HB would display
himself. Moreover, the face displayed did not exactly match the photographs of
Hans Bender that Lucius knew, what made its recognition difficult.
 Picture: An idealized drawing showing the large amounts of complex strands and masses of substance, within several, at least two, faces were embedded (click to enlarge).
 Then, the
sitting was to be closed. Julia quickly spoke a closing prayer, and Kai was
awakened from trance after a short backward count. Except Julia and Sabin, all
left the darkened séance room and went downstairs. Later, all joined us and we
had a relaxed finish of this remarkable evening.
It should
be noted that Kai drank a dark coloured kind of “Ice Tea” before the sitting
and during the introductory talk of the evening, but as far as we could tell,
the ectoplasm was as snow white as it is has always been in previous sittings.
It seemed to consist of two different kinds of states. A more cotton-like state
in the outer parts attached to the cabinet curtains, and a more condensed
rubber-like state that surrounded the two faces and hung down in strands at its
lower end. As far as I could tell, the texture of the areas that contained the
faces looked crumbled and creased. Lucius has stated that they also displayed a
slight three-dimensional relief structure, so that, e. g., the nose of Albert
Hofmann rose about 0.5-1 cm above the surrounding areas.
Thanks a
lot, Lucius & Co., for organising this event, and of course, also Kai &
Co. for making it possible!
M. MNahm