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As a paranormal researcher you are privileged to regularly meet people that sometimes offer weird tales and experiences they have or had. Most of their stories can be counted to that class of subjective experiences, with which the Modern Parapsychology began its work:
Phantasms of the Living (Guerney, Myers, Podmore)!
That was the publication called that laid the basis for the first large research-effort in anomalous human experiences. Husbands and Sons “announced” their deads on the killing fields of the world by appearing as an apparition in their homes, where their wifes and relatives were waiting for their safe homecoming.
People had prophetic dreams or could see the future aso.
Others felt the presence of long gone friends and relatives still active in their surroundings.

Without wanting to diminish this kind of paranormal experience, I as a researcher and journalist resp. publicist am also always searching for less anecdotical examples and looking for more tangible, evidential stories.
That is very difficult in the field of the paranormal because these elusive, transient anomalies follow – as indicated by the word parapsychology – an agenda, a psychology we cannot understand by now in full and it is really difficult to replicate f.e. physical anomalies that happen under very subtle circumstances.

Such physical paranormal interactions with us humans, that leave physical evidence are accordingly very rare and every researcher, that stumbles upon such a case feels privileged!

So it came, that the eleventh of June 2009 a young woman in her thirties approached me after a lecture at the “Basler PSI-Association”. With her it seems was a motherly friend that immediately confirmed all the weird details Hadia N. told me about her “ability”!
To produce peculiar paranormal anomalies on digital camera-photos.

Most of of you know, that especially that claim was always a very controversial discussed issue under paranormal researchers.
The photos of Mumler, Hope, Parkes and Reeves – were they really all faked? Latestly since we met
Ted Serios, Masuaki Kiyota and the outcomes of the Scole Group we have learnt that psychic influence on photographies is possible!

So I was immediately very interested in the two women, that approached me in Basel. Hadia expressed she did not know who to adress with that issue, but since her father had died approx one and a half year ago, she received these strange images and she wasn t sure if these were messages from him. I remember hearing them discussing some really strange descriptions of the anomalies on the photos.
The first photo, made at the “Buschberg, showing the “Gwaeggi”.

About a “ghostly bird” in the woods, I heard them talking, about an “distinctive ‘manikin’/figurine hanging in the sky”, about strange structures, streaks of light and orbs with structures and faces.
To put it shortly, my interest was awakened and I was more than happy, that when I arrived in Germany the first photos were already emailed.

The first photo I opened was the “gwaeggi”, the ghostly figure, a mythological bird-like entity the swiss people know from their historical popular beliefs, photographed at the “Buschberg”, a real “Power-Place” near Basel, well known by all living in its surroundings and many times used by esoteric groups to experiment there.
I must admit, that I realized the whole dimension of the case not until I saw the upcoming photos, forming all together the strange influences aspects that were interacting in Hadias pics.

The “Gwaeggi”!

No question, the “gwaeggi” was there, but at first sight I wasn’t really impressed. It was just shortly later that it seemed to me, that the gwaeggi was actually part of the very varied disturbances, that were displaying in Hadias photos.

My amazement grew immediately when I was revealing the second photo Hadia had sent to me: I immediately saw him displayed onto a night-sky with an obvious orb-like structure above it: the glowing “manikin”.

The glowing figurine in the night-sky, the “flying manikin” Hadia N. was talking about.

In my Interview with Hadia a few days later I learnt, that she never sees the anomalies until she uploads the pics from her cam and look at them on her PC. And not only in this special case, before she snapped the photo, she said to herself something like: “spiritual world, if you are really existing, and if you are home to my father now, who maybe sends me the strange anomalies, please give me clear sign!
“And then there it was!”, she explained.

The figure in the sky definetly not looked as if it was manipulated and the information the photo contained also had no hint that it was faked. Naturally I also checked not only all Festivals in and around Basel, where maybe night-balloons or illuminated kites could have been released at that date, I also checked all catchwords under youtube and figured out that after all what I had looked for NO such a kite or balloon exists at all!

Enlargement of the area. Note a slightly darker area above the manikins head.

Visual information of the night sky is highly consistent and bears no hint for a cropped and pasted part of the picture
The inner structures of the anomalies show interesting details…

Light inside of the figure is equable

But the most baffling “apparition” on Hadias photos in my eyes was yet to come.
On a family gathering Hadias brother-in-law was annoying her.
Looking at her doing photos, he was unnerved, because he knew at that time, that she was on the chase of “paranormal anomalies” coming up in her photos and connecting them to her dead father – and he regarded that all as pure non-sense.

So during a discussion, if these anomalies do show themselves on the photos or not she snapped the scene and said to her brother-in-law something like: “Finally even you will see, that these anomalies do exist!”

On first sight a peaceful family scene, photographed the moment Hadia argued with her bro-in-law, who considered her chasing anomalies in her photos as pure nonsense
Later she discovered behind her brother-in-laws hand the most weirdest anomaly ever showing on a digital photography in my humble opinion. Naturally they checked all possibilities in solving whats behind the hand, but even the bro-in-law was astonished and clueless regarding what has formed in the photo.

The person stated, that he had absolutely nothing in his hand at the time of the photograph…

What is that structure? Looking crystal-like and at the same time liquid. Absolutely no sign of a manufacturing hand-loom, so drapery of any kind can be excluded! Is it a foil of any kind? Everybody involved says “no”, there was nothing, what anyhow would match that strange structure! Also blurrings can be excluded, there seems to be no movement of any kind apparent.

To be sure we did test photographies with kitchen foil:
Immediately identifiable is the kitchen foil in this test-photo

In this photo of the original anomaly we have extrapolated the inner structures

Enlargement of the Inner Structures of the Anomaly
For comparison the same Filter laid on the Kitchen-foil-test-photo

Same cut-out as from anomaly and enlarged for comparison.

In our opinion we can definetly also exclude kitchen foil! The details of the anomaly, its smooth outlines and structures, are lacking in the foil comparison photo.
Also the foil-photos show no such gaslike expulsions shown in the following photo-enlargement of the anomaly.
At the bottom of the left side blurrings or a gas-like discharge is being shown.

At that time of the investigation an email arrived, where Hadia admitted she found out the Gwaeggi was actually a Glass-Sign in the woods. That immediately reminded me to stay on the ground with all presumptions, learning how quickly everyday objects can turn into simulacrums.
But even if the Gwaeggi was explained now, the many other noticeable ununsual objects could hardly be so easily explained.
After all, it was in fact me, who had send Hadia back on the Buschberg to verify, if there is really nothing between the two poles on the photo, where the Gwaeggi appeared.

So lets move forward and look at some more of her photo-anomalies.
Shortly after Hadias father had died her loved pet passed too! Several months ago she cowered at the place where the little dog was always sleeping and photographed herself in an adjoining mirror, thinking heavily of her dog, wanting him to show on the photo.
Hadia N. photographing herself and wanting her dog appear on the snapshot…

To her total astonishment, when she uploaded the photo she revealed an image she immediately connected to her dead dog.

Hadias deceased dog. Did he show up on Hadias photo?

Before we come to noticeable light effects and structured orbs, that are the next class of anomalies, that shows on her photos, I want to present one more photo, neither Hadia, me, nor a specialist in digital photography could explain.
Photo in question with anonymized faces.

Interesting area-cut-out with anomalies. The structured orb is obvious but the much weirder “apparition” on the photo are the black lips of the person. The woman is a friend of Hadia and it can definetly be stated, that her lips were rose or red, but in no case black.

I admit, the black lips seem not to be so spectacular, but in regard that there is no known digital-photographic-failure-process, that produces such an anomaly – following one expert who I let have a look on the photo – we have to count them into the row of Hadias psychic photography-ability.

A next class as already mentioned are noticeable orbs and light phenomena on the photos:Not only between Hadias Grand-Parents a very especial orb shows up.

Enlargement of the Window-Orb.
Photographed under the roof of the house, where Hadia lives…

Note the same inner structure of the orb…!

Hadias Daughter, acoompanied by a division of Orbs, again those with the inner unexplainable structure.

Enlargement of the most “active” area on the photo.

It is very important to note here, that the permanently appearing orb does not appear all the time on a same place of the lens. It is always positioned in another area of the snapped pics! Naturally I wanted Hadia to clean her lens, what she as a matter of course already had done a thousand times before. But nevertheless the bloom-orb appears, wherever it wants to on Hadias pics.

2005 Gary Schwartz from the University of Arizona presented a study that showed that most of the photographed orbs are miniature particles illuminated by the flash or other light sources in the room, especially reflections. In his study he presented evidence that showed that clearly. Normally these particles are out of focus and because of this heavily blown up in the final picture.

But Gary also stated, that there are classes of orbs existing that seem to be unexplainable by now. Especially those that seem to be illuminated from within and some of those that show inner and sharp structures.

Now lets have a look again at Nadias Orbs, this time at those that appear to have faces in them:
This time at the knee of the woman an orb appears with pale face in it.

It takes a time, but when you have seen it once it is very clear!
Light changes in contrast bring the freatures a little bit forward!

For those that still cannot see the face.

On the child-photo is on the left a rose orb. Take a closer look:
Enlargement of the area
Colour and contrast adjust and enhanced
And for those that still cannot see the face.

As already been told I requested Hadia to again clean her lens, no matter how often she already had done it. Hadia did as I told her and snapped two photos after the cleansing, one in the afternoon and one at night to see, if still in front of the dark sky still orbs are showing up!
This came up in the afternoon:
What is that white flying thing?
A butterfly? A blossom? Also the Enlargement cannot clearify it.

Without moving the camera, a relatively large illuminated object seem to show up and move a pattern at the night sky.

The atmospheric anomaly enlarged.

How often do you see something on your photos, that you cannot explain? The normal middle-european citizen would probably answer: Between very seldom and never!

The mere mass of objects or “apparitions” on Hadias photographies implicate something really special.
Interesting it is moreover, that the anomalies began, when her father had died and Hadia believed to get signs from him from the afterlife.
Another very interesting circumstance is, that Hadia photographs with two digital cams, one a Nikon Coolpix P4 and a Canon Powershot SX10.
On both cameras the anomalies show up.

At last an announcement to the readers: It is important for us, that if you have any clue, whats behind one or the other anomaly, to contact the author under

Maybe all the anomalies are synchronicities or simulacrums?
I do not believe that!
But even then the case is and stays outstanding.